The Collection

One shots from my remaining fandoms.
Requests are open here, too.
[Attack on Titan, Marvel, Black Butler and a few more ]


10. The fairer one

[name] was lying on her bed in the middle of a pile of clothes. She couldn't decide what to pack for the weekend. They were invited to the hunting her grandparents organised. She hated going to them when another people were around because she had to dress up properly and couldn't just walk around in jeans and hoodies. Getting up with a sigh she stuffed some of the clothes into a suitcase. After shoving back the rest of the clothes to the wardrobe she went down to get something to eat.
Walking into the kitchen [name] surprisingly found her mother there making cocktail sandwiches. It was strange as usually she wouldn't make food by herself. ’We’re having guests?’ [name] asked and snatched one piece from the plate. ’No, I made them for you,’ she replied. This was even more surprising. ’Why? So I won't get mad that you drag me to the hunting?’ [name] asked raising an eyebrow. Realising that she might have sounded rude, she smiled at her mum. ’Sorry, never mind. It’s still food, not? So thanks,’ [name] said and without any word she picked up the plate and marched back to her room.
After a two and a half hour ride they finally arrived to Overbury. [name] got out of the car immediately to stretch her numb legs. When she decided she was able to walk without falling, she headed for the manor where her grandparents were waiting them. She forced a smile on her face knowing that they don't like her being grumpy. ’Hello, Pops, Gram,’ [name] greeted them. In exchange, apart from calling out to her with „hello”-s, her grandfather pulled her into a hug. She hugged back, a real smile replacing the previous one. ’I missed you,’ she whispered.
By the time they let go, her parents walked up to them. They greeted each other in the boring adult way. They arrived one day earlier, so they could settle down in peace. ’So, how was the journey?’ she still heard her grandfather ask before she walked to the backyard. [name] walked to the kennels. It was extended even more as there was two new dogs. ’Hey, hello,’ she said to the pack of dogs who playfully surrounded her the moment she jumped over the little fence. (They are only kept here so that they won’t wander off chasing some wild animal, and not from cruelty.) [name] ended up spending her whole afternoon playing with them.
[name] frowned at her reflection. ’Whatever, just let’s get over with it,’ she mumbled and headed for the door. The guests were arriving soon and she was expected to be present along with her parents and grandparents. Fixing her dress and curling her lips into a fake smile- how many more she’ll have to flash- she entered the hall. After a few minutes the first guests arrived and within an hour every single one of them were there. [name] was standing next to her parents silently, bowing and smiling at the strangers.
The men, and few of the women left not much after the lunch. No matter how hard she tried, they didn’t let [name] go because she was too young to handle a gun. She even changed into her riding outfit but they didn’t let her go even without a gun. Huffing she returned to the building and headed to the game room. There was no-one else there and she knew that the women and girls who remained wouldn’t join her. Casting a sad gaze at the billiard table she walked up to a little table. Picking out a bunch of the darts from the holder she turned to the board.
[name] was ready to throw her first one when she heard the door open and someone walk in. Not giving any attention presuming it was just a servant she threw it at the board. It landed right at the middle. ’Nice one,’ she heard someone compliment. Looking around the room, she noticed one of the guests. Frederick, or what was his name. He was slightly older than her, his black hair slicked back, although a few strings were standing out. ’Thanks,’ was her only reply before turning back and throwing another dart. This one just barely reached the board as she felt his attentive gaze on her. ’Could you please not stare at me?’ she snapped. ’Sorry, miss,’ he replied with a small smile. ’[name]. No miss or fancy names,’ she countered and rolled her eyes. His smile widened and struck out his hand. ’Freddy. Can I join?’ he asked. [name] nodded and handed him a few darts.
They were in the middle of their third match. ’How comes you didn’t went to hunt?’ [name] asked suddenly. They were talking about random things while playing. ’I only came to accompany my mother. I’m not a fan of killing,’ Freddy replied. They chatted during the match and even afterwards; about hobbies and interests and basically anything that popped into their minds. When they heard the call for dinner they put down the darts with little enthusiasm and walked to the dining room together.
[name] was smiling inside because she won all the rounds. ’Thanks for entertaining me,’ she said, genuinely grateful for his company. ’My pleasure. Although the game was a little one-sided,' he replied with a slight chuckle. It was a sweet one. ’Well, at least you managed to hit the centre once,’ she said and grinned at him. Although they’ve just met, she felt good in his company and she even started to like this trip. They were walking down a corridor when they ran into [name]’s mother. ’Where have you been the whole afternoon?’ she asked a bit angry and seemingly ignoring Freddy’s presence. ’Freddy and I were playing a few game of darts,’ she replied and pointed at him. ’And did you loose for once?’ her mother asked. [name] grinned at her with a devilishly angelic face and her mother only let out a tired sigh. ’I hope my daughter didn’t caused you any troubles,’ she said turning towards Freddy. ’Not at all, Mrs Cunningham. In fact, she kept me in good company,’ he replied and smiled at her.
It was Sunday evening and they were sitting outside the manor. It was usually warm in the summer but [name] was still cold in her hoodie. ’You want to go inside?’ Freddy asked when he noticed she was shivering. ’No, I like it here, it’s peaceful,’ [name] replied and folded her arms more tightly. They came out because the salon was full with the women’s blabbering and the men were occupying the game room. ’Then put this on,’ Freddy said and handed her the jumper he just got off. ’But you’ll freeze,’ she protested. ’Just put it on. And it’s enough if you give it back in the morning,’ he said and was ready to force it onto her. ’Fine. But what if you leave too early?’ she asked and pushed it over her head. ’Keep it, this way you won’t forget your friend,’ Freddy said and smiled at her. She just smiled back.
She woke up late. After [name] quickly fixed her appearance she dashed out of her room to check if Freddy was still there. ’Pops, has Fredy left already?’ she asked when she found her grandfather. ’The Eynsford-Hill boy? Yes, he has,’ he replied and looked at her. She was holding the jumper in her hand with a slightly annoyed expression on her face. ’You will see him again, Poppy,' he said and ruffled her hair.

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