The Collection

One shots from my remaining fandoms.
Requests are open here, too.
[Attack on Titan, Marvel, Black Butler and a few more ]


11. The fairer one II

’I see you still wear my jumper,’ Freddy remarked. ’And? It’s the most comfy of all my clothes,’ [name] replied and pulled up the rim to her eyes. ’See, I can even hide in it.’ Freddy just smiled at her and ruffled her black hair. They were coming from the cinema heading to their favourite burger place. They were good friends although Freddy being slightly older than [name]. They met a few years ago at a hunting event organised by the Cunningham grandparents. They friendship started with a darts game, [name] winning every single round.
’So what’s the thing you wanted to tell me?’ [name] asked once they sat down at the restaurant. ’It’s rather two than a thing,’ Freddy replied. ’So?’ he took a deep breath. ’I and the guys are going to the new paintball park and I wondered if you’d like to come. I bet you are better than us combined,’ he said smiling. ’Of course,’ [name] replied. She liked hanging out with them and usually won every damn competition. Although her parents expected her to be the perfect lady she should be with the family’s rank she often sneaked out just to hang out at the skater park or something. The only person who understood her rebelliousness was Freddy.
’And the other thing?’ [name] asked, her curiosity rising with every second. ’Well, you remember the girl I mentioned to you? She went back to her beloved professor,’ Freddy said somewhat sadly. [name] tried to make a sympathetic face but she failed. She was happy that she got back her Freddy and that they could go trekking and riding again. ’So, does this mean that you are free to steal and to drag you to that climbing rock?’ she asked laughing. They planned it for ages but Freddy recently going to the social events prevented them from doing so. ’Yes, we can go there now.’
She was running to the car park here they agreed to meet up. ’Hi guys,’ she greeted them. She got a various range of greetings like: ’Hi, [name].’ ’Hello girl.’ They quickly discussed who goes with which car and they drove off to the park. ’It’s good to see both of you again,’ Phil said keeping his stare on the road. ’Yeah, it’s good to be back,’ [name] replied. She wasn't that super emotional teen you’d usually expect girls to be but she felt a little jealous lately.
Although many people said that she and Freddy would be a cute couple they always laughed at them. But when Freddy met Eliza, a never felt jealousy awoke in her. [name] liked Freddy but she was totally sure that he would never want more than their actual friendship. ’Still not together?’ Phil asked earning a slap on the back of his head. ’I thought we agreed that none of you asks this ever again,’ she replied but Freddy just smiled to himself, wishing he could finally say yes to this question.
All of them were sitting in the grass in various positions after the match. [name] was sitting with her back against Freddy’s. ’Yo, guys. You’d really make a nice couple,’ someone said interrupting the conversation going on. [name] sprang to her feet bewildered. ’Who said it?’ she asked but felt a hand on her wrist. ’Freddy?’ she asked looking down at him. ’Just leave it. Let them talk, there’s no harm in it,’ he said calmly and pulled her back down. ’Whatever,’ she said and leaned against him once again.
’So, the map says that we have to go this way,’ [name] said pointing at one of the roads. ’You sure?’ Freddy asked. They got lost previously because of her navigation an he didn't want to risk it again. ’See?’ she asked frustrated pushing the map into his face. ’Alright, we go that way,’ he replied laughing silently at her stubbornness. They were walking for thirty minutes or so when they noticed a ledge agreeing that it’s a good place to stop at. Freddy climbed up first and then [name] handed him the backpacks. Then she climbed up. Freddy reached down and grabbing her hand he pulled her up. ’Thanks, but can you let me go now?’ she asked as Freddy was still holding her hand. ’Never,’ he replied and pressed his lips against hers. [name] was surprised but kissed back, closing her eyes and putting her arms around him.

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