The Collection

One shots from my remaining fandoms.
Requests are open here, too.
[Attack on Titan, Marvel, Black Butler and a few more ]


9. Scrapbook

[name] was on the run. It was the third place she used as a hideout. The first places were only temporary solutions but this building had some nice features. Although it was quite close to the inner city, the building stood there abandoned and out of use. „It’s perfect,” [name] thought to herself when she saw the building for the first time. [name] was chased by the men of Magneto. He wanted her to join the „Brotherhood of Mutants”, his anti-human association but [name] refused. She haven’t had problems with living among them, and she rejected Xavier’s offer, too. She didn’t want to live hiding from the world. And until Magneto hadn’t got knowledge of her, she was perfectly okay. But ever since he found out that [name] had similar powers than him, she haven't had a moment of peace.
She was going to the abandoned building to look around. It was a gloomy place. [name] was absent-minded walking on a dim corridor when she felt a hand clapping her mouth and another hand pulling her to the attacker. The hand on her body was more rigid than the one stopping her from screaming. [name] knew that the only way out was to keep calm and run at the first possibility. A few moments has passed before the stranger loosened on his grip and pushed her against the wall. [name] glanced at her attacker before shielding her head in defence. The man who seemed slightly older than her raised his hand ready to hit her. But nothing happened. He stood there like a grotesque statue with his arm hoovering in mid-air.
[name] peeked through her hands and straightened up slowly. When she lowered her hands the attackers arm fell back to his side, too. They were eyeing each other suspiciously. ’How clever to send you after me,’ he said in a low voice. [name] was confused, no-one sent her after somebody she didn't even know. ’I don't know what are you talking about,’ she replied and stepped away. The man wasn't particularly intimidating, there was a certain charm in his worn-out features. ’Playing the innocent won't help you out, pretty girl,’ the man said and readied himself to fight. ’Look, I don't even know who you are. I don't want to hurt you!’ she screamed the only thing what came to her mind.
He put down his hand, this time from his own will and looked at [name] remorsefully. ’Then get the hell out,’ he seethed and turned away. [name] stood there astonished looking at the man walking off. ’No. This place is big enough for both of us,’ [name] said causing the man to halt and turn around. She walked up to him and struck out her hand. ’I'm [name],’ she said and waited for him to take her hand. She just realised how messy he looked, locks of his dark hair tucked behind his ear haphazardly, his blue eyes showing exhaustment, pain, struggle and a week-old stubble covering his face. ’James,’ he said finally shaking her hand.
Two weeks has passed since [name] encountered Bucky. The were using different levels of the building but [name] often went to see him, mostly before going to the corner shop. And that one time when she found out why he couldn't hit her. One day she hasn't found him at his usual place. However his backpack and the bike was still there. She sneaked in and sat down on the floor pulling the backpack to her. She always wondered what he kept in it and it seemed to be her only chance to find out. When she opened it, [name] noticed suprised that it was full with notebooks. She picked out one and flipped through the pages.
It was full of notes, possibly memories written down in a hurry with a shaky handwriting. She was reading the booklet in silence and hasn't noticed Bucky entering. ’You find it entertaining, don't you?’ he asked with resign in his voice. His question hitting her all of a sudden startled [name]. She was just sitting there opening and closing her mouth like a fish without saying anything. ’I'm sorry,’ she said finally and put down the notebook. [name] stood up to leave but a hand on her wrist stopped her. ’Please, don't go.’
[name] looked back at him, his expression more vulnerable than any [name] saw beforehand. She let out a defeated sigh and turned back to him. ’You won't hurt me, will you?’ she asked a bit uncertain when he didn't do anything. ’No, I won't. Why would I?’ he asked confused. ’Because I went through your stuff without your permission?’ [name] replied bitterly. ’That’s one way to get to know someone better,’ Bucky said with a faint smile. He reached out and put a loose lock behind her ear. She tried not to flinch away when the cold metal brushed against her skin. ’So, you are not angry at me, not even a little bit?’ [name] asked still trying to process his calmness and kindness. Bucky shook his head. ’Your presence made me realise that I need someone at my side. Someone who reminds me how to be a human, how to feel anything apart from anger and hatred. And I feel calm and good next to you,’ he said looking away. [name] blushed slightly although she knew it wasn't a confession in the romantic way but it still felt good. It was the first time someone showed any emotion towards her since she left home. ’Thank you, I guess,’ she said smiling at him.

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