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One shots from my remaining fandoms.
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[Attack on Titan, Marvel, Black Butler and a few more ]


4. Birthday [Lemon]

You bid goodnight to the household and returned to your room. You were tired and craved a relaxing hot shower. After locking the door you quickly slid out of your clothes and underwear and picking up a towel you entered the bathroom. You stepped inside the little shower cabin and opened the water. You let it flow freely down your body. You reached for the shower gel and when you popped the cap open you heard a sound resembling the opening of a door.
Someone walked into your room, and took off their clothes except for the boxer. Then the person shamelessly entered the bathroom where you were having a shower, your bare back turned towards the door. He walked up to you and cupped your breasts from behind. He started to rub them gently. ’Here, let me help you with this,’ he whispered into your ear and rested his head on your shoulder. You didn’t get scared, you expected it to happen sooner or later. You knew that your cousin’s butler had a thing for you for a long time now. And now that you’ve turned eighteen you knew that he can't hold himself back for much time. A shiver went down your spine when his cold hands trailed down your body and got hold of your waist. ’Just get in already, Sebastian,’ you snapped at him as the cold from outside crept in through the cabin’s door. He quickly got off his boxer and squeezed in next to you.
You couldn't help but admire his perfectly smooth pale skin on his statuesque body. When you felt your cheeks to heat up you averted your gaze from him. Though you weren't looking at him you felt Sebastian’s eyes sweep up and down your body. You didn't really try to cover yourself as there was nothing incredibly new to see. He already saw you in a two-piece swimsuit when you visited last summer and you were hanging out at the pool with Lizzie and the others. ’You are more exquisite than ever before,’ Sebastian said and grinned at you. ’Thanks, Sebastian,’ you replied sheepishly. You found him handsome, sexy even but the lack of your skills of how to act around men made you extremely awkward.
Sebastian took the shower gel from your hand what you were still clutching and put a little onto his fingertips. He reached for your arm and gently rubbed the liquidy substance over your skin. He repeated the process until your whole body was covered in a thin layer of foam. Sebastian reached for the shower head and sprinkled the water at you. ’It’s hot!’ you exclaimed and jerked away when the water touched your skin. ’Sorry, (Y/N),’ he said and quickly cut off the tap. Sebastian’s arms reached out and pulled you into a tight hug, pressing your body against his cold chest. It didn't help much as now your whole body was heating up and your face just got redder than before. Sebastian looking down at your blushed cheeks found your embarrassment pretty cute and he gently lifted your head to make you look him in the eye. For a split second his eyes turned into a pinkish shade and an animalistic hunger swept through his expression before he bent down his head to kiss you.
His lips were soft just like his touch on your waist, brushing his hands up and down your sides. The kiss didn't last long as you leaped away with a surprised yelp when his thumb brushed against your clit. You took in a deep but shaky breath while you tried not to think about how nice it felt. Sebastian saw on you that you were torn between giving in and trying to escape. You closed your eyes and leaned against the wall of the cabin with a weak sigh escaping your lips. The next moment Sebastian pulled you into another, more rough kiss while his hands were squeezing your ass. You moaned into the kiss what made him smirk against your lips. Not breaking the kiss, Sebastian reached for the shower head again and with a normal temperature water he washed of the foam from you.
You stepped out and dried yourself while Sebastian washed himself, too. You stood there motionlessly with your towel over your shoulder and your gazed fixed upon his slender shape. A few minutes later he emerged from the cabin, his black hair still in a perfect shape, flowing around his angelic face. Droplets of water glided down mesmerisingly on his chiselled abs just to get stopped by the small towel wrapped around his hips. ’Come, (Y/N),’ Sebastian said and pulled you into a half hug guiding you back to your room. He let you go for a minute while he pushed away the covers on the bed and snatching the towel from you he placed it to the empty part of the bed. Sebastian sat down pulling you into his lap and you could feel his cock throbbing against your body. Your heartbeat sped up when he leaned in for a kiss while his hands were nibbling with your breast, occasionally pinching and tucking at your nipples.
Sebastian laid you on the bed and supporting him on his palms he leaned over you. Your lips met in a heated kiss, his tongue making its way deep into your mouth between your slightly parted lips. When you ran out of air and pushed him away, Sebastian sucked and bit your neck, gently enough to not leave a bruise. He kissed his way down to your breasts and started trailing his tongue over one of them in circling moves while he caressed the other with his fingers. After both of your nipples hardened he returned to kiss his way down your body and pushed you farther up on the bed, kneeling between your legs. Sebastian run his fingers up your thighs up until they latched onto your breasts and his lips reached the top of your thighs. Your breathing became erratic when his tongue moved up slowly from the bottom of your slit to the top, leaving a warm trail of saliva. ’Sebastian,’ you called his name and involuntarily entwined your fingers in his hair. Your action made him more lustful and he quickened the pace he was licking you up and down, pulling away for a mere second time by time to make you let out a longing sigh.
Sebastian, knowing that it was your first time being touched like this, carefully flicked his tongue inside you making you gasp and arch your back. Your hips hitched up, your body pressing more against his lips and making him growl. He pushed your body back down and after a final lick and tasting your juices Sebastian returned to your lips. He leaned in for a kiss and you felt him spreading your legs a bit more and placing the tip of his cock to your entrance. You looked up at him with wide eyes and a somewhat scared face. ’Sebastian, will it hurt?’ you asked quietly. ’I wish I could say no, but it might will,’ he replied honestly and gave you a kiss, in which all his lust and love was poured, while he pushed his cock deep inside you. He waited until your tense body relaxed and started thrusting in and out slowly.
His lips were still covering your mouth and muffling any sound that could possibly escape from you. You felt a knot in your stomach supposing it was the sign of your building up orgasm you mumbled a weak ’Oh my’ and a bit more audible ’Faster’ against Sebastian’s lips. He pulled away from the kiss, smiling at you amused at how quickly you adjusted to the new experience. Obeying your request, Sebastian started on faster and deeper thrusts as he felt himself getting close to coming. He laced his fingers with yours and placing them above your head he started nuzzling your neck and ear. You were  whimpering incoherently from the pleasure and arching your back and pressing your body closer to him. You let out a long sigh when Sebastian hit your G-spot repeatedly and it brought you over the edge. ’Sebastian,’ you breathed out before you felt your walls tighten around his cock and your juices enveloping it. After a few more thrusts the tension inside you subsided as Sebastian’s cock lost from its stiffness and his outburst semen mixed with yours.
After pulling out of you and drying himself with the towel Sebastian leaned in for a kiss. You returned the kiss a bit wearily but cheerfully. Being afraid of hurting your now overly sensitive body Sebastian gently wiped you with the towel before throwing it out of the bed. Sebastian pushed a misplaced lock behind your ear and looked at your sweet, sleepy face. ’Thank you,’ you said surprising Sebastian who was caressing your cheek with the back of his hand. ’There’s no need to say that. It was for both our pleasure,’ he replied and pulled you into a hug, your face snuggled into his chest. You smiled against the smooth, cold skin and he planted a kiss onto the top of your head. He pulled the covers over the two of you and before you drifted off to sleep you heard him whispering ’Happy Eighteenth Birthday!’ into your ear.

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