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One shots from my remaining fandoms.
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[Attack on Titan, Marvel, Black Butler and a few more ]


5. Angry Kitten [Lemon]

Sebastian stopped for a moment at one of the windows. Everyone was out at the pool, even the other servants. They, Lizzie and (Y/N) was about to start a swimming race. He knew it would be an unfair race as (Y/N) was a semi-professional synchronised swimmer and his gaze unintentionally fell onto her. She was wearing a purposefully mismatched, two-piece swimsuit but Sebastian liked the look of the blue bottom covering her round butt and her bouncy breasts fitted into the white top. Realising he was staying too long and that his master’s tea would warm up Sebastian quickly resumed his way.
*2nd person PoV*
You were holding up yourself at the end of the pool by resting your arms on the shore and standing on the little ledge. You waited for the others to finish their course back. In the meantime Sebastian came out with ice tea and snacks. You looked him up and down, he looked even sexier without his tailcoat and his sleeves rolled up. You caught him looking at you, too. You pushed yourself up and climbed out of the pool. You walked to the shade where he and Ciel were talking and picked up your towel. ’Um, Sebastian? Could you help me? I can’t reach my back’ you asked and beaming at him you held out your towel. ’Of course,’ he said and took it from you. Standing behind you, Sebastian started rubbing your back. ’You are a little sunburn. It would be wise if you put on some sun cream, miss,’ Sebastian said before giving back your towel and heading back to the building. You put down the towel and looked around if you had yours outside. Well, you found everyone’s but your. With a sigh you straightened up and wrapping the towel around you like a tube dress you started walking back to the house. 
A shiver ran down your spine when you stepped inside the cool building. You started your way towards your room but you stopped at the first corner. You felt someone’s eyes on you and you knew who was staring at you. ’Oh, look, my kitten has followed me,’ Sebastian sneered and pushed himself away from the wall. You were teasing the other almost from the first time you met. You just hissed at him like an angry cat and ran off to your room. You knew that he would be waiting for you at the door by the time you got there. But you haven't expected Sebastian to catch you from behind, turning you around and holding you so he could immobilise you. 
Placing a hand on your neck with his thumb on your cheek, he leaned close to your ear. ’Is the kitten afraid of the bad wolf?’ Sebastian whispered with his silky voice, the tone you found irresistible lately. ’I’m not afraid,’ you replied defiantly. ’Very good,’ he said and bit your ear playfully. ’Wha-What are you doing? Someone will see us,’ you cried out confused. ’If that’s your only problem,’ Sebastian said lightly and picked you up. He carried you to your room like it was nothing and put you down once he closed the door. Looking down at his clothes Sebastian sighed. ’What a shame that these are wet. Now I have to get them off until they are dry,’ he said while he unbuttoned his vest and shirt. ’Why don’t you just put on another one?’ you asked when he threw his clothes and gloves onto the floor. Sebastian smirked at you and pushed you against the wall, his face just millimetres away from yours. ’There’s no need to be shy, little kitten,’ he said and pressed his lips against yours in a rough kiss. You gasped from the surprise and it gave him a perfect opportunity to push his tongue inside your mouth. 
You kissed back and almost reflexively wrapped your arms around his neck. His hands moved from your sides to your chest and Sebastian pulled off the towel. Letting it fall to the ground he traced his fingers along the upper rim of your bra causing you to shiver. After a minute you pulled away to breathe and he bent his head down to suck on your neck. Sebastian wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled your hips against his. You could feel a bulge pressing against you and you blushed a bit. He let you go finally but just for the time he slid off his pants. ’Now then,’ Sebastian said and reached behind you to untie your top. You protectively put your hand onto your breast to keep up the top. ’That won't do, little kitten,’ Sebastian said and gently but easily peeled off your hand. Throwing the top to the pile of clothes Sebastian pulled you into another kiss, his hands cupping your breasts. 
You moaned into the kiss when he started tugging at your nipples. Sebastian pulled away with a grin plastered upon his face. ’I want to hear my little kitten enjoying herself so don’t hold back,’ he said and kissed you again. Holding you by your waist Sebastian guided you to the bed not breaking the kiss. Before Sebastian leaned you onto the bed he pulled off your bikini bottom. ’Are you sure this is a good idea?’ you asked uncertainly. ’I thought you said you weren't afraid,’ Sebastian answered and knelt down between your legs. ’I just don't want the others to say bad things about me,’ you replied a bit worried. ’I don’t care. I'm going to make you mine,’ he said in an unusually aggressive way. 
You wanted to protest but your mind went blank when you felt him lick along your slit slowly, then faster and faster. Without thinking you brought your hands to your nipples and started to play with them. Sebastian saw this from the corner of his eye and smiling he trailed a finger along your leg before pushing it inside you. You let out another loud gasp what almost immediately turned into a moan when he started pumping his finger in and out, soon adding another one. Your skin was burning under his every touch even if his hands were cold and you unnoticedly started bucking your hips, wanting his fingers deeper inside. Seeing your desperate tries, Sebastian pulled out and away, and standing up he got off his boxer. ’You’re so wonderful, (Y/N),’ he mused while climbing over you and pushing you farther up the bed. 
You blushed at his words more but with your hands sneaking behind his neck you pulled him down and into a kiss. You were so lost in the kiss that you almost didn't noticed that Sebastian has already thrust inside you if it wasn't for the pleasant feeling of being filled so perfectly. He gave you a little time to adjust even if you weren't a virgin anymore and he made good work of wet and slippery enough. You lifted up your hips against his, signing that he should move now. Complying with your request Sebastian pushed you back down and started to thrust slowly, teasing you until you ask for more. ’Sebastian, faster,’ you mumbled, the knot in your stomach growing pretty rapidly even contrary to the low pace. He started thrusting faster and harder, his hands capturing your mesmerisingly bouncing breasts. You let out a loud moan when Sebastian started fondling one while his lips closed around your other nipple. His pace fastened with every circle his tongue made around the little bud; changing from one to another with time. ’Se-Sebastian, I~’ you mumbled between moans with what his sounds were mixed now. ’I know. Just a bit more,’ Sebastian whispered against your lips before attacking them with a ferocious kiss, nibbling on your lower lip. 
His lips stopped with the trail of kisses on your neck for a second but he decided against marking you in such a primitive way. Sebastian resumed to kiss down your body until his lips left your skin below your breasts and straightening up he lifted one of your legs to his shoulder. His hand was drawing lightly on your thigh, thrusting harder and deeper inside from the new angle. ’Sebastian~’ you breathed when the blissful state of your orgasm washed over you, soon followed by his as his seed spilled deep into you. 
You were panting hard while he seemed to be unaffected by the whole thing except for his hair to be messed up by your hands. Sebastian laid next to you, pulling your body tightly against his, placing light kisses to the back of your neck. His hand was roaming up and down your side, while yours were tucked under your head. ’Do you regret your choice?’ he asked just to make sure it was totally fine with you. ’Not at all, but it wouldn't really matter now, would it?’ you said silently, surprised by his words. ’Mmh, I'd say it does matter. You see, you’re mine now,’ Sebastian replied with an audible smirk, his leg pushing its way between your legs. His thigh rubbed against your folds, teasing them lightly and making you whimper at the feeling of the beautiful torture and your inside wetting again. ’Sebastian,’ you hissed weakly as a protest but nonetheless started grinding against him. ’What a naughty little kitten I have here. Trying to deny how much she craves the pleasure I can give her,’ Sebastian said in a husky whisper sending chills down your spine while his hand from your sides joined his thigh in teasing your womanhood.

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