Capture This (Book one of three)

Laura has this perfect life, she's finally getting over her dad's death, she has great friends, good grades and is starting to look forward to her future. Emma, on the other hand, is stuck in her ways, and moves across from Laura, can they help each other? Maybe be something more than just neighbours? All feedback is welcome :)


6. 6. You think I'm her what?

I can't deal with this. He's walking over, his soft brown hair bouncing, I shove past Amy and run, I hear her calling but no, I can't go back. I run and run until I'm out of the school and ducked behind my car. My breathing ragged. I slump against it, holding my head in my hands. The silver metal is hot against my back, I hiss and climb in.


I'm going home.

I'll tell my mum I don't feel well.

It's usually a long drive but there's no traffic so I end up cutting the time in half. I see my house getting closer and skid into my driveway. The ruckus attracts attention for the neighbors. I slam my car door and run indoors, slamming it behind me and collapsing against it. I breathe hard, Clutching my chest. Why is it acting like this? Why am I?

A few bangs on my front door startle me. I get up, wipe my face and open it. Emma's standing there, her chest heaving.

"What’s wrong?" She barges in past me. I close the door.

Of course, come in. The more the merrier.

Emma looks around before looking at me.

"What's wrong?" Why is she worried? She barely knows me.

I huff and lean back on the door. Sliding down it burns my back, she kneels in front of me, tucking my hair behind my ears.

"Talk to me. What's happened?" I look into her eyes. They're so soft, open. She cares. I lean forward and wrap my arms around her. This practical stranger is the only one who cares. I hold her close and let my tears fall. She falls from the balls of her feet and leans her knees on the floor, holding me. Her ripped jeans opening revealing her creamy skin.

I close my eyes and lean onto her shoulder. Her bare shoulder.

"My friends are assholes," I whisper.

"Want to talk about it?" She asks genuinely, playing with the ends of my hair.

I don't understand.

This doesn't feel weird. I don't even know her last name but being in her arms is comforting, she's making me feel safe. I know she won't hurt me. I pull away, wiping my tears away. Her hand goes to my cheek, forcing me to eye her carefully.

"I think I know something that will help." I raise an eyebrow. She smiles and wipes my cheeks with her thumb gently, drying my tears. The bangles on her wrists clink together. One of them is a black rope, a yin and yang symbol dangling from it. The others are silver bangles or a chain. She has a ring on her thumb, it's thin and silver, a small green stone in the middle. It's pretty. It matches my eyes. She sees me examine her wrist and raises her finely plucked eyebrow at me.

"What's this idea you have?" I ask curiously.

"Well I've just got this new console, and it has these kickass games on it. We could let off some steam, kill some virtual zombies. It helps me relax, you know despite the sickening gore and blood splattering. I hope you're okay with that." She has a pink tint appearing on her cheeks and looks down. She's not wearing any shoes.

Did she come running over to see if I was okay?

I give her a once over. Black baggy shorts, a loose grey long sleeve top that is hanging off her shoulder, her hair is damp.

How sweet.

"Is that a yes to the gaming?" Emma queries.

I nod and slowly rise. My back popping in a glorious way when I'm fully straightened.

She opens my door, holding it open for me.

"Let's go then."

I follow her back to her house, very much like I did the other night, but I don't remember so that can't count, right? She lets me in and I enter the foyer. I can hear someone running around upstairs.

"That's my sister. Dani. Don't worry about her. We're twins actually." She grabs my wrist and drags me into a corner of the house before I can say anything back. We approach a large living room, a sofa in the center, large and no matter where you sit you're pointed at the huge t/v that's on the wall. I manage to see about 4 consoles, new and old, I'm surprised, she has a better selection of games than I do, and I have a fair few.

She plops down on the sofa, tucking her foot under her thigh and beckoning me over.

"It's a nice place you have here," I say, taking a controller from her hand when I've sat down.

"Thanks. It's a lot bigger than where we used to live. Just an apartment in New York. Mum and dad got a promotion so we thought we'd move, they do most of the work from home so it's more appropriate for us to have a bigger house so they can have their own offices to get their work done."

That's fair enough I suppose.

"You're lucky," I remark. "I'd kill to live in a place like this." It's nearly double the size of our house. It's open plan, and I swear I saw a patio that leads off somewhere just now.

"Nah it's not that great, I'd rather live in your house. It seems cozy where here is all business." She turns on her console and starts up a game. It seems pretty cool. The music is dramatic and the opening video is amazing beautiful graphics. What more could you want in a game?

"Right so we're here." She shows me a place on the map. Which is pretty big, I going to suck at this I know it. "And we have to get all the way over here to get the antidote, seems simple right but it takes ages, and we have to avoid these mega structures. They have like hordes in them." She starts moving, I follow her taking out my gun.

We're playing for a solid two hours before we're interrupted.

"Hey, Ems have you seen my-and who is this?" Emma pauses the game, folds her arms and glares at her twin.

They're identical, except the other one has slightly shorter hair and is nearly in all light blue and white.

"No, I haven't seen it. Try looking. Maybe under that shit heap you call clothes." She chuckles.

"I'm Dani, you must be Emma's girlfriend." I blush furiously. and look back at the screen. Staring at the start screen and rereading all the tags.

This new information brings forth so many questions. Is Emma gay? Has she had a girlfriend? Does she like me? Why would she? She chuckles next to me.

"No you idiot. She's the girl from over the road. Be nice." The girl smiles at me.

"Sorry about that, you never know with this one.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

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