Capture This (Book one of three)

Laura has this perfect life, she's finally getting over her dad's death, she has great friends, good grades and is starting to look forward to her future. Emma, on the other hand, is stuck in her ways, and moves across from Laura, can they help each other? Maybe be something more than just neighbours? All feedback is welcome :)


4. 4. What an ass!

I groan and take a seat at a bar, finely polished well, was, it’s not scattered with the remains of poorly filled up drinks. Amy’s by my side, arm draped over me and telling me all about this guy in her class, grinning madly. I’m drowning her out, I can’t focus this alcohol is getting to my head already, and I’m on my fourth glass.


Never been a strong drinker.


Her lips press against my cheek sloppily and she disappears into the crowd. I chuckle, she goes straight to Scott and pulls him in for heavy kiss, tongues dancing bodies swaying. I sigh and down my drink. If I’m going to enjoy this, I’m going to need more. I point the guy behind the bar. A handsome young man, mid-twenties, spiky black hair, soft green eyes and pale skin. Bags under his eyes but a friendly smile on his cracked lips.


He looks like he hasn’t slept in ages.


Another man by the bar, drunk of his tits, slurring terribly, spitting from his mouth with every word. He's old, I don't understand why he's here, maybe someone's uncle, decided 'oh free alcohol' and decided to show up. Shame really, he could do so much better than I private house party in a spoilt kid’s house while their parents are away on some trip. He chugs down another drink heartily. I pity the woman standing next to him, trying to calm him down. He’s yelling brutishly. I have no idea what about, he's slurring so badly.


She’s getting nowhere with him.


I catch her eyes briefly, I offer her a sympathetic look, and she smiles back briefly before tugging at the man’s arm, pulling him away from the bar and through into the living room.


When the guy hands me back my refilled glass I take a large mouthful.


It's bitter.


I fancy something fruity.


Arms wrap around my waist making me jump. They're strong, muscled, accompanied by a strong whiff of beer and cider, with a faint tinge of dkny apple.


“Calm doooown.” Just Taylor. I turn around and try and push him off, he laughs and holds me tighter.


“Get off me Taylor.” He snorts and kisses my cheek. His wet lips leaving an unwanted alcohol print on my cheek. His scraggily stubble marking my skin in red rough lines.


“But I don’t want to baby.” The pet name makes me feel sick to my stomach. He slurs compliments in my ear, kissing me again sloppily in between words that he thinks are encouraging and praising.


I spy Amy over his shoulder, she’s too engrossed in Scott.


His hands slide down the back of my trousers and cups my ass roughly. His strong hands hoisting me up against the bar, digging my back into the hard wood. I shove him harder, he doesn’t give in. He’s an ass. I stumble on my toes as he grips me harder. His lips attach to my neck, trailing kisses all over my neck and my shoulder. I shudder involuntarily. I become aware of the nearly full glass in my hand and clench my fingers tighter. His hand goes in-between my thighs pressing hard. I wince.


Why’s he doing this?


I stare around at the bodies of people.


Why is no one helping? Noticing?


They're probably too drunk.


He groans into my neck. Something any other girl would find hot and irresistible, but something I am disgusted by. He's my friend, was one of my best friends. Now I just want his hand out from between my thighs and his slimy lips off my neck.


“So sexy Laura.” He grunts lowly, forcing his hips to jut against me. I feel his erection poking into my thigh.




His teeth nip my skin, then abruptly ripped off, making my neck bleed.


He’s pulled off, breathe leaving my lungs with the force of his weight leaving my body. I shudder. His brain is jumbled and he trips over his feet, crashing into dancers who push his heavy drunk ass away.


I shiver, the man behind the bar sends me a look, he shrugs it off and continues to serve people. The woman from earlier is back, getting another drink which I hope is not for that guy she was with earlier.


I stare at Taylor; he’s passed out cold. Won’t remember a thing.


I want to go home.


“Are you alright?” My eyes are glued to the floor, landing on fitted high heels, skater skirt, white blouse, black hair to meet beautiful green eyes. Startling me. Her face so soft, he lips pale, her eyes the most beautiful shades of green.


“Are you alright?” She asks again. I nod, swaying on my feet. “Come on, let’s get some fresh air.” She approaches me cautiously and loops her arm around my waist, ushering me out the large house onto a wooden deck, resting me against a wall and the leaning against it next me, her arm brushing against mine. I look out at the garden, it looks good, but through my hazy vision I don’t notice much, just the water fountain and shape of the hedges.


“You live on Moore right?” She asks. Moore? Oh yeah, my road.


“Yeah.” I whisper, folding my arms over my stomach and sliding to the slightly damp deck. She slides down the rough brick wall with me.


“What’s your name?”


“Laura.” Why so many questions? “What’s yours?” My stomach turns.


“I’m Emma. I’ve seen you before. I moved in across the road from you.” I can feel a smile tugging at the corners of my mouth. “I wanted to say hi then, but you looked busy.”


I feel a pressure in my stomach and lurch forward, covering my mouth with both my hands immediately.


Too much to drink.


I groan, retching again.


“Hey hey, just relax,” Emma hauls me up and over to a railing.


I vomit into some bushes.


The lumpy feeling is foul making me gag.


Her hand strokes my head when I’m done. I’ve never felt so humiliated in my entire life. I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand. My face flushed in a devilish pink.


“Do you want to go? I’ll drive you home.” Another wave hits me, I hold my stomach, heaving, arms pressed against the railing, my head pointing toward the ground.


I never should have come here.


Damn Amy.



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