Capture This (Book one of three)

Laura has this perfect life, she's finally getting over her dad's death, she has great friends, good grades and is starting to look forward to her future. Emma, on the other hand, is stuck in her ways, and moves across from Laura, can they help each other? Maybe be something more than just neighbours? All feedback is welcome :)


3. 3. Party time?

Lunch time, just what I need. I leave the cafeteria and head outside. The sun has only gotten brighter and the sun burns my skin as I make my way over to our spot. It's a large oak tree, just a little way out of the school grounds. Amy and Scott are already there, snuggled together leaning against the large tree trunk, sharing lunch.


I walk over and join them, sitting in front and getting out my own lunch. It's a sandwich, turkey and Mayo, also a drink of water and a Nutri-grain bar. Oaty and sweet just how I like them.


"Hey, babes," Amy greets me. I smile and bite into my sandwich, savoring the delicious taste.


"Hiya. Where's everyone else?" They shrug in unison. A smile slowly appears on Scott’s face, I frown. He covers his smile and his eyes dart off somewhere towards the school. Odd. A shrill scream reaches to the depths of my ear drums, shocking me straight through. I scream myself and flail around. then collapse on the grass and turn around to face the perpetrator.


I kick them in the shin but was aiming for their face.


"Owen you fucking bastard."  I bark, nearly choking on a piece of turkey. He laughs and collapses next to me. His emo looking hair covering his face, all apart from his lip piercing and goofy smile. He must be boiling wearing all the black. Eh oh well.


 I kick him again and he laughs harder. I start to chuckle, taking small sips of my water and glare at Scott. He knew he was going to scare the crap out of me.


"I saw the opportunity." He mutters with a smirk and sits upright, helping himself to some of my water.


"Oh I bet you did." I chuckle at him and settle down into the soft grass, mulling around with the green blades with the tips of my fingers. The sun high in the sky, covered by the thick oaky and textured leaves, I’m glad. It would be burning my retinas otherwise.


As lunch slowly goes along, so does my mood, I end up tired and exhausted, with the number of people in our group slowly getting bigger it drains me. But I’ll be alright, just one more lesson than home time, and I get to relax with my brother. I hope so anyway, he could go around his friends to play footy or something, he does that some days. I’ll probably have to go and get him in an hour. I’m looking forward to it. I like seeing him come out of school happy with a cheery beaming smile on his face and bag in his hand.


I’ve seen him hanging around a few girls lately. They seem nice.


“Laura you coming?” Kyle, he’s a dance student is calling me. He’s tall, slim, wearing his comfortable white polo and grey slacks. “Come on, we’re got trig.” I groan and grab his hand, he hauls me to my feet easily and I brush myself off.


“Yeah let’s go.” He notices my change in mood and grabs my bag, carrying it for me, and slinging his arm over my shoulder as we walk back into the building. Many more students are shuffling around, trying hard to not be late to their next class. I’m not too worried about that, a slow walk is nice right now.


“You alright down there?” I nod, he squeezes my shoulder softly.


“If you want to talk I’m here.” I nod again and take my bag when we get to our class room.


It goes by quickly, and in the middle of a lecture I get a text from Jack saying I’ve got to pick him up because mum will be working late. Not that I’m shocked I suspected as much. I text him back saying I can do it so here I am now, pulling up across from his school in my silver baby, waiting for him to run over and get in. I tap the steering wheel for a few minutes, to this little lullaby I’ve memorized. When I finally see him leaving school, I grin.


He has a friend following him.


They both get in my car.


“Can Luke come over?” I nod.


“If you put your seatbelt on.” I hear the telltale click of two seatbelts then take off.


“Sure can. Any time he wants to get dropped off you let me know.” Jack smiles and nods, continuing to chatter away.


Soon we’re pulling into our drive way, they leap out the car as soon I’ve pulled up and are in the house running up to Jacks room. I chuckle and follow after them, I hear them upstairs so I head through the living to the kitchen and switching on the kettle, preparing it for a cup of coffee. It’s very much needed.


I rest on the counter and play with my phone, flipping through the apps until the kettles boiled.


I fix a cup and hop up on the counter, sipping the hot liquid.

My phone beeps.


‘Party tonight, you should come. - Amy’


Hmm. I don’t know, it’s not the best idea, and I don’t know when my mums getting back, so I’ll have to look after Jack and his friend until it’s time for him to go home.


I reply back.


‘Can’t, have to look after Jack. Mums not home. – Laura’


‘Can he go out? Stay with a friend tonight? – Amy’


‘I don’t feel up to partying Ams – Laura’


‘Come on, Tay Tay will be there. Maybe you guys could…. – Amy’ Not this again. Nope not going to happen. She’s referring to Taylor. He’s just a friend. A good friend.

 Nothing more. Like Amy, I’ve known him forever. But she’s gotten this idea in her head that we’d look great together.

I disagree.


I sigh and finish my coffee, washing up the cup and leaving it on the shiny silver rack to dry on the draining board.


‘I’ll let you know. – Laura.’


‘Sweet! – Amy’


I bet she’ll come around here later with Scott and take me out since I haven’t refused. What would I even wear? I look down at my shorts and vest top. I could go in this. Nah Amy would kill me, so would Taylor.


I make my way upstairs, slowly going to my brother’s room, he’s playing Xbox with look, some shooting game. A nice room, very open, large windows, no bathroom but I’m very jealous of his walk in closet. I swear this boy has more clothes that I do. He sees me in his doorway, watching.


“Want to join?” I shrug.


“No thanks. How would you like to stay over Luke’s tonight? I’ll drive.” They share a look between them before he jumps of his bed and grabs his school bag, shoving clothes and everything else he can fit into his bag. Even his toothbrush and some shitty hair gel. Its blue tacky stuff, but he insisted I get him it when we last went shopping.


I leave them to it and get myself ready to go back on by slipping on my shoes and a knitted light grey sweater with a small back stripe around the left bicep. Comfy and casual. My shorts on the other hand might have to be changed, wearing them out is starting to look a bit odd to me. I run up the two flights of stairs to my room and go over to my drawers, riffling through to find a pair of black jeans that I quickly slip on.

I hear the tell-tale taps of feet thudding on the floor, then Jack ends up in my room just as I’m doing my belt up.


“Come on Laura, let’s go.” He whines, beckoning me. I snort and follow him out the house, jogging to catch up. I unlock the car and climb in.


“Seatbelts guys, I won’t tell you again.” Jack gives me his address. He doesn’t live far away, still in this neighborhood but not in a nice area like this. We only have this beautiful home because of my mum and dad, they’ve worked their asses off to get it, and it’s taken some serious time. I’d be shocked if someone lived like us, we’re pretty well off. A lot in savings enough money to get us through college, university and our own places for a while if we desired.


That would be nice, I’d move to the coast after Uni, get a beach house, a job, maybe something to do with writing or literacy. Something I’d love. I’d have a boyfriend or hopefully a roommate, someone to spend my days with, warm summer nights would be spent on the beach with a group of friends by a camp fire, roasting marshmallows. I’ve never done that, or had a campfire, me and my friends usually go to the park or mall. Sometimes parties, but hardly ever.


I’ve always wanted to explore and be more out there, but I don’t. I’ve always been boxed in, all my friends are rich kids, granted some are richer than others and have a bit of an attitude to go with it, they like to spend money and get the best of the best in everything, especially clothes. They like to show that they have money, and well that’s not me. I want to meet new people and do more with my life instead of shop, study and look after Jack.


I want to live.


“Sis, we’re here.” I blink, so we are. I pull over at the curb.


“You be good, I’ll let mum know soon so don’t worry.” He nods excitedly and kisses my cheek.


“See you tomorrow. Bye.”


He climbs out the car, with Luke, bag in hand.


“See you loser.” He chuckles and waves me good bye.

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