Capture This (Book one of three)

Laura has this perfect life, she's finally getting over her dad's death, she has great friends, good grades and is starting to look forward to her future. Emma, on the other hand, is stuck in her ways, and moves across from Laura, can they help each other? Maybe be something more than just neighbours? All feedback is welcome :)


2. 2. Back to school

I pick up my guitar and rest it comfortably on my lap. The very familiar position hat I love,a small heart shaped pick in my hand and fingers carefully placed over the frets. It might be early for a little song, but as I sit and watch out my window over at the sky, which is just starting to turn blue, I get the motivation to play.

I strum my fingers gently against the strings, something I've done hundreds of times before, and start to hum. My head lulls back on the windowsill wall  and I close my eyes, my fingers still continue playing.

I can hear my mum downstairs, rummaging through her drawers. I'd guess she was already dressed just looking for important last bits.

I decide to do the same and get ready, so when I finished the song, I get dressed. I check the weather forecast on my phone. It's going to be a hot day. Shorts and vest top it is. I put on my trainers when I get downstairs. Jack is there watching T.V and eating cereal. Cookie crunch. I smile and join him, knicking a bit of cereal from his bowl.

"What are you watching loser?" He smacks my arm.

"Cars." Bit early for that isn't?

"Hmm alright, wellI've got to get running. Am I picking you up at four today?" I ask. I don't think mum will do it in the end, she never does anymore.She gets too busy with work and either forgets or says she can't do it because she's got held up. I understand the work thing but it's rude of her to forget if she says she will.

"I think mum is,but I don't know. I'll call you."

With a quick kiss to Jacks' head I leave for school, double checking I have what I need in my bag and leave the door. My mums upstairs so she'll probably drop him off at school soon. I get in my own car which is parked out on the path. It's a silver Volvo. My parents wanted to get me something more lavish and expensive, like a BMW or Porsche but I'd rather have something more simple. I refused the offer so my dad helped me get this.

We spent ages looking until I found something I was happy with. In the end, we got this.

It's my baby.

My beautiful silver baby.

I slide into the leather driver's seat easily and start the engine, dropping my bag on the seat next to me. I wind down the windows and take off, slowly pulling away from the curb.

School is quite a trek and takes me about half an hour. My dad told me he wanted to find the best school for us, shame that schools such a while away. I must admit, though, it's a decent school, I' get good grades, mostly A's and B's, I have decent friends and get along with almost anyone. My teachers are okay, and I enjoy it. Jack should be going here soon, I think he'll like it. They have their own football team, I know he'll join.

He loves football almost as much as he loves cars.

I see the girls next door leave their house as I drive by, both getting in the same red Ferrari. I smirk.

Flashy car.

They're in a uniform.Probably going to the private academy down the road. Very pretentious and stuck up school, I'd hate to go there.

I speed up and soon hit the highway, time to turn up the volume.

Fallout boy phoenix blasts on my speakers.

Oh yeah baby. I slide my glasses down my head and take a cruise along the motorway.

It's going to be a good day.

/You are a brick tied to me that's dragging me down

Strike a match and I'll burn you to the ground

We are the jack-o-lanterns in July setting fire to the sky

Here, here comes this rising tide, so come on

Put on your war paint

Cross walks and crossed hearts and hope-to-dies

Silver clouds with grey linings

So we can take the world back from a heart attack

One maniac at a time we will take it back

You know time crawls on when you're waiting for the song to start

So dance alone to the beat of your heart

Hey young blood,doesn't it feel like our time is running out?

I'm gonna change you like a remix

Then I'll raise you like a phoenix

Wearing our vintage misery

No, I think it looked a little better on me

I'm gonna change you like a remix/

I sing loudly, letting it all come out.

I've been told I'm a good singer but I don't really trust my mum's word on that, and she's the only person who's heard me sing. Even that was by accident. I  just happened to think I was alone, but my mum came home early and came upstairs to see why my music was so loud. Wala she heard me, not my proudest moments with my band t-shirt on and just about in clothes. She left soon after, I think she just wanted to erase that particular vision.

Ah, we're here.

I pull into the driveway of Riverside high. It's a highly recommended school, I was lucky to get in. It's very big, large, almost on the scale of a college. I catch a group of boys, many of them wink or whistle at me as I park my car. My long legs on show as I climb out and push my sunglasses up so they rest on my head. One guy in particular, he didn't whistle or wink at me like the rest, walks over and joins me by my car. His names Taylor.

He takes Judo and he's in my chemistry class.

He's quite smart and I like him a lot.

"Morning." He loops his arms over my shoulder and pulls me in for a hug. "Ready for our test today?" We have a test?! Shit! "I'll take that as a no." He laughs at me. I poke his side making him squirm like my little brother does when I tickle him.

"Shut up. I'll see you at Chem, gotta get to homeroom." He smiles and waves me goodbye.

"Try not to give him a hard time," I smirk.

"When do I ever do that?" I shake my head and walk off.

It takes me a lot longer to walk across the parking lot than usual, that's because there're so many people mulling around. None of them seem to want to go to their classes. Probably the weather. It beckons people to go outside, not me. This weather gladly makes me want to stay indoors.Shocking I know. But I'm not the outdoor type of party girl, I'm more the indoor book reader slash gamer kind of girl.

I've been to a few parties and stuff but they wasn't my thing, I found the people to handsy and the music too loud, plus the drinks were always foul and my friends never really liked it either. So I just stopped going to them. They still offer, though,if they find one that's alright,hoping I'll change my mind eventually. I highly doubt that'll happen, though, I'm not a party girl in the slightest.

"You know you don't always have to be miss perfect Laura." I snort.

"Well, some days I just can't help it." I retort back to one of my friends, Amy. I met her when I moved to this area when I was a child before Jack was born even. She's great, funny, witty and charming, and also very gay.All the things you need really.

"Very true my dear. On your way to homeroom?" She asks and links my arm,walking the hallowed hallway with me.

"Afraid so. I hearJess is back." Amy chuckles.

"Didn't she get expelled for fucking her boyf in IT?"Jess is literally the most annoying girl and has more nose jobs than Michael Jackson. She's a bitch and someone I tend to stay away from.

"True." Her arm loosens around mine when she spots her boyfriend. His namesScott. He's quite pretty for a boy. Spiky black hair and stunning blue eyes. Amy melts into a muddle when she seems him, even though they probably were together last night. "Ciao babe. Gotta run.See you at lunch in our spot." She kisses me on the cheek and joins her boyfriend, giving him a tight hug.

My heart aches for them.

They've been together longer than I care to remember, and they've always been this close.Not a day goes by when I don't see them together. And they 're together most of the nights too staying at his apartment or at Amy's house with her and her parents. Scott's dad owns a pretty successful business in town and pays for Scott's apartment, nice of him I know.It gives him his freedom, so it's nice for them. From what I 've observed they get along like a house on fire.

I wish if I had someone my mum would react like that.

I don't think she 'd notice.

There's not one personI' interested in in this school. They're all either too brutish too girly and all the remotely dateable guys are either taken are so narcissistic I don't want to add any more to their ego, let's not forget gay, so they wouldn;t go for a girl like me.

I open the door to my homeroom and walk right in. Mr Stirling is at his desk, book in hand as usual, and his glasses relaxed on the bridge of his nose. Quite a handsome mad from certain angles I guess, but so not my type He's married also, he tells us about his wife and baby more than he should. He has ruggish good looks, shaggy blonde hair, brown eyes and a slim build,he often where a shirt and tie with baggy formal black or grey trousers.

He looks up from his book as I pass by. "How was your weekend Laura?" His voice is like melted butter, his wife is a lucky woman.

I shrug and take my seat in the front row just off to the left of his desk. "Not too bad. Had my brother's birthday, that was fun. How's your wife and baby, Isabelle? is it?" He smiled warmly and closed his book.

"Sounds like it was fun. And they're well thank you for asking. Did you manage to do the homework for Mrs Lionel's class? She sent me an email on Sunday saying she still hadn't received it." I nod and pull it out of my bag just to prove it to him.

It's in the red paper folder I use for her class. He grins when he sees it and takes his glasses off, placing them on top of his book.

"All done. She'snot mad is she?"

"No of course not, you're one of her best students. Worried that's all."

"I'm all fine.Just bust recently that's all."

His phone rings,cutting our conversation off. He blushes and answers it, mumbling that it's his wife calling.

He leaves the room, I can hear his voice faintly when the door closes. I look around ther oom, Jess is in the back row with her motley crew or 'posh' girls.There's Brittany, Shane, Lisa, Jess herself, and her two little minions Sarah and Miley. They all look as fake as a barbie, caked in makeup and seem to think they're as hot as the Mila Kunis. But let's be honest, no one is as hot as her. Jess's boyfriend is behind her,hands in his pockets, mindlessly agreeing to whatever she's saying,while looking into a small mirror.

I snort under my breath.

They're never going to change. I pull my writing book out my bag while the class fills up with boisterous students who are all grumpy they can't be outside in the sun.

Shame, that's not how school works.

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