The World with or Without Magic

It was a story of a non-magical boy and a magical girl who lives into this world, but unexpectedly those two meet up in person. But it wasn't easy having the main point of the process until the end, her mission was to eliminate the nighmares who were lurking around the town. Will they both survive or they will just meet their fate.


9. Chapter 8 - In Love with a Lifeless Girl

“So you intended to train with me just to protect Charibel back?”

“I will, cause she is the one person I can’t lose.”

“Okay then, but I warned you. Using too much magic can give a danger effect on your body since your body is weak to that impact.”

“I don’t care about my condition, I can only care for my very close friend Charibel!!”

“Very well then, your in.”

 The conversation was going on until they began to do training while being watched by a lifeless Charibel, it was normal for her to see Leon training. But she didn’t know that her heart is telling her that she is extremely in love with Leon, it made her blush and saw Leon starring at her back with a smile on his face.

“How are you there Charibel?”

 Leon asked as he walked up to Charibel and pat her gently on the head as she looked up at him as there eyes meet¸ it causes them to blush at each other and smiled at each other. It was the very first time seeing a lifeless Charibel smilng at Leon and it made him feel happy to be there at her side, so all that Leon could do was to be sure that he will train himself a lot and take good care of Charibel while doing his best to master his gifted power.

 Rosae and Noah on the other hand are doing the journey together, “So Rosae, is the Gate of Chaos that hard to receive?” Noah asked as Rosae looked at Noah and nodded, “Yeah, the Gate of Chaos is something else that you don’t know, the spell that Charibel cast was the wrong one. But she told me that spell is too dangerous for a human like you, it won’t be effective on me cause my eyes are still lifeless.” Rosae said as Noah looked at her in worried, “Rosae……”

 Those were the only words he could say as Rosae looked at him, “But don’t worry that spell that Charibel cast was not a sacrifice, but it was a soul stealer.”

“Soul stealer?”

“Yeah, it’s a spell that can steal the enemy’s souls and receives lifeless eyes. But as usual it will only let the person live forever still.”

“So it’s a spell that will make a enemy’s soul to be taken away?”

“Yeah, but there was no ordinary spell that won’t effect the human. It may be the only ememy’s soul but the human soul, and it means….”

“Y-you mean, that….”

 Noah was shocked to hear a bad sign coming from Rosae, and she nodded in sadness as Noah hugged her in doubt making her hugged him back. There was more time to rescue her and they need to rescue her soul before it was too late and there won’t be any turning back from now on, “So ready to battle and rescue the soul?” Rosae said as she prepared her weapon as Noah did the same thing, “Yeah! Let’s save Charibel’s soul!!” Noah said as Rosae agreed, “But remember we can’t attack them but we can destroy the incoming monsters quietly or else they will destroy the soul right away.” Rosae said as Noah was completely shocked to hear that from her, “Do you mean, if we both made one mistake we will fail this mission?” Noah asked as Rosae nodded as he became shocked to hear this challenging mission, “Then….. let’s do our best then Rosae, this time we won’t fail this mission!” Noah said as they immediately destroy the monsters quietly right away while they were heading to the Gates of Chaos, but as usual Rosae already know what will happen if they made a mistake on the battlefield Charibel’s soul will disappear forever and will be forgotten.

 Back at the training place Leon was doing his best to train hard but his body can’t accept the magic within him, “Your body hates magic Leon….” Sir Zero said as Leon nodded, “I know, it really hates magic so much…...” Leon looked at the sleeping lifeless girl sleeping on the couch, it made him look at her in a worried look on his face. “Leon, we will take really good care of Charibel, you need to get working on your job okay?”

“Don’t worry Leon, she won’t die easily. Rosae and Noah are doing their best to save her got it?”

“Got it.”

“That’s good to hear that, and please don’t die out there.”


 Leon was teleported back to his place and think about Charibel evenly more while he was going back to work, but he was wondering on how can he do his very best to help Charibel to become a happy and not lifeless. But he was worried that it won’t last long so he is completely counting on Rosae and Noah to accomplish the mission and save Chairbel, he gazed at the sky and think about Charibel even more. But before he goes to sleep, he was thinking about the one precious memory of Charibel’s best moments with him, it made him feel happy when he thinks about it and goes back to sleep.

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