The World with or Without Magic

It was a story of a non-magical boy and a magical girl who lives into this world, but unexpectedly those two meet up in person. But it wasn't easy having the main point of the process until the end, her mission was to eliminate the nighmares who were lurking around the town. Will they both survive or they will just meet their fate.


8. Chapter 7 - Gates of Chaos

“So your saying that it was opened?”

“Yeah, but I don’t know who are those monsters.”

“I that so, well then. What are you going to do now?”

“We had no other choice but to stay the course.”

“Are you sure about the results?”

“I am, as long as there is the goddess of time and the goddess of elements.”

“But do you know where they are?”

“Unsure but only her is the real goddess of time.”

“Do you mean Charibel?”

“No, not her but ‘her’ only.”

“Okay then, but thank you for telling me this Zero.”

“Let’s just hope that she dosen’t reverse the real time Emperia.”


 The remaining conversation keeps on going on ahead, no signs of harm just yet but the remaining total warning is coming. But the remaining question to their questions means nothing to their result. They had no other choice but to summon two people to find the result, “So you asking me and Noah to find the remaining gates huh?”

“Yeah, Charibel told us that it harmed 100 people since yesterday.”

“Ever since the remaining attack on those 100 people you, Laciel, Keninji, and Noah did your very best to protect them so much that Charibel was able to capture the remaining bad souls.”

 Rose and Noah looked at Charibel in the desk counting the bad souls and placing them on the umbrella she had, but it made them wonder on who cause the chaos to happen right away. Since yesterday the remaining chaos cause 1000 monsters to attack the people in the town, the people safely evacuated but 100 can’t escape. Rosae, Noah, Laciel, Keninji, and Charibel were able to rescue the 100 people as they were uninjured.

 The remaining result is the problem that was Charibel, the more she force herself into immortal against darkness is slowly become weak. And in the end the town was rescued but Charibel was horribly injured with the amount to collecting bad souls, it concerns Rosae and Noah and their healing powers can’t save Charibel’s health. But as usual Rosae and the others were not injured which is a safe thing, “So Sir Zero, do you think that Charibel will be alright?” Noah asked as Sir Zero nodded, “Don’t worry kid, she will be fine. All I can do right now is to heal her mind by taking the bad souls away from her.”

“But do you know the location to the gates?” Rosae asked with the amount of determination in her head. As Noah looked at Rosae like she is completely sure that it’s coming from the gate she do know.

“Yeah, it is the ‘Gates of Chaos’ that was opened, I was you two to investigate that place and give me the full reports.”

“But whatever you two do, don’t attack unless if it’s necessary.”

 Rosae and oah understood that and nodded in agreement, but before they both left. “Noah here.” Sir Zero gave him a extra first aid kit with some many blood supplies that he needs for his health, “Be careful out there Noah, and whatever you do. Stay with Rosae no matter what okay?”

 It made Noah blush as Rosae look at Noah with a question mark on her head as Noah snapped out of it and blushed hard and run to Rosae and held her hand.

“L-let’s do our best o-okay R-Rosae?” Noah said as Rosae smiled at him and petted him gently that makes him squeak adorably.

“Yeah Noah, let’s go then.”


 Both Rosae and Noah teleported away as Leon smiled at them, “Those two can become a good couple.” He said and looked at the sleeping Charibel on her desk, it made him stare at her and blushed a little and place a blanket on her back hoping that she is feeling better. “Charibel…..please get better soon…” It made Leon to be horribly worried at her, he didn’t expect that she would be healing any time sooner. But he remembered on how horrible the town was since it was under attack by the monsters he had ever seen in his entire life.

 The yesterday on the main attack in the town, people were forced to immediately evacuate to the safest place they can stay in there. In there they had water, food, warmth, clothes, and more. But the remaining one hundred people were trying to evacuate while the five people came by to rescue them, Leon was now in charge to keep an eye on the people back there. And the remaining attack of the one thousand monsters are trying to kill the remaining people but they were getting killed fastly by Rosae, Keninji, Laciel, Noah, and Charibel. The five people didn’t noticed that there on the news that the people in the town are watching.

 The people in the place didn’t know that the five people are strong enough to defeat the monsters easily, and strongest of them all was Charible and Laciel themselves. It was their important task to protect the one hundred people and the other people to be protected, the people had hope of the five people’s victory. But as usual the five people tried to protect the one hundred people and in the end they went into the safe place immediately with no injuries, but the five people are facing the one boss that can’t be defeated.

 It was worse than they thought and they don’t really know if it’s possible to survive, and whats even more worse is that the five people were injured up and there is no escape. Leon was hoping that none of his friends were not hurt, but in the battlefield Noah tried to cast another spell on the final boss for the stunning as Rosae recklessly used her snypier to swing the final boss’ head off but it failed up.

 There was no hope left and the two characters were uncouncious and Rosae, Noah, and Charibel were the only ones left and it extremely worries the people including Leon. And before that Noah used another spell Charibel opened up the cursed umbrella extremely opened up that can cause the big spell to capture, and it made Noah to try to stop her but Rosae blocked his way and told him that it’s their final hope left. Charibel is trying the bring the bad souls into her cursed umbrella to bring the main victory, and before Noah tried to save Charibel.

“Sorry Noah, but I had no other choice but to do this.”


“She is not, Charibel is accepting that soul!!”


 Immediately cutting off that conversation Rosae immediately activate her ultimate spell that can heal people, remove the horrible memory, and refix the plce back to normal called the Reviveral Time. And after that Charibel accepted that bad souls her umbrella went closed completely tight and went uncouncious, and Rosae successfully cast the spell as it was almost complete. 

“Rosae how was Charibel?!”



“Leon calm down, she is alive. Charibel is facing the nightmares herself!”

 Leon was crying on the lifeless body of Charibel as Rosae and Noah sadly forgot that spell dosen’t effect on the people he or she trust, since it’s having the no effect spells she decided to avenge and help Charibel before it get’s worse by saying these words.

“I will avenge Charibel, I’ll never allow that souls to let her become like me.”

“W-what do you mean by that Rosae?”

“Noah, you should come with me. We need to rerescue Charibel’s soul, by going to the Gates of Chaos.”

“Understood, and don’t worry Leon. Lease be sure that Charibel is not dead.”

“Got it you two, and please do it for her.”

 The flash back from the yesterday has ended as he looked at Charibel’s lifeless body, her eyes were lifeless like Rosae but different, she can move but can’t speak, and she can still fight but in the only solo fighting. He looked at her for once and hugged her while crying, he forgot that Emperia and Sizero were looking at him. And for that…

“Leon, you need to use your light powers and train with me.” Emperia said as Leon looked at her, “Listen Leon, it’s not what you had expected by a empress but you need to know that the disaster will come again you can protect her. Can you accept this gift to protect Charibel?”

 Silence fills in the room as Leon looked at Emperia and nodded.

“I will, Charibel did her best to protect me. And now it’s my turn to protect her.”

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