The World with or Without Magic

It was a story of a non-magical boy and a magical girl who lives into this world, but unexpectedly those two meet up in person. But it wasn't easy having the main point of the process until the end, her mission was to eliminate the nighmares who were lurking around the town. Will they both survive or they will just meet their fate.


7. Chapter 6 - Leon

“You want a book?”

“Yeah, a book that can allow me to search the word arua.”

“Aura huh, well then I had one. Just give this paper to Historia okay?”

“Okay then thank you Emperia!”

 Charibel smiled as Emperia let her go to the library area to see her friend Historia in there, so while she was going to see Historia she remembered last night about the darkness incident. It causes Charibel to think too much and proceed with the researching about the word aura, and now she was starring at the sky while thinking about yesterday.

- Flash back -

 Charibel was finished fixing herself and gazed at the window and began to wonder even more, “Since when on earth did Leon said the word ‘arua’…… It might be a new word to me since I had first heard it. Maybe….. yeah…… I’ll ask Emperia to give me a book and search about the word aura…..” She exited the room and sat on the chair looking at Leon cooking.

“The food is now ready Charibel.”

“Thanks Leon, now you can go and take a bath now.”

“Yeah, thanks..”

 Leon left the room just to take a shower already as Charibel got the food and had a change to eat, she was still wondering about the word aura. So Charibel kept on wondering even more as Leon was finished taking a bath, she decided to get the food that he cooked and started to eat it. But she was wondering if she can see her master Emperia for the research about the word aura, so she smiled up to herself and enjoyed eating the food while being stared by Leon as he was smiling at her.

“Charibel, I’ll sleep on the couch so that you can sleep on my bed. Is that okay to you?”

“Sure Charibel and please rest well.”

“I will Leon, thank you again.”

 After the sleepover Charibel went to change into her original clothes as she visit the house to change some clothes, but usually she decided to teleport to the ‘Solock Tower’ to see the master of the area. She told Emperi about what just happened yesterday and Zero knew that he was right about Charibel on that mission, “So Charibel, do you have any other plans about how can you handle the situation of it?”

“No not really Sir Zero, but I’m sure that I’ll find out about that sooner.”

“Very well Charibel. So please proceed with your free time at the sewing shop.”

“Got it boss.”

 After the conversation Charibel was now preparing some few drinks for the master and had a curious talk about the word aura, the only word that confuse her so much. “Aura huh…… well have you searched it in the internet in the other world just now?”

“I did but I had no idea if that one was a lie or not.”

“I see, well then I’ll ask Historia and she will tell me if there is a book about aura.”

“Thank you Zero.”

“You don’t need to be, now go along and relax while waiting for the reply of Historia.”

“Yes sir.”

- End of flashback -

 Charibel was now having a medium walk to see Historia so that she can really do find her answers in there, she also heard that Strawberry and Jenocide was at the mission to finish something. But before she visit Historia she received a text which is from Leon, he was completely wondering on what is she doing and how she is. She began to blush at his concern and worriedness and replied to him that she is fine but just busy, after the text she put her phone back and walked her way to see Historia.

“Oh Charibel, didn’t expect to see you in here.”

“Same thing Historie, and Rosae is here are well?”

“Yeah I’m here Charibel, I was surprised to see you here as well.”

“Looks true to me.” Charibel said as she sat beside Rosae and Historia and gazed at the books and had a normal conversation, “So Charibel can you tell me on why are you doing in here since during your mission?” Historia asked as Charibel looked at them and smiled, “Well just to search the word aura.”

“Arua huh, well I had one book that will let you understand aura.”

“Really? Thanks Historia.”

“Sure now get yourself to researching the book aura now.”

“Thank you.”

 A lot of researching about the word aura Charibel has still didn’t get the term of the word, but all that left in her mind was her best and closer friend Leon. She didn’t know that he was the one who can help her, comfort her, and took care of her in time of need. It made you blush and still keep thinking about his attitude towards her, but she never know if Leon feel the same way about her.

 For now Charibel was thinking about telling him about the strange feeling she was having already, but she was reading the book at the same time. But before she thinks too much she noticed that the word arua was in there, she felt like she was lucky to become friends with Historia and read the book more clearly. But she never know that Leon is hyperly worried about Charibel being too busy too much, it causes him to text her to find out on how is she doing. But when Charibel sees the text Leon texted, it made her smile and texted him back and continued to read the book.

 But as usual Charibel need to know the result of the incoming chaos and the stranging aura that was from the enemy, but as usual she can’t seem to think of a way to solve the main problem that she really do have, all that she can do was to keep fighting until she find her answer. After the book researching about the word aura Charibel returned the book and had a one more converstion with Rosae and Historia before she left the area to go and see Leon, but when she teleported to see Leon he was almost killed by an another monster and he was using magic. It made her to be completely shocked to see that and madly dash through the monster, opened her cursed umbrella up, and then swing it at the monster in one powerful spell that make it easier makes the enemy to be gone in defeat.

“Wow, that was close, are you okay Leon?”

“Yeah I’m fine, thank you Charibel.” He lied he is not completely fine, he got some bad injuries that causes her to hug him. “You not fine Leon, your wounds are that deep and you only use your magic to defend yourself than healing it yourself.” She said as she hugged him more, it made Leon blush to feel that and returned the hug at her. “Sorry Charibel, that won’t happen again. I just hope that the monsters won’t attack me again.”

 That was the one thing that she hoped for, and that is the safety of Leon. After the hug Leon drive back home with Charibel on his side as she was tending his wounds, even so she is doing it for the sake of him health he was starring at her. It was an embarrassing moment for Leon for full of worries and concerns filled Charibel up to be overprotective on him, they both got the worries but they never know that they are both in love with each other.

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