The World with or Without Magic

It was a story of a non-magical boy and a magical girl who lives into this world, but unexpectedly those two meet up in person. But it wasn't easy having the main point of the process until the end, her mission was to eliminate the nighmares who were lurking around the town. Will they both survive or they will just meet their fate.


5. Chapter 5 - Strange Aura

‘Leon……please get out of there faster….’ “I heard Charibel’s voice…. Is she warning me about something?” Leon asked himself as he walked a little bit faster, as he was having a very bad feeling about something right behind him. “L-Looks like I had to run….” The sword glows into a very dark matter right behind Leon as Charibel teleported at the right timing, Leon kept on walking faster while he feels something strange so he looked behind himself and saw the monster right away as he looked feared and walked back a little faster until he was in a dead end. He thought that he was going to die today so he closed his eyes in fear. Before he was about to feel pain he opened his eyes and saw the Charibel was in his way blocking the attack from the monster, it causes him to be shocked at her actions. Her big umbrella was blocking the monsters sword attack as she used all of her strength just to gush out the enemies attack, making it to go at the very far back Charibel stepped a little bit forward. That really causes Leon to keep starring at her, “Charibel…” “Are you okay Leon?” “Y-yeah, I haven’t feel scratched just yet.” “That’s good to know Leon, now stay back…” “Okay then…..” Charibel walked a little bit more forward and opened up her umbrella as the dark magic started to drip and drop from her dark magic, causing the monster to approach her for the kill. But that didn’t bothered her, she then raised her hand up to summons the dark bats to distract the monster. It made it more worse for the monster as she prepared to swing her umbrella, but now in the right timing she was able to swing her umbrella at the monster making its head to be removed already. That really caused Leon to be shocked and surprised at her actions, “C-Charibel….” He was scared that he thinks that she will kill him but not, “Leon, you should go home…” She said as Leon looked up at her and got up, “I can’t I need to ask you something…” He said as she looked at him as he looked at her in a little scared look on his face, “Do you know what is horribly going on?” He asked as Charibel looked at him and then nodded, “I know that Leon but as usual you need to come with me okay?” She said as he nodded, “Yeah Charibel, I’ll drive you to my house okay? Since it was raining in there your umbrella will be more wet than battling a monster.” He said and it was true the umbrella that she had was a ‘curse umbrella’ and it will be affected on rain cause it was not ready to be completely useful, so she nodded and close her cursed umbrella and placed it into the umbrella bag that can change her umbrella into a normal and dry umbrella. So she went into the front seat of the car as Leon went inside as well and started driving the car, “So Charibel, have you ever sleep on a person’s house before?” He asked while driving as Charibel was texing Keninji, “Yeah I had done that but now Keninji is the room mate that I have right now.” She said as he was still driving the car, “So you going to sleep over at my house okay Charibel?” He said as Charibel began to blush, “O-okay then..” She said and looked away not noticing that Leon is also blushing as well, so by the time when they arrived at the house Charibel was resting one the couch completely wet because she can’t use her umbrella at rainy day. “So Charibel what kind of arua you possessed?” “Arua, do you mean magic?” “Yeah magic but I prefer to say aura.” “Alright then Leon….” She said while relaxing on the couch thinking about on how does she answers his questions, “But can I take a bath first Leon? We are both wet under the rain and we need to change our clothes right now.” “Alright then Charibel, you can take the shower room at the bathroom over there.” “Thanks.” She said as she went into the bathroom to take a shower while Leon went into his room to get a white long t-shirt since he is bigger than Charibel, so he went into the bathroom and knock the door as Charibel got the t-shirt that Leon had as he exited the area to the kitchen and started cooking some yummy soup. While in the bathroom Charibel was finished taking a shower and wore the long white t-shirt and fixed her hair, “Aura…… I think….. I need to learn about that word after the shower….” She said as she gazed at the mirror and fixed herself while thinking about the word ‘aura’ but she thinks that it’s just a simple word. “Aura…… where should I find the word.. Should I check the internet or a book from Emperia…..” Charibel was finished fixing herself and gazed at the window and began to wonder even more, “Since when on earth did Leon said the word ‘arua’…… It might be a new word to me since I had first heard it. Maybe….. yeah…… I’ll ask Emperia to give me a book and search about the word aura…..” She was sure that the word aura can be in the book Emperia had as Charibel nodded and smiled, after that she exited the room and act like it was nothing.
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