The World with or Without Magic

It was a story of a non-magical boy and a magical girl who lives into this world, but unexpectedly those two meet up in person. But it wasn't easy having the main point of the process until the end, her mission was to eliminate the nighmares who were lurking around the town. Will they both survive or they will just meet their fate.


4. Chapter 4 - The Battle Has Begun

“So far nothing bad happened today just now… It was a good relief….”

“Yeah……But don’t keep your guard down Emperia, besides that her mission is now taking good care of him.”

“Yeah but, I’m worried about Charibel facing the consequenses of having the urge of having no money in there…”

“So that is what your worried about just now?”

“Yeah…” She said as she looked away in a very worried look on her face as Zero went behind her and hugged her gently, making sure that she dosen’t feel sad anymore. “Don’t worry Aria, I’m sure that Keninji can that care of her that proves that she is okay, right now she is living into his house the whole time. So please don’t worry alright?”

 Emperia returned the hug by reversing her back just to feel his heartbeat, “Okay then….” Emperia said as Zero looked at her, ‘She worried to much.’ He thought as he blushed a little and give her a kiss on her cheek, that cause the both of them to blush and looked away in ackwardness. “I guess you like to cheer me up do you Zero?”

“Yeah..” He said as he covered his mouth in embarrassment as she smiled at him and give him a kiss on the cheek, “Thank you Zero for the cheer up.” She said as he looked away, “Yeah sure…” So right now the two remained just to held hands together and gazed at the sky, hoping that things will be fine from now on.

 After that 4 years had been passed and no signs of dangers there but Leon was now feeling weird and looked at Charibel, he had never felt this strong feeling before and he never seem to feeling strange. And Charibel on the other hand was more beautiful and had wore a better outfit than her original one, and they both never felt this moment before.

 Of course those two were both together but they had never felt this embarrassed in their entire life, so they had those feeling towards each other since they were THIS close. But as usual they can’t just say it cause tit was not the right time since they were both close after 4 years, so for the mean time they would just don’t say anything until the time comes.

 But as usual Charibel was or feeling something strange that might caught his attention towards her, “Charibel? Are you okay? You looked pailed up from yesterday.” He asked as Charibel nodded, “I’m okay Leon, please don’t worry about me okay?”

“Alright then Charibel, but if you feel completely strange, please let me know alright?”

“Yeah, thanks for your concern Leon.” Charibel said as they both went on their separate ways to do their job, so while their at it Charibel senced that something is going to go for the kill today. So she decided to walk a little bit faster just to avoid being caught, but she really hopes that Leon safely went to his job. After that she safely went to her job and warned Keninji about the incoming part of the day, that really caused him to understand her.

“Alright then Charibel, but when will they go for the kill anyway?”

“I had no idea Keninji but I am sure that it was today and I can feel it deeply that it will strike at any time or so.”

“I’ll text Rosae and Laciel about that, thank you for telling me this.” Keninji said as he immediately texted Rosae and Laciel right away for the warning just to be sure that they will know on what is going on, even so Rosae and Laciel did replied and texted him back with a ‘thank you’ text as Charibel sigh in relief. Making sure that no warnings would be shared to them, “I’m sure that things will be better, now that I told Rosae and Laciel the warning we will both now be prepared right away.” Keninji said as he put his phone on his pocket and get his laptop for the dress design meeting.

“Sure Keninji, but for now let’s act like it was nothing.”


 Charibel and Keninji both nodded at each other before they both get ready for the meeting, but while there at it they heard a knock on the door as Keninji went to the door and found Rosae and Laciel right in front of the door. “I thought that your at your work?”

“Well were both here to see you and Charibel.” Laciel said as Rosae gave him the starbuck’s coffie.

“Just the be sure that you can report us about the incoming danger, we both need to know that cause it’s really important.” Laciel said as he place the Kryspe Kreme doughnuts on the table as Rosae did the same on placing the Starbuck’s coffie on the same table Laciel placed. As Keninji activated the closed right now button as the windows were covered by the hardened curtains, locked the door and the windows to prevent transpassing, activated the lights in the room, and activated the air con to make sure that no one dosen’t feel weird. It made Charibel appeared and looked surprised as Rosae and Laciel are on the couch being too patient about the incoming danger.

“Okay then, now that were all here. Shall we start the meeting?” Keninji asked as they all nodded and prepare the meeting programs for the reports to Ari and Zero, and the program of the meeting began for them while Leon is at work.

 At Leon’s work he was talking about the new project that he was now talking about just to make sure that they will appreciate it.

“I introduce you ‘The Laptop Phone’ for everyone to have less problems about buying a laptop.”

“Is that so, would you like to tell me about that Laptop Phone your now talking about?” One of the co-workers asked as Leon activated the power point.

“Well it is about the phones connected to each other like a laptop.”


“And it had two connectors for charging, it is because the phone both had 100% battery.”

“So how does it works then Sir. Leon?”

“Well…” Leon press next to the next power point and shows an awesome example to the people which made them look suprised.

“How it works is that the phones can become a laptop, by using this mini mouse from the bottom phone as a mouse instead of using your finger and the touch pen.”

“Woah… looks cool I had to say, it would be much more better.”

“I agree with you and you know that will happen if your going to type something on the Laptop phone?” Leon said as he proceed with the next frame as he was now explaining about the project, “You can used the bottom of the phone and use your fingers to type in or you can use the keybored connector just to make sure that you don’t wanna use your fingers.”

 Leon said as he recently activated the Laptop Phone with the keybored connector to give them some example and typed on there just to give them proof that he is telling the truth, “And the best part of the Laptop Phone is that you can draw on the bottom of the phone using the touch pen, and using the mouse the give the proper shape incase if your feel uncomfortable. Much more importantly there is 4 small memory card.” He said as the co-workers looked so impressed, “That is cool Sir, can you show us about that?”

“Well sure then.” Leon said as he proceed with the power point to show them on how does the memory card actually work, “Well in these four memory cards you can uses one memory card one at the time. Like example one memory card is the music card, picture card, video card, and movies to watch card. That way you can enjoy and relax everytime when you feel stressed or feeling bored.”

“That is empressive Sir Leon, and here is the last question. How does it really works? You don’t have to repeat that but I’m asking is that how do you turn it on, how it shuts down, and how does the battery charge goes on?” The boss asked as Leon had to answer it as he nodded at his questions and just proceed with the power point to the final frame, “Well sir, what you didn’t know is that there is two one and off buttons before, but now there is only one.”

“Only one?”

“Yeap only one, why you asked? When you turn on the laptop phone it will activate the both phones to be on automatically. Secondly on how do you turn it off is that you need to long press the on button to make it off but I prefer the switch on and off, it was just to make sure that we don’t break a button here. Or we can do the laptop version to make it off right away to make things easier, so that we don’t have to do the turn things off. And lastly the batteries of the laptop phone, so how does it works is that using an original charger cause the laptop phone to be charge at midnight, so instead of the original phone it better to had a charger but with two plugs. It was just to be sure that it was charged up to one hundred percent, and plus the laptop phone had a battery saver so it is safer to use the battery perfectly.”

“So Sir Leon, how many percent is the battery?”

“Well both batteries on the phone had about one hundred each, so putting the phones together like a laptop can become two hundred percent battery.”

“How many hours will it be charged?”

“Just like I said using an original charger cause the laptop phone to be charge at midnight, so instead of the original phone it better to had a charger but with two plugs. The minute of the laptop phone to be charged is the minutes of 1 hour only, using the battery saver can make the power of the laptop phone to be fully charged. So I called the battery saver, ‘Refullious Power’ it will make you feel like the laptop phone can charge fully without any waits or problems. And it’s also fire proof, water proof, metal proof, and more.”

 The amazed co-workers and their boss were fully surprised, and they think that it would do to make a better prize.

“So Sir. Leon. How much is the Laptop Phone?”

“Well sir about 6,200.34 money with an additional plus of 4,000.65.”

“So it becomes ‘10,200.99’ percent of money isn’t it?”

“Yeah, using the credit card can also do the trick.”

“But sir, how do we know if we can get the money for about 10 and above?” 

“Well I don’t want to make it worse, but how about ‘22,000.00’ money instead?”

“DEAL! Thank you Sir Leon for the fantastic idea!”


 The people in the room were so glad that they had never experience this kind of project before, it made Leon to smile at the project as the people were going to work on his project right away. Leon didn’t expected that it was going to happen right after he said about his project just to show about what will be the next expensive project, but never expected that it was a one hundred percent perfect to be the right one. So Leon texted Laciel as he is telling him that the project is now going to be the right one for the newest gadget ever, it made Laciel smile a little and texted back with a congratz emoji on it.

 Later after the meeting and the project making Leon was on his way to his car just to drive himself home, but not noticing that someone is walking slowly right behind him while holding a sword. At the clothing shop Keninji felt something disturbing him as he knew that Charibel is horribly right about the incoming danger ahead, so he immediately got up from his seat as Charibel looked at him with a confused look on her face.


“Yeah Keninji?”

“Go to see Leon and rescue him!!”

“!!! Don’t tell me that it’s…”

“Yeah….it’s here…. Right now!”

“On my way to see him!!”

“Do it, I think there after Leon right now!!”

“Got it!”

 Charibel said as she activated her umbrella to open up as the dark matters rain from her umbrella and closed it just to teleported away to reach Leon as Keninji gazed at the raining sky while working, “Charibel....Leon….please be safe…” 

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