The World with or Without Magic

It was a story of a non-magical boy and a magical girl who lives into this world, but unexpectedly those two meet up in person. But it wasn't easy having the main point of the process until the end, her mission was to eliminate the nighmares who were lurking around the town. Will they both survive or they will just meet their fate.


2. Chapter 2 - Charibel

“Huh..I thought that you will be dead by my magic… But you were not that effective, how strong are you?”

“I had no idea tho, but your magic didn’t affect e-either…”

“Are you a mage?”

“No not really tho miss, I’m just a human.”

“Oh alright then.”

 Leon looked at the girl with the umbrella under the rain, she decided to get him up and looked at his eyes. They didn’t know that it was fate for them to meet each other, before in his other dream he was destined to meet a girl under the big umbrella. And now the way he looked at her, it was something new to each other.

 She evenly know that dream of the word ‘déjà vu’ that it was a future glance for a short period of time, “C-can I have your name please?” She said as Leon looked at her even more, “I-I’m Leon, it’s nice to meet you. And thank you for the rescue.” He said as she giggled at his naïve self.

“Nice to meet you to Leon, I’m Charibel and your welcome about that. But the curious part is that where are you going?” She asked him as he smiled at her, “To visit the sewing shop, I had to buy an outfit for my young friend Rosae.” He said as Charibel gave out a smile that made him blush, “Okay then, follow me and you can buy clothes for your friend Rosae.”

“Thank you so much.”

Charibel and Leon started to walk to the fashion store but unexpectedly, he heard something from her. “Um, are you hungry Charibel?” He asked as she shyly nodded, “Yeah I am…” He looked at her and began to blush secretly at her beautiful and kind attitude towards him, so he smiled at her and petted her gently.

“Let’s go to a restaurant for you to eat okay?”

“L-Leon, you don’t have to do that for me you know!”

“Yeah, but I wanna repay you for rescuing me.”

 Leon said as it made her blush, “O-Okay then, but please don’t overdo it okay?”  She said as Leon smiled at her, “Sure, we will go to Krispe Kreme just to eat some food and drink some coffie okay?” He said as Charibel blushed and nodded, “S-sure!” And the rain started to pour very hard as she put out her umbrella, and now the two are under the umbrella and started to walk under the rain. People didn’t expected that there is two people under the umbrella every single day, but it was only Leon and Charibel.

 The two felt slightly embarrassed, as some few people take a picture of them secretly saying that ‘their jealouse that their single’ but funnily they both just only meet today just now. So while their at their walking to a restaurant, Charibel was feeling something strange about Leon. She never expected that he DID survive her magic attack, but he said that the magic didn’t go through and just attack him on purpose.

 But she is sure that she will have her full reports on Emperia and Zero, she had a feeling that he is not just an ordinary human with no magic inside. She sensed that he had something that is able to block her magic, so by the time when they arrived at the Krispe Kreme. Charibel was sitting on the table checking her phone on Keninji if he needed help on the sewing process, and weirdly he really did thanks to the college projects. So she had to reply while Leon is ordering the food and drinks. But in Leon’s head he thinks that Charibel was completely correct on what she did just said, ‘Huh..I thought that you will be dead by my magic… But you were not that effective, how strong are you?’ Charibel was totally correct when she said that he is ‘not that effective’ he kept on wondering about that until he got the orders ready to be served.

 So after Charibel and Leon ate they finally went into the shop where Keninji is as she get the stuff ready, “So Leon what clothing are you going to buy?” He asked as Leon was thinking about the new outfit for himself, “Well my height is getting longer and I really needed to get some new clothes, do you have any clothing that I can really have?”

“Yeah Leon, and it’s free when you gave me your repaying on your protection before. And as you wanted new clothes you can have some for free.” Keninji said as he smiled at him, “Thank you Keninji, I hope that you keep sweing more clothes for the people that they need to wear.” The boys both nodded as Charibel was making some outfits for the other persons order, but while she was at it Keninji and Leon are having a good time and he also bought some extra food and drinks for Keninji so that he can eat and drink something. Charibel on the other hand was sewing some clothing in a very deep focused, not really noticing that Leon was looking at her. It made him blush seeing her doing her work right away into this one cheap clothing store, so all that Leon could do was think very hard for the incoming work and to give her something better. So all that he could do was prepare something nicer for Charibel tomorrow, although he felt embarrassed doing that.

“So Leon had you ever think of something about being a mage?” Keninji asked him as Leon was distracted, “Huh? Oh sorry, well I don’t really know. All I know was that I can feel light around me when the darkness tried to go near me..”

“Is that so Leon? I had a feeling that you’re a mage.”

“No….I’m not….. Maybe I had no idea on that kind of mage am I….”

“So your unsure about that event?”


“Alright then Leon, listen talk to Rosae about you being protected from the bandits and the darkness. Maybe she even know that you’re a mage or not.”

“Okay then Keninji… Thank you..”

 The boys didn’t know that Charibel was hearing that the whole time, so she pretended not to listen and just continued working. But she knows now that he was a mage or not.

 After that, he went home as Charibel was reading some books for researching on magic characters, but not noticing that she felt that someone was behind her. “So Charibel, how was your first day of this mission?” Zero was behind her as she looked behind and smiled at him, “It was surely fine but I can’t wait for the incoming mission for me!” She said as Zero looked at her as she was hiding something.

“Charibel… Don’t you know that I can sence someone who is hiding something and was really now dying to know…” Zero said as Charibel looked at him surprised, “Yeah…..I know…..” She said as Zero was sitting right in front of her, making the conversation to be evenly more difficult.

“So please tell me Mrs. Charibel, I need to know on what is bothering you…”

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