The World with or Without Magic

It was a story of a non-magical boy and a magical girl who lives into this world, but unexpectedly those two meet up in person. But it wasn't easy having the main point of the process until the end, her mission was to eliminate the nighmares who were lurking around the town. Will they both survive or they will just meet their fate.


1. Chapter 1 - Meeting the Umbrella Lady

“This could be your end here!”

“No…. I’ll never give up!!

“Too late!! Say GOODBYE!!” The girl laughed as she throw the weapon towards him as the other girl tried to reach out to him.


 A boy gasped and woke up and got up on his bed panting harder, he didn’t know that it was real but no. It was just a dream, so he glanced at the clock as he saw that it was 6:00 a.m. before his job time. So he got up and get his clothes changed and went to the kitchen and cooked breakfast, but as usual he didn’t know that he saw a girl saying his name in total.

 He really thinks that nothing wrong is going to happen, so he decided to prepare himself for the day. But as usual he saw the news that the rain will pour hard to the hardest later at 6:00 p.m. so he better get ready to pack some extra boots and a rain coat so that he can go home safely unharmed.

 So he got into his car and drive to the parking spot just to walk for his job, as he went in there his friend was there talking to his little friend. “So Rosae be sure that you won’t get bullied again…” He said to the little girl named Rosae as she nodded, “Don’t worry Laciel, I’ll be fine.”

 Leon walked towards them as they greeted him with smile, “Good morning Leon.” Laciel said while petting Rosae, “Morning sir Leon, and stop petting me Laciel…” Rosae said in an annoyed tune of being petted as Laciel stopped petting her. So they now had a walk as Rosae finally wents into her highschool, “So Leon, today we were all going to work on the project for the boss.”

“Oh? Do you mean, the new gadget project?”


“Okay then Laciel, but we can’t start doing that unless the boss decided on the design of the gadget.”

“Alright then Leon.”

 The boys were walking into their job places as they begin their job, but as usual Leon was wondering on the dream he did have. But the most concern is that he was wondering on who is that girl saying his name before he got killed on sight, so he and Laciel went into the conversation room for a meeting. And nothing new was decided, “If we can’t think of the new gadget, we can’t do anything new.”

 Leon was wondering on what design it can be for the new gadget, so he looked at his notebook. “Hmmmmm……” He was wondering if that could work so that things will get easier, “Say boss…” Leon said as the other in the room looked at him, “What if there is a gadget that can be a phone but at the same time having a another phone but can work as a laptop?” He said as the boss looked at him in shocked.

“Alright then Sir Leon, tell us the idea you had for the newest project.”

 The boss said as Leon nodded making the conversation go on and on.

 At the new place in the other realm, “Emperia, we don’t really know on who will handle that town since Laciel and Rosae is the only one in that city. We need to think of another plan so that the nightmarino will be gone forever!” Sirzero said as the lady faced him with a smile on her face, “Oh don’t worry there Sirzero, I’m sure that Charibel can help out!”

“Me? But why exactly Emperia? I am not that great.” The other lady said as Emperia smiled at her, “I’m sure that you will do great Charibel, besides you plus mission is to find someone for the main point of the problem of should I say to invite and be in the members of this place.”

 Charibel was supirsed to hear that from Emperia as Sirzero nodded, making that the mission will be completed sooner. “Okay then, I’ll help in succeeding the mission that you are going to tell me.” Charibel said as Emperia nodded with a gentle smile on her face, “Thank you Charibel C. Solcurse, I am sure that you will find someone that you will need to protect.” She said as Charibel was dismissed and was walking to her place, but before she arrived in there.

“Hello there Charibel!”

“Hehe, hi Chari!”

“Oh guys! It’s nice to see you!” Charibel said as the two girls were smiling right in front of her, “We both heard that you were going on a mission now are you?” The blond haired girl asked as Charibel nodded, “That’s cool!  That would be your very first mission! Good Luck in there Charibel!”

“Thank you Jenocide and Strawberry.” Charibel said as they decided to walk there together and had a chat, so usually Charibel never had a mission before. Shortly she only do is to train a lot with Jenocide and Strawberry, they never asked her to do their missions or anything else. So all they were doing is just let Charibel to keep an eye on the tower. But now she was completely ready and patient for her biggest event in the main mission.

 So she visit the store and saw her friend, “Hi Keninji, is there anything else that I can help?” Charibel asked as the half human cyborg looked at her, “Yeah sure, I just needed help with the cloth making. Can you sew about 10 clothes for me? I had to buy the cloths and stuff for the main event for the Miss Universe.” He said as she nodded and did the sewing for him while he is busy preparing and buying the clothes for the Miss Universe.

 At the other places where Leon was Laciel were going to pick Rosae up from her highschool, but when they went in there.



“What a genus but an cold-hearted idiot!”

 Almost everyone in the school is bulling her as Laciel and Leon were getting ready to fight them but, “GHH!!!” The leader of the bully was punched in the face as Rosae was extremely mad at them, “…Come. At. Me. I’ll give you a very hard lesson that you’ll regret….” She said as the leader of the bullies was extremely mad and did a pose of a boxer.

 All of the students were watching as it started raining, Laciel was getting worried for her to be sick. But Leon was too nervous to pick Rosae up, so the battle started. The leader dashed towards her and gave her a powerful punch, but Rosae was able to dodge that and made him fall by kicking him very hard on his both legs, the other students were cheering for the bully butt not on Rosae.

 Until then when the leader was about to give her more than one punched but more fights she was too strong to strike, so she dodge a lot of these attacks and counterstrike him a one punch in his stomach. The leader fell into the floor as his other bully friends dashed towards her giving her more hits, but Rosae jumped very high and kicked all of the heads and landed safely. They thought that there ends were going to be her but she didn’t, Rosae picked up her things that was dropped on the floor cause the others were completely scared.

 Rosae walked towards Leo and Laciel as they and the bullies with their guardians onto the principles office, “You started the FIGHT?!” The principle said out loud in a strict voice as Rosae nodded but not giving any emotions, “And YOU let her attack you!?!” The principle said as the leader and his bully friends nodded yes as they tried not to cry, “This is why WE DON’T ACCEPT FIGHTS IN HERE!!! You THINK that you’re going to have GOOD GRADES if you don’t stop distracting yourself and just attack them?!”

 The bullies were crying as there guardians were all glaring at Rosae as Laciel showed his hand on defending her, “Listen, she didn’t do anything wrong. You need to scold your kids on that blame, if you guys didn’t believe me it was them who bullied Rosae!!”



“IT’S YOUR CHILD’S FAULT THAT MY SON WAS INJURED!!” The lady said as he feels completely angry, that is until Laciel got super angry and hardly punched the principle’s office, “Principle, I will allow Rosae to be having her school time to be dropped. And we will never come back into this school thanks to them.” He said as the ladies got made at him already, that causes the principle to sigh.

“Fine, I’ll allow that. But you better transfer Rosae into a college that dosen’t have bullies, and don’t worry Rosae there won’t be more bullies ever again okay now?” He said as Rosae was surprised by that and nodded, “Thank you principle for everything and your support.”

 Rosae said as Laciel placed the money to pay and get her out of the school, “Thank you sir and now we will be leaving this place right now.” Laceil said as he held Rosae’s hand and left the room and get their things as the principle will deal with the ladies complainings.

 So now that Rosae and Laciel was going home, she got all of her things and left the school with Laciel just to be completely gone from there. And now they catched up to Leon and walked up to a restaurant just to have something to eat and to have the energy to stay awake, “I’ll be bringing Rosae home just to be sure that she dosen’t get bullied on her way home.”

“Laciel are you sure? You know that you had some other work to do.”

“Don’t worry Leon, just like I said you will handle that part for me okay?”

“….Alright but please be safe so that you won’t get injured with Rosae.”

“Yeah Leon we know, I just have to stay with Laciel to be home safely.”

 And they had some chats as they finally went on to their separate ways for now, and Leon had to reach into his workplace and did his job right away. So that Laciel and Rosae can be home safely without being horribly injured, in the meantime Charibel was now walking around and buying some cloths for the sewing shop for her friend to lend more help. It was easy for her but when she encountered some bandits she glare at the boys and cast her horrifying spell as they felt the huge fear within them.

 There was no escape on a mage when it’s a dead end on the road, so after the meeting on Leon’s meeting. He decided to head home and he saw that it was raining, so he got his umbrella on and go on for a walk to his car. So while he was at it he didn’t know that he was surrounded by the robbers.

“Isn’t he the rich guy from the gadget company?”

“Yeah that’s him! We need to be rich right now!”

 Leon just instantly ignore them and just walked away just to be sure that nothing will be ever seen, but he was too late. The robber surrounded him and started to grab him, “Say guys? What should we get from this stupid rich guy?” The leader of the robbery said as his minions said something, “His wallet!”

“No! His house!”

“How about everything that he owns!!!”

“Oh I totally agree with you, so shall we start right now?” The leader said as the robber started to giggle darkly and started to beat Leon up, it causes him to groan in pain as they won’t stop until they fully injure him very hard. But Leon is still strong enough and just fought back with a spin kick very hard at their bare hands.


“Alright, now you’re going to pay for this!!”

 The robbers were going to put out their knives but something unexpected happened, “GAHHHHHH!!!” All of the robbers said as they felt a very strong pain inside of them as they layed on the ground but almost dead, Leon was so shocked and he felt aboulutely nothing. So he looked up at the umbrella lady who was now looking at him.

“Huh..I thought that you will be dead by my magic… But you were not that effective, how strong are you?”

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