1. Rejection

I am that guy that's better off left alone.

I hurt everyone I love,

But if there is no one to love,

There is no one to hurt.

Maybe it's all better this way.

I may not enjoy this,

But to fight a monster,

You must leave humanity behind.

Sorrow might feel unfair,

I can only imagine what I've done,

To have this fate forged into my soul.

The incompetence of my soul is disgusting.

I'm sorry, for everything.

Please leave me alone, everyone.

If you shan't obey this, then brace yourself.

This horrible world, can do one thing.

One thing alone,

can change a life,

For better or for worse.

That one thing is loneliness.

Being alone will make you suffer,

Mankind is genetically hard wired into being social,

So when that get's forced away,

We crumble to the ground.

Some people fix themselves,

Others wither away.

I am a withering soul.

No one can save me, not even god.

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