Morgan, a typical hormonal teenager. Mysterious and adventurous... she fears nothing or does she? Adventures leads to mystery, mystery leads to heart breaks, heart breaks lead to boys. She falls in love with an immature boy who doesn't know his feelings... will he play with her heart? Sadly Morgan has a secret she has to tell him! Will he leave or will he stay


1. intro 😉

Hi, I'm morgan 😁 I'm a 16 year old who loves going on adventures. Mystery is my middle name 😏 I live in California with my mom and my stepdad (who is such an ass).

I also have a best friend, Shannon! We do everything together... I've known her ever since kindergarten. We are like peas in a pod but we aren't peas and what the heck is a pod 😂 oh! Did I forget to mention, Shannon is suffering with breast cancer and we are fighting it together!

I'll be honest I never thought my life would be so great or so I thought...

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