Morgan, a typical hormonal teenager. Mysterious and adventurous... she fears nothing or does she? Adventures leads to mystery, mystery leads to heart breaks, heart breaks lead to boys. She falls in love with an immature boy who doesn't know his feelings... will he play with her heart? Sadly Morgan has a secret she has to tell him! Will he leave or will he stay


2. chapter 1

Today is the day!! Me and Shannon get to go to Europe! I'm so exited, we have planned this ever since Shannon was diagnosed with breast cancer.

My thought wonder through my head whilst my eyes are half open half closed, I can hear my parents from downstairs talking. After about 10 minutes of having a little lie in I finally decide to actually get up and start getting ready 😂

I check my phone before getting out of bed seeing if anyone has tweeted and I see a notification that catches my eye it read "@itsmileyburns OMG 5 sos are going to be staying in Europe for a month!!" I let my fangirl out and I squeal with glee, I pull back my covers and let the cold air cover my body suddenly regret doing that. I rush over to my wardrobe and pick my grey adidas sweater with my white skinny jeans I then head over to my dressing table and do my usual makeup, concealer, mascara, highlighter, bronzer, and a nude lipstick I then put my long brown hair into a ponytail but then decide to add my adidas grey cap. Soon I was ready with my suitcase and my back pack, I run down stairs and dash into the kitchen I am then greeted by Shannon and my mom.

"Have you got everything packed?" My mom asks I nod my head excitedly "oh my god I literally can't believe I get to go to Europe with my best friend and we get to stay the month there!"Shannon and I look at each other and smile with joy, my mom just looks at us like we're crazy and then shakes her head "I know your exited but please be really careful, don't want to hear that you have been causing trouble or ending up in hospital because I know what your like" I laugh and hug my mom I kiss her goodbye and head to the door I grab my adidas superstars and I see the taxi pull up in front of the house, I wave goodbye to my mom and stepdad and put mine and Shannon's luggage in the trunk. Soon we arrived at the airport!

We went though security and everything else and before we know it we were sitting down waiting for our plane to be called. I could feel the nerves building up in my stomach! But I was still excited and so was Shannon. After waiting half an hour it was finally time to board our plane. We found our seats but the sad part was that we didn't get to sit next to each other 😭 I had to sit next to this annoying little kid that would not stop going on about Donald trump and how he's gonna be president, I wonder who Shannon was sitting next to?

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