A Place Beyond The Priory

 "A Place Beyond the Priory " This is a story about Life in North Shields during the 1900's-1920's Tom Farrow is a third generation coble fisherman, Who meets and falls in love with a young herring girl who has travelled from the isle of Barra in the outer Hebrides looking for work. Margaret Linnie, her two friends Kerstin McDonald and Beth Munro all end up on the gutting line in Tyne Brand - their unscrupulous foreman Albert Mortimer treats all the girls on the line like animals including his wife Lizzie who bares him 11 children. forced into a marriage she did not want, Lizzie is abused by Albert for his own sexual gratification. She was in love with a young Greek boy called Leonidas Kostalas whom she had known from her days at school and lost her virginity to but her father will not allow them to marry- this is a story of love and betrayal and will keep you riveted until the last page is read.


62. 62

Meanwhile Hunter and Hopkins went back to the park and searched the car and then drove to his house. After an intensive search of his property they found illicit photos of him and Kelvin Williamson having sex. They also found photos with Worthington and Williamson with young boys performing oral sex on them. They both were torturing and sexually assaulting the young boys after tying them up.

They drove to Williamson’s house and they broke down the door and found him in bed with another young boy who was only eleven years old.

“That’s two nonces off the street for a few years said Hunter as they bundled him into the squad car.’

“How long do you think they’ll get?’

“About seven years, not long enough for Me.’ said Hunter.’

From Williamson’s house they went to the young boys houses in Cedarwood Avenue to see their parents. It was eleven thirty that evening when they both clocked off. Three weeks of long hours on surveillance were now over for now anyway.’

Detective Sergeant Robert Falconer commended to two men for their efforts in bringing the two men to justice.



The Auctioneer got the bidding started at five shillings a box and it quickly rose to ten bob and then twelve shillings per box.

He made one hundred and twenty seven pounds from his lobster and eighty nine for his crabs.

All told that day he had made over three hundred pounds. He deducted the money for diesel and the maintenance of the boat which left one hundred and seventy pounds. He gave his crew twenty pounds each which was four times what he’d normally pay them. He set aside twenty pounds for the shopping, rent, and coal for the house and other expenses. That left him one hundred and twenty pounds. He banked one hundred and kept twenty pounds to spend.

Tom asked the men to set aside the money to buy a decent suit for his wedding and it had to be the same colour as well as the shoes.’

Tom insisted paying for the wedding gown and the bridesmaids dresses.’

He was also going to pay for the wedding ceremony and the reception too but Margaret would not here of it. That was her father’s duty she said and she would not take that away from him. She would receive a dowry from her parents too which would help them set up their own home. Tom insisted that he had been saving for years and that his father had left him a tidy sum which was more than enough to buy their own house. Where that would be was a matter of discussion.’ Margaret wished to live on Barra where there could buy a croft for about four hundred pounds. Tom didn’t know of this as he naturally assumed that she would come to live with him in North Shields.’

Tom walked up the stairs to his house with a pocket full of money He left Chris and Steve who went to the Dolphin; they had asked Tom to come along, Tom had refused saying that Margaret would have his dinner ready.’

“We’ll see you later on then said the lads.’

“Don’t come to my house drunk mind; Margaret doesn’t like it.’

“Christ Tom you’re not even married yet and she’s laying down the law already.’

“I don’t mind you having a few pints lads but I’m telling you this you will lose these girls if you turn up drunk.’

“We aren’t getting married Tom, we are free agents.’

“What about Kerstin and Bethany.’

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