A Place Beyond The Priory

 "A Place Beyond the Priory " This is a story about Life in North Shields during the 1900's-1920's Tom Farrow is a third generation coble fisherman, Who meets and falls in love with a young herring girl who has travelled from the isle of Barra in the outer Hebrides looking for work. Margaret Linnie, her two friends Kerstin McDonald and Beth Munro all end up on the gutting line in Tyne Brand - their unscrupulous foreman Albert Mortimer treats all the girls on the line like animals including his wife Lizzie who bares him 11 children. forced into a marriage she did not want, Lizzie is abused by Albert for his own sexual gratification. She was in love with a young Greek boy called Leonidas Kostalas whom she had known from her days at school and lost her virginity to but her father will not allow them to marry- this is a story of love and betrayal and will keep you riveted until the last page is read.


113. 113

“Oh is that right now said Jack with a big smile on his face; tell me, what’s your name?’

“Sally Kinear.’

“Well I want you to rate this said Jack as he walked coolly up to the young girl then kissed her long and hard.

When he let her go she was out of breath and she tried to slap his face.

“You cheeky tyke, fancy taking advantage of me like that.’

“Well now you can go back and tell the other girls how vastly overrated I really am.’

He walking back to his grandparent’s house with a big smile on his face he turned back as she was following along the road and said. “My name is Jack Farrow by the way and I will see you in the pub tonight for a drink no doubt.’

“You are pretty sure of yourself Jack Farrow; I wouldn’t go out with you if you were the last man alive.’

“Steady on there Sally, I only asked you to have a drink with me; I didn’t mention going out together. “ You’re jumping ahead of yourself aren’t you?’

“What makes you think I would be seen having a drink with you?’

Because if you don’t turn up tonight I’m sure one of your friends will gladly take your place.’ See you at seven in the pub then said Jack as he went through the gate then into the house.

Sally Kinear had a smirk on her face as she walked past Richard Linnie’s house.’

“Hey Gran do you know the Kinear family?’

Yes, I do as a matter of fact.’ John and Mary Kinear live not far away from us.’

“Well did you see his daughter Sally just now?

“No why?’

“Well she’s the girl I’m going to marry.’

 “You don’t even know the girl.’

“I’ve just kissed her and she’s the one for me.’

Jack Farrow, ever the joker.’

I kid you not; she’s meeting me for a drink later.

Sure enough Sally Kinear came to the pub with her friend Katie and introduced Jack to her.’

“Did Sally tell you what a wonderful kisser I am Kate?’

 Och no she did nae; so did you two have a snog then?’

Oh yes, Kate we did and she liked it an aal; I could tell. She coming out with me tomorrow night to a dance aren’t you Sally?’

“Am I said Sally; her face crimson.’

Of course; you were the one who said we were going out together did you not.’

“I mean if you don’t want to go with me I’m sure there are other girls who will gladly go with me.’ “Are you my girl or not?’

Sally could do nothing but nod her head.

“There you are then Kate its official; Sally is my girl so you can tell all the other girls.’ “Right then, who’s’ for drinks?’

Jack Farrow made his way to the bar where he saw his father and mother and his grandparents he ordered a round of drinks for them then got his own.

He came back to the table where the girls were and sat next to Sally.

Jack told them all about his town and how he loved going out in his father’s boat.’

“What about you Sally what do you do?’

“I work in a bakery said Kate.’

“I work in the local library.’

“Good, I will pop in tomorrow and you can show me around.’

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