What about us? (Crackfiction Black butler)

A crackfiction....that's it, i promise there's not any boot shorts (maybe)


1. Grell''s little secret

The red headed reaper awoke, upside down on her bed, she felt the blood rush to her head like imaginary nosebleeds of tsunderes, she rolled over accidentally falling off the bed. She looked under her bed, there was a mysterious item, a short looking thing, she sighed in relief "thank goddess their okay" she said before hitting her head on the bed "Owww" she screamed as her buttocks swayed in the wind. She was yet to find out that Eric, William, Ronald and Aran were standing behind her watching the glory of silicon, which was her butt. "Dear lord thank you for that silicone ass" William whispered, the others nod agreement still staring at the beautiful thing before them...

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