Friend or Crush?

Alice (Ali), a girl that lives in the suburbs of Minnesota meets a boy. The confusion of friend or crush starts forming.

5SOS not famous (yet). Set in United States, Minnesota not in Australia (sorry I'm from the United States so it just made it easier to write.)


4. Nurses Office

Chapter 4:

Ugh just my luck. On the first day I had already screwed up. I looked up at Ethan. His face said it all. He looked so sorry but I just laughed at him. I wasn't happy with getting ketchup on me but I could manage. I told Ethan that we should go to the nurses to get a change of clothes and he agreed. As we were walking down the hall to the nurses he started apologizing all over again and I just laughed at him. He looked really confused, and I said, "Ethan it's ok it's just some ketchup I can get the stain out. Plus it just got on my shirt so all I need is a jacket to slip on." Convincing him that it was ok he finally calmed down. I asked, "so how was your summer." He said, "well pretty uneventful. All we did was ride around on our skateboards and crash into things." I laughed at the thought of him running into a tree. I chuckled out loud and he said, you have a cute laugh." I blushed then looked down so he couldn't see my face. Just being with him brought back all these memories. He was the crush that never really went away. I said, "Um were here" to get out of the awkward situation that was forming. We walked into the small nurses room. It was a cozy room with a couple posters on the walls about washing your hands. I turned to the nurses desk. I didn't even have to speak and she got up and got a sweatshirt for me and a new shirt for Ethan. Our school mascot the panthers spread across the front of both shirts with purple and white letters. She said alright you can change in the bathroom. I went first and was surprised on how soft the sweatshirt was. I walked out and Ethan went in after me. He left the door slightly open and I good see the sculpt of his six pack. Damn he was ripped. He walked out and I turned away before he caught me staring. We got our notes so we wouldn't get a tardy and said our thanks you's. walking out with our notes and shirts in hand. He asked, "what's your next class?" I said, "English." "With who?" He asked. I said, "Miss Warren." I could tell his reaction by his face. "She's so hard. How are you gonna survive?" I laughed and said, "work my ass off I guess." He smiled and we headed to my 3rd hour. Once I got there we said our goodbyes and I walked in. Ms. Warren a short lady with a blonde pixie cut. She was around fifty and was a very peppy lady. I handed her my note and she said, "thanks, now why don't you take a seat. We're talking about the syllabus." I saw that Jess had saved a seat for me and I sat down. I looked over to the door and noticed that Ethan was still standing there. I waved a goodbye then he finally left to go to his class. I looked over at Jess and she was smirking at me. "So you and Ethan huh. Are you two finally gonna get together." I looked over at her, "what" i said confused. Jess said, " you two have been friends for forever why don't you just get together already?" I sighed and rolled my eyes and focused on the rest of the class. I noticed there were a couple people I knew: Madison, Chloe, and Anna. Then I noticed the boys sitting with Luke at lunch. The curly haired boy and the one with the long fringe. Miss Warren suggested that we all share our names with the class. Ugh I sighed, are we gonna do this in every class? We went around and said our names. The curly haired boys name was Ashton. Jess nearly jumped out of her seat when he said his name. She thought he was really cute and the boy with the long fringes name was Michael. He had bright red hair and a wicked smile. We were almost done with class when Jess asked so what's your next class? I said, "geography" she sad oh well have fun and we headed off to class as the bell rang.

Hey guys! So sorry I haven't updated in a while. Finals have been a bitch! Thanks for reading!

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