Friend or Crush?

Alice (Ali), a girl that lives in the suburbs of Minnesota meets a boy. The confusion of friend or crush starts forming.

5SOS not famous (yet). Set in United States, Minnesota not in Australia (sorry I'm from the United States so it just made it easier to write.)


9. Music Room

Chapter 9:

Me and the boys followed Luke around the school. We started walking into the music department and I got really confused. I looked at Luke and he just gave me a smile. We walked into the small orchestra hallway and then stepped into a practice room. I must have looked really confused so Luke explained, "you said you played the violin so I figured we could all play together." I looked around the room and saw a drum set, a couple guitars, and what I assumed was a bass. I smiled and said, " wow Luke this is cool." I walked out of the room to grab my violin out of my orchestra locker and Luke followed me out "Sorry if it gets weird. We've never played with other people before," Luke said. "It's all good," I said. We walked back into the practice room and saw The boys plucking and tapping on their instruments. I grabbed my instrument out of my case and looked up at the boys. They were all staring at me. "So do you guys have anything to play?" I asked. "Nope, we want to see if your good," Ash said. Luke punched him in the shoulder. "Hey" Ashton laughed. "He's kidding,But do you want to play anything?" Luke said. "Sure," I said hesitantly. I thought of a song I've known for years, Secrets by OneRepublic. I swiftly moved my bow across the strings and played the song. I closed my eyes and blocked out the world. Once I was done I opened my eyes and looked at the boys. They all looked amazed. "That was really good," Calum mumbled. "Jesus, how are you not famous already?" Michael said. "Thanks guys," I said. "Fine I guess you can play with us," Ash said with a smile. I laughed, "Thanks Ash." Ok well I want to here you guys. I looked at Luke he smiled and said, "sure." The boys picked up their instruments and whispered so I couldn't hear. Then Ashton counted, "1, 2, 3." And the music started. Luke sang, "even when the sky is falling down even when the earth is crumbling around my feet." They sang the rest of the song and I sat there in aw. "That was our new song gotta get out," Michael said. "Wow guys that was so good," I said. A murmur of thanks came from the boys. Luke said, well do you guys wanna go wander around? Everybody's probably gone by now. We all said sure. We packed up our instruments and headed down the hallway. Calum sprinted down the hallway and dropped to his stomach causing him to slide down the rest of the way. We all burst out in laughter then Michael and Ashton joined him. We spent the next half hour walking around the school and talking about random stuff. Then I said, "so Ash, how do you feel about Emma?" He looked at me and stuttered w w why? Did she say anything about me?" Me and Luke started laughing. "Bro you like her," Calum said. "No I don't. I haven't even talked to her," Ashton said. "Whatever you say man," Michael said. And we all laughed. We stayed there until a teacher who was staying late finally kicked us out. We walked out into the brisk September air. I said "I should probably get going" "ya" the boys murmured. "I'll walk you home," Luke said. "Sure," i said. And we went our separate ways until I heard over my shoulder "Luke stop being a gentlemen!" I looked over my shoulder and the boys were chuckling over what I assumed Michael said. We started walking and I said, "so how are you doing here in Minnesota if all places?" "it's a lot colder here but it's been fine," he said. We continued talking about his move here until he said, "wait do you live on cherry road?" "Ya," I said. "Me and the boys live in the blue house coming up." He said. "What! how have I never noticed you guys before?" I said. "That's so cool. Well you know what that means?" He said. I looked up at him and asked, "what" "you have to hang out with us now," he said. I laughed and said goodbye. I walked up to my house and went straight to my room. I laid down and took a long nap.

Ugh sorry guys! I know I've been gone for so long. I had to write this long ass paper for English so I've kinda not been in the mood for writing. But I will start doing it a lot more frequently. So I hope you liked this chapter! Much love. -Wylee

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