Friend or Crush?

Alice (Ali), a girl that lives in the suburbs of Minnesota meets a boy. The confusion of friend or crush starts forming.

5SOS not famous (yet). Set in United States, Minnesota not in Australia (sorry I'm from the United States so it just made it easier to write.)


3. Lunch Time Crash

Chapter 3:

Once first hour ended I walked over two Amelia and Clara's desks before we left the room. Clara said with a smirk, "so who's the new guy?" Amelia joined in, "ya who is he? He's really cute." They both stared at me. Both the girls had stunning features. Amelia was a short girl with medium length brown hair. She had pale blue eyes. She has a rosy complexion to her olive toned skin. She was as skinny as a twig. Clara was a tall girl with long brown hair which she got highlighted. She had light brown eyes to match her pale skin. She also was very skinny. They both looked at me asking the questions with their eyes. I said "well, I'm not really sure. He's in my home room and I ran smack into him before we left for first hour. They both giggled because they knew how clumsy I could be. We walked out, and me and Clara headed to our second hour together. We both played the violin and sense freshmen where all in one orchestra, we had class together. We got to class and sat in our seats. The chairs were set up in a half moon the first violins on the left of the conductor the second violins next the first. And violas next the the seconds but more on the conductors right. The cellos were on the far right of the conductor and the bases stood in the back in a line behind everyone. I was a first violin and in the first stand which absolutely terrified because I was partly the leader of my group with the help of my stand partner. Clara was a second violin in the first stand, so we got to talk for a while before the teacher came in. She introduced her self, "hi everyone I'm miss Rosel. I will be your tenth grade orchestra teacher this year." Because orchestra only took up forty five minuets a day we had it for the full year. Which also meant because it was only forty five minuets we get a study hall for the remaining time. Miss Rosel was a medium hight lady, who looked to be only in her twenties. She had medium length brown hair that was curled at the ends. She was a very peppy woman who looked very awake. While the rest of us were dead silent and tired. We ran though the expectations and sight read (play that song first time) some music then the hour was done. Second hour was done and the second half flew by. After that it was done it was time for lunch. There are 5 different lunches at our school I had first lunch which meat I had lunch right before third hour. I met up with my bffs Jessica (Jess) and Emma (Em). We grabbed a seat near the back of the cafeteria. I examined the room and saw the group of popular boys and girls who where flirting. A couple of guys who are known for getting high before school starts each day, and a group of guys who I assumed were new. I examined the boys. One had a long fringe that hung down to just above his shoulders. Another with a mass of curly hair and medium toned skin. Another boy who appeared Asian and had shortish hair that he pushed back occasionally. Then I noticed Luke. He was goofing off with the guys and had a wide grin on his face. He caught my eye and we awkwardly stared at each other until I looked away. I could feel the presence of his eyes still looking at me but I refused to look. I finished examining the room and caught eyes with Ethan. He was sitting with his normal group. I watched as I saw his friends flipping a water bottle to make it land upright. I looked away and noticed Jess and Em talking about teachers and hot juniors and seniors in their classes. I listed contently to their conversation quietly eating my lunch consisting of a turkey sandwich, carrots, and a bag of Cheetos (my fave). Jess looked and asked, "sooo any hot guys in your class?"Em eagerly nodded. Wow these girls where boy crazy weren't they. I said, "well theres this new guy in my class." I gestured over to Luke's table. The girls asked which one and I said, "the blonde one." They both looked at him with heart eyes. Em asked, "is he new?" I said, "I think so. I've never seen him before." Jess added, "I think the one with the curly hair looks really cute." I laughed as the girls stared at the boys. The rest of lunch we talked about the boys and about our classes. I found out that Jess was in my third hour and that Em was in my fourth. Me and Jess got up to walk to our third hour while waving a goodbye to Em. I got up and made my way to the trash can to throw my things away. When I turned around to walk back to Jess. I ran right into Ethan, his tray full of ketchup that he must've gotten with fries spilled all over the both of us.

Hey guys so I wrote an extra chapter just cause I had time. Thanks for reading!

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