Friend or Crush?

Alice (Ali), a girl that lives in the suburbs of Minnesota meets a boy. The confusion of friend or crush starts forming.

5SOS not famous (yet). Set in United States, Minnesota not in Australia (sorry I'm from the United States so it just made it easier to write.)


12. Friend or Crush?

Chapter 12:

The next few weeks passed by in a blur. The past week I bombed a math test, so I was currently retaking it. Jess was also retaking it and was making confused looks from across the testing center. Once we were done with the test we walked to her convertible that was sitting outside the school. We drove to the nearby coffee place. When I walked in I spotted Luke and his friends messing around on Calum's phone. He looked up and we made I contact. My body was filled with chills. Me and jess ordered our coffee and looked to see no tables open. Ashton waved us over. I sat down next to Luke and Jess sat next to Michael. "Thanks for letting us sit by you guys" I said. "No problem" Luke said. "It's getting so cold here" Calum said. "Are you kidding me, it's so warm" Jess said. "Back in Australia this time of year is our summer" Luke said. "Oh" me and Jess said simultaneously. "So what are you guys doing for homecoming?" I asked. Michael replied, "well ash is going to ask your friend Emma." "Really" both me and Jess squealed. "You two would be so cute!" I said. "How are you going to ask her?" Jess asked. "I was thinking taking her out to a movie this Saturday." He replied. "You guys should join us" ash said. "Sorry I have to work" Jess said. "I can go" I said. "Sweet you can keep me company. He's dragging me along" Luke said. "Sounds like a plan" I replied. I looked at Jess and she raised an eyebrow at me. "We need to go dress shopping" Jess said. "I know. I have my eye on a navy blue one from Nordstrom" I said. "Ugh navy blue is going to suit you so well." She said. "Oh my god your going to look so good in that red dress." Calum said. "Omg thank you" Ashton said both giggling and mocking me and Jess. "Oh shut up" jess said. We all laughed. After 30 more minuets of me and jess interrogating Ashton on how he was going to ask out Em while the boys rolled their eyes. Me and jess decided to go home. Luke said "we can take you since we live so close" "that would be great" I replied. I gave jess a goodbye hug and me and the boys walked out to their car. Ashton yelled shot gun and we all laughed. I got in and sat by Luke who sat in the middle of the back seat next to Calum. Michael drove us all home. Luke wrapped his arm around me and my heart started racing, I had no clue why. We pulled into my drive way, I said goodbye to the boys, and walked inside. I set my bag down and walked into the kitchen. My mom was preparing dinner. "Hi sweetie" she said as I sat on a barstool in the kitchen. "Hi" i replied. "Where were you" she asked. "With jess and the new neighbor boys down the street" I replied. "Oh ya, I was planning on having Liz over on Saturday for dinner. "Actually I'm going out with em, and a couple of the boys Saturday night" I said. "Sounds good honey, now fix your self a plate" she said. We finished dinner and i went up to my room. It was a Friday night so I didn't have to do my homework. I checked my phone and saw I got a text from jess.

Jess: "you and Luke are so cute."

Me: "I wish."

I plopped my phone on my bed and changed into a pair of leggings, a giant sweatshirt, and fuzzy socks. I walked into my bathroom and took off my makeup then put my hair in a messy bun. I walked back into my room and turned on the tv. I scrolled through the channels and decided to watch friends. I pulled out my laptop and started scrolling through my Pinterest. A couple hours past and I got a text. Expecting it to be jess I checked my phone. It was from Luke,

Luke: "r u busy?"

Me: "nope, what's up?"

Luke: "do you want to go for a walk with me and the boys?"

Me: "sure, I'll meet you outside in 5"

I turned off the tv, took my hair down, and changed back into the skinny jeans, maroon sweater, and black high tops I was wearing. I grabbed my keys, phone, and wallet (just in case) and snuck downstairs. My parents and brother were already asleep (thank god). I quietly open and shut the door and walked down my drive way to see the boys waiting for me. I could barely recognize them since it was already dark. "We thought we would walk down to the gas station, grab some snacks, then walk to the park to hang out." Luke said. "sounds good" I replied. Me and Luke walked together while the other boys were goofing off in front of us. I whispered "I'm scared of the dark to Luke." he laughed and said "here, I'll hold your hand and protect you." "My hero" I replied. He intertwined our fingers and we kept walking. "How's orchestra going" he asked. "Fine I guess. I have to focus on dance now that I made the top class" I replied. "You dance!" He said. "Ya for 12 years." I replied "damn that's dedication right there" he said. "So do you want to dance for a living?" "I wish, but my mom wants me to play in a professional orchestra, and my dad wants me to be an engineer or some shit" I said. "Ugh parents" he said. "Ya, so do you want to play in a band for a living?" I asked. "Ya, if we make it" he replied. "Well when you do make it and you travel the world I'll go to one of your shows and be that chick who says I liked them before they were famous" I said. He laughed then replied "well when you make it as a dancer I will go to one of your shows and clap as loud as possible." We both burst out laughing "pinky promise" I said. "Pinky promise" he replied. We walked into holiday and I followed the boys to the snack isle. Michael, Ashton and Calum grabbed popcorn, Doritos, takis, and potato chips. I grabbed a bag of barbecue chips (one of my favorites.) Calum said "yes Ali knows what's up." We walked over to the fridge isle to get some drinks Luke picked out a root beer and asked if I wanted something. I said "cream soda is the best" he grabbed me one and we went over to the counter to pay. I grabbed out my wallet but Luke stopped me from paying. "I got it" he said. I thanked him and we waited outside for the other boys to finish paying. Once they were done we walked across the street to the park. We plopped our stuff down on the grass and we all sat down. The boys opened all the snacks at once and stuffed our faces. The four boys chugged the Red Bull's Ashton bought as fast as they could. Michael won and he rejoiced by running around the group saying "who's the man" repeatedly. After that we talked about school, teachers, and some annoying people for the next hour. I got kinda cold so I started rubbing my arms to get warm. Luke noticed and said, "come here." I leaned in and he wrapped his arm around me to keep me warm. "Thanks" I whispered then said "your to smooth for your own good." He chuckled and whispered back "your to pretty for your own good." I snorted and said "are we in a romance movie now" we both laughed then started listening to Calum talk about some girl. "I bet she would do it with any guy" Calum said. "True" Michael replied. I rolled my eyes. They stopped talking and the Luke said "guys look, a shooting star" "oh shit, I've never seen one" said Ashton. We all laid down and watched the stars. Luke tucked me into his chest. He was so warm I could almost fall asleep. We laid there watching the stars for about ten minutes before I said that I should get back home. We stood up and made our way back home. Once we got to my house Luke hugged me goodbye and I snuck back inside. I quietly walked up stairs then plopped onto my bed. I checked my phone, it was 3am. I changed into an oversized men's shirt and curled into bed and fell asleep. I was awoken by my brother jumping on my bed. I laughed and said "Jared, what the heck." he replied "mom told me to wake you up and tell you breakfast is ready" then he ran out of my room. I checked my phone, it was 10:02. I scrolled through the messages I got that were mainly from Em and Jess in a group chat freaking out about how Ashton asked her to a movie. I laughed then saw I got a text from Luke. It read

Luke: “good morning! I’m excited for tonight.”

me: “same here.”

After I was done replying to Luke I walked downstairs to the smell of bacon. My mouth instantly started to water. “here honey I made you a plate,” my dad said. I said thanks then sat down. Breakfast consisted of eggs, hash browns, and bacon. “your mother is already planning tonight’s dinner with the neighbor” dad said. “I just want it to be perfect” mom replied. I chuckled then ate my breakfast. The whole time my mom was discussing what she was making tonight and how she was going to set the table. When I was done with my meal I washed my dishes then walked up stairs to take a shower. I washed, blow dried, and straightened my hair then I did my makeup. I decided to do a glowy look with a small wing. After I was done I went to my closet and picked out my outfit. I decided to wear distressed jeans with holes in them, a grey lose t-shirt, a white bralette, and my white high tops. When I was done I plopped on my bed and looked at my phone. Instantaneously I got a text from

Luke: “hey, do you want to come over and help Ashton work on his homecoming sign to ask out Emma?”

me: “hell ya! What time?”

Luke: “does now work?”

me: “ya ill be over in 5”

I grabbed my keys and phone then walked down the stairs to tell my parents that I was leaving. I walked out the door and down the street to the boys house. I rang the door bell and Calum answered, “hey Ali Ashton and Luke are in the kitchen.” “sweet” I replied. I took my shoes off and walked around the corner to see Luke and Ashton standing around the table. I walked up and asked, “so what’s the plan?” “oh thank god you’re here” Ashton said while hugging and picking me up. I giggled and he said while looking really concerned. “I have no idea what to do.” I laughed again then said “well you should look online and find some super cliché saying” “sounds good” Ashton said while pulling out his phone. Me and Luke did the same and we came to the conclusion for the sign to say “I may not be troy Bolton but can I have this dance at homecoming?” I had the best hand writing so I wrote the quote on the bored and the boys decorated it. When we were done we sat on the couch and watched some how I met your mother. While we were watching I was texting Em because she was so nervous for tonight.

Em: "I have no clue what to wear! What are you wearing?”

me: “jeans and a slouchy top”

Em: "ok, I don’t know if Ashton is going casual tho”

I looked up from my phone and asked, “hey ash, what are you wearing tonight?” he replied, “black jeans and a t-shirt” “sweet” I said then texted Em back.

Me: “he’s going casual too.”

Em: “how do you know?”

me: “I’m with the boys rn”

Em: “so are you and Luke a thing yet”

me: no, I think he just see’s me as a friend.”

Em: “ok well good luck. Ill see you later” me: “yup”

I set my phone down and started watching. It was my favorite episode. After an hour of watching tv, Michael suggested we go and get lunch, so we all hopped in the car and drove to dairy queen drive through. I ordered chicken strips (my favorite) and the boys got burgers. Ashton paid for our lunch and we ate in the car to the way to target because Calum needed something. When we got to target Calum and Michael went off to get something and me, Ashton, and Luke wondered around. Luke found some pool noodles so the three of us had a sword fight. Then Ashton decided to climb in the ball pit and mess around. While me and Luke walked through the toy isle joking around with the toy cars. By the time we where done it was an hour until we had to pick up Em for the movie. We drove to the boys’ place, dropped off Michael and Calum, then went to Em’s house with poster in hand. When we arrived at her house I got out and rung her door bell so Ashton could wait outside by the car with the sign. When she walked out she said “hey” then whispered to me “I’m so nervous” I laughed then said “just come here” then we walked out of her porch and towards the car where she saw the sign. She immediately squealed then said “yes” Ashton and Em hugged then we got in the car to drive to the movies. I sat in front with Luke while he drove. We jammed out to wrecking ball and chandelier. when we got to the movies we decided to see the new Hunger Games movie. Luke bought me a slushy and a popcorn to share. When we got to our theater it was really busy so we decided to sit in the back row. The movie started rolling and Luke put his arm around me. I crossed my fingers and hoped he thought of us as more than friends. When the movie was done we got up and walked out of the theater Luke held my hand until we got to the car. Luke drove us to buffalo wild wings. when we got out of the car Em and Ashton went straight inside while me and Luke slowly made our way. I finally got the courage to ask “what are we?” still standing by the car Luke replied “well what do you mean?” me being my awkward self stuttered when I said “well you know.” Luke grabbed both my hands and said “I know we’ve only known each other for a couple weeks but I cant stop thinking about you. Its like you’ve ingrained yourself in my brain. But anyways if you will take me. Will be my girlfriend?” baffled I said “yes!” he smiled then pushed me up against the car and kissed me. It was so soft and gentle. When I pulled away I said “I’ve never” then he finished my sentence “you’ve never been kisses before?” I shook my head, and he said “how your so beautiful?” I chuckled and said we better go meet Ashton and Em. He agreed and we walked side by side, hand in hand into the restaurant. We saw Ashton and Em across the room. we joined them and sat across from each other. Me and Em shared some wings and fries and the boys had there own. While we were waiting we talked about bands we like, movies we love, and just interests in general. Apparently Ashton likes to eat healthy. When we got our meals we ate like animals. When we were done we each paid for ourselves then walked to the car. We jammed out to some old journey songs then dropped Em off. When we got to my house Luke gave me a hug and Ashton waved goodbye. When I got inside I noticed there was a lot of chatter from inside the kitchen. I walked in and saw a middle aged blonde woman laughing with my parents. My mom saw me and said “hey kiddo this is Liz.” Realizing that this was Luke’s mom I shook her hand. “hi Luke just dropped me off.” She replied “oh ya, he’s told me about you.” Surprised I chuckled a little. “well I better go change out of my clothes. Nice to meet you Ms. Hemmings.” She said “yes it was dear. Hope to see you around.” I walked up to my room and texted luke,

Me: “your moms at my house.”

Luke: “oh that’s where she is. Hope she hasn’t embarrassed me to much.”

Me: “nope your all good.”

I plopped my phone on my bed and changed into a baggy T-shirt and fuzzy socks. I watched IZombie on Netflix until 2am then decided I better get to bed.

Hey Guys! I'm so sorry I haven't updated in so long. Hope you guys like this!

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