Friend or Crush?

Alice (Ali), a girl that lives in the suburbs of Minnesota meets a boy. The confusion of friend or crush starts forming.

5SOS not famous (yet). Set in United States, Minnesota not in Australia (sorry I'm from the United States so it just made it easier to write.)


1. First Day

Chapter 1:

I woke up to the sound of my dog pawing at my door. I looked up at my clock 2:35. I got up and opened the door, gunner mydog walked in and laid on my bed. He must have been lonely. I crawled back into bed and he laid with me until my alarm very rudely woke me up. I sat up, Gunner still next to me and grabbed my phone 6:30. Ugh I sighed why does school have to start today, next week would be great. I slowly climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom and took a shower. Washed my hair, shaved, then washed my body then jumped out of the shower to get dry. I went back to my room blow dried my hair, did my makeup very lightly, then straitened my medium length blonde hair, then got dressed, and headed up stairs to have breakfast. I live in a two story split level house in Minnesota (and no it doesn't snow every day). I live with my brother Jared, my mom, and my dad. I walked up stairs (yes I sleep downstairs in the basement) I saw my dad sipping his coffee watching the news and my mom in the bathroom getting ready. My brother's school starts later than mine so I never see him in the morning. I went into the kitchen and made some peanut butter toast and some coffee. My dad walked back into the kitchen "morning Ali " he said (my name is Alice but I go my Ali). I mumbled a hi back. I wasn't in the talking mood in the morning. I finished my breakfast, by that time both my parents left for work. I put my dishes in the dish washer then I grabbed my back pack, phone, and headphones and head out to the bus stop. Schools starts mid September so the leaves have already started falling. When I reached the bus stop there was another girl there. I've known her for forever but we've never really talked. I smiled at her politely and waited for my bus to come. Once it did I stepped on taking a seer towards the front, because I was a sophomore. I didn't want to sit in the back with the seniors. Once we got to school I got off the bus with my earbuds still in and looked at my schedule. I have homeroom first and walked down to my class. Walked into room 108 and saw that there were only a few desks left. Great I said under my breath and headed to a seat near the back. When the bell rang a few minuets later I looked up and my teacher started talking about how he wants us to be nice and that it's gonna be a great year. A few minuets into his talk a tall blonde boy that I've never seen before stepped in.

Hey guys this is my first time writing a story (I only read them). Sorry if I don't update all the time, I'll try my best. Plus sorry for my grammar or spelling mistakes, I'm horrible at Writing. Also sorry for such a short chapter. So thanks for reading!

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