Friend or Crush?

Alice (Ali), a girl that lives in the suburbs of Minnesota meets a boy. The confusion of friend or crush starts forming.

5SOS not famous (yet). Set in United States, Minnesota not in Australia (sorry I'm from the United States so it just made it easier to write.)


6. Coffee Shop

Chapter 6:

We met outside Jess' locker and then we walked to caribou. Because it was right next to our school we often walked there. I ordered a black coffee with two sugars and the others girls ordered latte's . We took our seats and pulled out our phones I checked my schedule for this week and the girls Snapchated there lattes. I found out I had violin lessons after school tomorrow and dance the following night. I took a sip from my coffee and Em said, "so are you and Ethan gonna get together already or am I gonna have to come up with a plan to make it happen?" Jess joined in, "I know right. You guys would make such a cute couple." I sighed, "whatever, we've none each other since like third grade and he's never showed any interest in me. Why would he now?" I left out the part that he said my laugh was cute in the hall. "Yes he has! You guys practically flirt every day" said Em. "Em that's called being friends" I noted. The girls have only had a girl group and have never been friends with guys. Me on the other hand, my first friends were guys. My neighbors were practically my big brothers growing up. Kevin and Ryan are twins and are juniors this year. We don't talk much any more. So ever since in was little I've had guy friends. Because the girls have never had much guy friends they think talking to a guy means your flirting. When the girls started discussing how cute we would look together. I heard the bell ring from the door opening. I looked up and saw Luke and his three other friends walk in. We made eye contact and I offered him a small smile and he waved. I watched as Calum nudged Luke's shoulder and raised an eyebrow. I smiled to my self and looked down at my phone. "What are you smiling at?" Jess asked looking around. She turned around and smiled then made an o with her lips in understanding. Em asked, "so, do you think he's cute?" I rolled my eyes but didn't make eye contact. "You do think he's cute" Jess almost yelled. "I can't believe this! The last time you had a crush was in like sixth grade" Jess said. "Was not! I thought Andre was cute last year" I said. Both the girls said "sure." I saw the boys get there drinks and they sat down at a table across from us. Em whispered, "omg he's totally staring at you!" "So" I said, "we talked a bit in class that's it." "He must think it's something more cause look at they way he's looking at you." Jess said. I glanced over at Luke and saw he kept looking over at out table. But then I noticed. So were the other guys. I quickly looked away and said, "there talking about us. They keep looking over at us." Em said, "yes girl, he likes you." "Ok legit we talked maybe twice today I don't know what he thinks of me" I said. I looked up and saw that he was walking over to the table. He approached us and asked, "um hey Ali I was wondering if I could get your number." When I gave him a confused look he quickly added, "you know because me and the boys are new and it would be cool if you were to help us out. Like to get the feel of the place." I said, ya sure that would fine." We exchanged phones and I programmed my number into his phone and he did the same. I looked to the girls and they both had a cheeky smiles on there face. I looked back at Luke and said, "well if you need any help getting used to the school or anything just text me I guess." "Will do" he said, "see ya tomorrow." "Ya, see ya" I said. I turned around and sat back down. The girls were beaming with excitement. "Ok I totally ship you two" Jess said. "Did I hear in an accent in his voice" Jess asked. Ya I guess he did have an accent, but I didn't recognize it. I shrugged my shoulders and took a sip from my coffee when Luke got back to his table the boys were all giving him pats on the back like they were congratulating him. They all walked out and I turned to the girls. Jess kept starring at Ashton and I saw him look back at her too. "So Jess does someone like Ashton?" She blushed and said, "no why would" "I saw the way you looked at him in class, and just now." "So what, he's cute" she said. When Jess' mom got here we hoped in. I checked my phone, I got a text from Luke and Ethan. From Luke: nice seeing you today. Just curious if you were busy tomorrow after school? I need help trying to navigate the school. I thought about it and replied, sure that would be fun but I have lessons at 5 ,so we have to leave by then. He instantly replied, ok great. see you tomorrow. I didn't reply and checked Ethan's text: hey you busy this weekend? I have a game and was curious if you wanted to go. I replied, sure and shut off my phone. I said goodbye to the girls when we got to my house. I went up stairs and collapsed onto my bed. I picked up the remote from my tv (yes I have a tv in my room) and went on to Netflix. I started How I Met Your Mother (my favorite show) then finished up the rest of my homework. My mom called me down for dinner. I came down stairs to the smell of pizza. "I made homemade pizza to congratulate you both on surviving the first day of school" mom said. I smiled and grabbed a slice of Hawaiian pizza. (My favorite) and sat down. My brother was talking about his day and my parents were talking about work. I didn't usually talk much during dinner, and my parents were ok with that. Once I was done I went back up stairs and took a shower. When I was done with my shower I collapsed back onto my bed. It was only like 8 but I was exhausted. I climbed into bed and set my alarm. I fell asleep right away.

Thanks for reading guys! Btw I changed Ali and everyone else to be in 10th grade (I thought it would be better.) if you enjoyed it give it a like. Thanks for reading!

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