Throughout the aquatic ocean runners delve in the twisted warped pipe lines. Delta, a beautiful long haired woman with the colours of the ocean that reflected in her hair is driven by a mysterious submarine takes place under the oceanic laboratory .


2. The Gateway

Every few minutes the shadows began to grow in size, myself feeling smaller by the very second that passed as I went into several stages of fright. My first stage was feeling trapped, crippled by the outside that lurks endlessly casing itself around the inside like an egg's shell and its yolk inside. But not knowing what was ahead of me which happened to be my second stage; shaking as if the cold waters had cracked the glass walls around me. I could feel the cold air increasing to below freezing temperatures. My legs were no longer able to hold me up right. My body slumping to the side of the wall beside me, my feet curved like an archway for the cold winds to travel under. Before I knew it, my whole body was lying on the ground with my chest feeling empty. My heart overflowing, drowning in the blood from within. All of the red waters inside me were boiling, and freezing at the same time. The pain was like being stung several times, but instead of being stung on the outside, I could feel the stringers tearing into my flesh from the inside. 

Just as the rusted chains came to a halt one last time. My mouth, my tongue quenched those ice cold waters from outside the platform. Five minutes pass by and I can now see the lifeless wildlife that seems to have been infected by pure pollution. From the toppled over ships, broken down lifeboats, and the salvageable landscapes that are littered with scrap metals. Drowning was not really an option as the ocean on the outside would never try to break into my square-like prison. If the waters were to freeze over, I'd maybe have chance of survival, but then the ice cold temperatures would become Level Zero. And if that was to happen, I'd not be able to keep myself warm. Whether they knew that I was going to freeze to death in here was anyone's guess. I just knew that I had to pass the time by watching, and staring into the darkness above me. 

Reaching for my fingers that felt as if they had fallen off. My tongue now frozen to my bottom lip. Not even my teeth could mend themselves together to produce the warmth air that I desperately desired. Not a single person in sight, just lifeless wildlife, and several hanging workmen that didn't quite make it to maintenance. 

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