Throughout the aquatic ocean runners delve in the twisted warped pipe lines. Delta, a beautiful long haired woman with the colours of the ocean that reflected in her hair is driven by a mysterious submarine takes place under the oceanic laboratory .


1. Into Deep



She began her new life sitting down hands wrapped around her scared legs , surrounded by four chains in each corner of a squared platform : rusted together through segments that hook into each other like a friendship bracelet . The floor is cold and damp and smells revolting as it gets stronger each time  i move or try to escape from the rusted chains from each corner of the squared platform.

looking around my surroundings, I could see several silhouettes of distant figurines. My eyes feeling heavy, legs almost collapsing in on themselfs. Blood levels rising like the bubbles emitting from the abyss. Further into the very middle of the elevator gateway, I could feel the cold breath chilling my very spine to the very far point of both shoulder blades. Crippled by the frozen waters that surrounded me like a shark circling an unfortunate person to have fallen into deep waters by accident. The shadows throughout some small rays of lighting, revealing many blinks, many stares, with two beady eyes following my movement. As the chains locked in place, I could feel my heart sinking deeper into the bloody ocean that is within myself. Underneath this shell is a soul that wishes to be removed from inside, I no longer want to be trapped inside a body that is destined to be destroyed for entertainment purposes. 


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