Do you love me?

I didn't like how I rushed this story so I'm discontinuing it, though I will be writing a new one, nalu again.


3. With... me?

Lucy's POV

I get home and I realise I still have Natsu's hoodie on so I fold it and put it in my school bag for the next day.

"How was school?"

A mysterious voice says to me. I quickly spin around and see that it is my mothers friend, Aquarius.

"Aquarius! How come you're here?"

I say with joy. She never really liked me, but I was always nice to her. No matter what. I still am.

"Your father asked me to come. He said you're blending into the 'outside' world too much."

She says while leaning on a doorframe.

"Oh. Well then I don't want to hear it. I know he doesn't approve of it but it's now my choice. He can't butt in."

I say to her, aggressively. Her eyes widen and then she smiles.

"That's not the reason I came. I promised your mother that I'd look after you and I haven't visited in two years. I don't care what your father thinks. He's too old fashioned."

She says. She was always so cool and relaxed. Most of the the time.

"Maybe you'll even have a boyfriend."

She says to me.

"Like that'll ever happen."

She says under her breath. Why does she always think I can't hear.

"How long are you staying?"

I ask to change the subject.

"A month. So get used to seeing my ass around here."

She says as she starts to leave.

"It's nice to see you again."

I call out to her. No matter how rude she is to me, she was my only friend as a child. And I'll never forget it.

"See ya around."

And she leaves.

I leave for school and pick up Erza and Levy.

"You gotta tell us everything."

Suddenly, Levy bursts out loud.

"Tell you about what?"

I say, wondering what she's talking about.

"You and Natsu! Duh!"

She says with an obvious tone.

"What about him?"

I still ask. I have no idea what she is asking me about.

"Apparently, in Chemistry you two were all lovey-dovey and couldn't keep your hands off each other."

Levy and Erza both snicker.

"What the f-"

I scream as I realise I swerved into the other lane so I quickly readjust and start breathing heavily.

"Are-are you guys okay?"

I ask, not sure if I'm okay myself.

"I think so."

Levy says, looking forward, shocked.

"Yeah. Everything is cool. We're not dead."

Erza says with confidence. How is she not shaken? As I continue to drive, I remember why I swerved in the first place.

"Where the hell did you get that stupid information from?"

I shout at Levy and Erza.

"Oh, it was Gray and that other guy, Gajeel I think."

Erza answers, still keeping her cool.

"Ugh, I'm gonna kill those two when I get to class. None of those things ever happened. We may have stared at each other a little but it's not love or something."

I say and I realise that both Erza and Levy have their mouths wide open.

"You two... stared at each other?"

Levy says.


They both shout with enthusiasm. This is gonna be a long day.

Natsu's POV

"Gray, fight me. Then it's you, Gajeel!"

I shout.

"Why would you spread rumours like that about me and her? Nothing happened!"

I defend.

"Dude, she's totally into you. We were just gonna push her more towards your direction."

Gajeel says while watching the fight.

"Ugh, I'm not even bothered to fight you."

I say, bored of their childish games. And so, I leave to go to class. I have Chemistry last lesson and I don't know how I'll survive.

"Dude, you gotta calm down and just go with the flow. You two are obviously meant for each other so why not ask her out before someone else does?"

Gray says, shirtless while eating a slice of pizza.

"That's the plan."

I mutter.

"What was that? I couldn't hear it right. Did you say that was the plan?"

Gajeel teases me more and I punch him in the face.

"Fuck off."

I tell him.

"Natsu! Why are you ashamed of liking her? She's totally hot and smart, you're really dumb and reckless. You two are perfect for each other."

Gajeel says while holding his jaw.

"Ok, ok. Let's talk about Levy then. I heard you two have been 'studying' after school for the past two weeks."

I say, getting revenge on that asshole.

"It's not what you think. I need tutoring and she's the smartest person in the school. There's no other motives."

He defends but me and Gray just smirk at each other, knowing that he is lying.

"Yeah sure."

Gray finally says.

"Okay, then let's talk about Juvia's obsession with you."

Gajeel finally bursts. Gray gets embarrassed as I laugh at his misfortune.

"That's different. She's crazy."

He explains.

"But is it really one-sided?"

I ask in a teasing tone. The bell rings and it's time for the last two lessons of the day. I start getting nervous about asking out Lucy, and I wish, just wish she will say yes.

Lucy's POV

I walk into history and sit down next to Erza. She greets me with a smile and I return one. She looks around the classroom suspiciously, like she is checking if a certain someone is there. She sighs and looks down. I study her face and I notice that someone enters the classroom. The new boy, Jellal Fernandes.

"Eek, he's here."

I hear some girl squealing.

"Erza, looks like we're in the same class."

He says after laying eyes on Erza. I look at Erza, and notice that she is blushing. That never happened before, as I recall.

"Uh, hey J-Jellal."

She stutters to my surprise. Does Erza like this guy. He suddenly walks up to me and asks,

"May I please sit there? It may be an inconvenience but I would highly appreciate it."

I look at Erza who is shocked and I simply say,

"Yeah, sure. No problem."

I look over st Erza and whisper to her.

"Have fun."

I sit next to Cana who is sneaking a bottle of liquor into class and teacher doesn't notice. Why are they so oblivious to everything around them? I look over at Erza who is blushing madly, hiding behind her scarlet locks. Does she like Jellal? Well. Now I have something on her. Especially after the whole Natsu incident.

The lesson goes by quick and I go to my next and last lesson. Chemistry. I step into the room and Natsu is already there. I sit down next to him and greet. He answers back with his flirtatious smile and starts a conversation.

"So, how has your day been going?"

I recall the morning and how I swerved and a frown immediately gets on my face.


He asks.

"You don't even know the half of it. I accidentally drove onto the other side of the road this morning and had to swerve to get back into my normal position. All because of some stupid lie."

I explain. He thinks for a minute and then says,

"Was it Gajeel and Gray?"

I look up at him in surprise.

"You know about it too?"

He smiles at the table.

"Yeah. People sure know how to gossip."

I smile too and I realise we're staring into each other's eyes again. He breaks the silence by asking a question I never thought he'd ask.

"Hey, Lucy? Will you? Will you go on a date with... me?"

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