Do you love me?

I didn't like how I rushed this story so I'm discontinuing it, though I will be writing a new one, nalu again.


4. The first kiss

Natsu's POV

I start sweating and my heart is beating. Fast! I can't bear look at her so I'm looking down at my book. I feel her eyes on me and I hear her sigh.

"Are you nervous about my answer?"

She asks. I admit it to her and she chuckles.

"Yes, I'll go on a date with you."

She says softly. I look up at her and I can't help but smile. Not my usual grin, but a shy, and loving smile.

"You won't regret it. I swear."

I say looking at her. All I want to do right now is shout the news from the top of my lungs but I can't. I smile, not wanting to control myself. I want everyone to know I'm happy.


She says while still smiling,

"Do you wanna drive my car this afternoon? It's pretty cool and I know you like fast things."

The moment I heard car, my eyes widened.

"You'd let me drive it?"

I say.

"Yeah. As long as you promise not to break it."

She says.

"I promise."

I say. We both laugh and chat throughout the lesson and I seem to forget all my worries when I'm with her. She brightens my day up.

The lesson ends and we all file out of the room as quickly as possible. She grabs my wrist suddenly and says,

"My car is this way. Come on."

She seems so enthusiastic, it's contagious.

"Yeah, let's go!"

I reply. We both run towards her car, her hand, still wrapped around my wrist. I jump into the drivers seat and put my seatbelt on. She hops into the seat next to me and does the same.

"You ready for the ride of your life Lucy?"

I ask, getting her ready for the upcoming speed.

"I think so..."

She says, with a clear uncertainty in her voice. I start the engine and we speed away from the school. People stare at the car and I'm feeling proud.

"So where are we going?"

I ask her.

"You can either drive home or take me home."

She answers. I think about it for a moment and realise.

"If I go home, it's take longer, so that's my answer."

I laugh as I speed up once again. She's laughing too and both shout from the top of our lungs. The wind is blowing through our hair and it feels amazing. Just then, a thought comes to my head, we could go to the beach!

Lucy's POV

I feel free sitting beside Natsu. I thought I'd be scared but it's quite the opposite. I don't want to stop. I want to go with him further and further. Suddenly he breaks our silence and asks the best question at the moment.

"Hey, you wanna go to the beach instead?"

My eyes open wide and I scream yes. He takes a u turn and we head towards the beach. He's so impulsive. And I love it!

He parks my car and we both get out.

"Damn it. I don't have my bathing suit with me. I'll just buy one in a minute."

I say as I close the door.

"You wanna go to the beach-side mall? There's lots of shops there."

He says while catching up to me.

"Yeah, thanks for the tip!"

I say and we set off. He suddenly takes a hold of my hand and interlocks his fingers with mine. I give in and do the same and now we're walking hand in hand. To be honest, it feels right. Like we were meant to be together. We enter the mall and it's so huge and pristine. I'm at awe and he chuckles. We walk over to a shop and enter.

"Sit down and I'll bring you some bathing suits to try on."

Natsu suddenly says. I'm reluctant at first but he finally persuades me. I sit down and wait patiently, looking around at some other clothes I can set my eyes on. I even find a cute skirt and memorise it so I can try it on later. After a half an hour, Natsu finally comes back and I'm at relief. Except that feeling soon disappeared when I saw the bathing suits he picked out.

Natsu's POV

I walk towards Lucy, excited for the 'fashion show' I'm about to see. She finally sees me coming and I know she is looking at the bathing suits.

"Ok, what's with the 50 bathing suits. Did you bring one of each kind?"

She asks. Her exaggeration amuses me and I laugh.

"It's not 50. More like 46."

I try to joke around. She takes a handful and goes into a changing room.

"How did you know my size?"

She asks me.

"I asked for some help. They just looked at you and knew the right size."

I answer, sliding down in the armchair I sat down on.

"Oh. Was it an employee?"

She asks.


How was that not obvious? She's in there for a little while longer and I ask.

"You should come out and show some."

"Ugh, ok I guess. Wait! Where's the rest of this one?"

She says as I realise she's getting to the pretty breezy ones.

"The employee picked most of them."

I lie. If I tell her I picked them she'll think I'm a perv.

"What a pervy employee."

She says as I hear her struggling to put it on. Suddenly I hear the changing room door click and see her stepping out. My jaw drops as I realise that the bathing suit shapes around her body, not leaving much to the imagination.

"Why are you staring at me like that?"

She asks while blushing. I know she's embarrassed and I say with a cool tone.

"Cos you look hot in that."

Her lightly tinted cheeks now fire up and she turns away so I can't see it. I smile as she goes back into the changing rooms in a hurry.

The next 2 hours go by the same. We shop in all kinds of stores, bought some drinks and snacks to gnaw on. She picked out a cute bikini that I think was the best on her. It was white with some pink flowers on but it made her more comfortable. We sit down on the beach as we watch the sunset. She's in her bikini and I'm in some shorts I bought. The sound of the waves makes me calm and I lie back into the sand.


Lucy suddenly says.


I answer as I sit back up.

"Was this? Was this our date?"

She questions. I completely forgot about it. This wasn't meant to be a date, but it turned out to be one.

"I guess. I wasn't planning on it. This was just a spontaneous trip."

She looks down and smiles. I watch her as she stands up and grabs my hand.

"Come on, let's get into the water. I want to have more fun."

She says as her her eyes twinkle. I hop up and pick her up into my hands. I run towards the sea and I set her down.

"Swimming race!"

She shouts and she jumps into the water. I follow after her and she ends up winning.

"Hey, no fair. You started before me."

I whine. She chuckles and I grab her to me. Now we're shoulder deep in the water, me holding her by her waist, close. Very close. And her, with her arms around my neck, staring into my eyes. I know we're about to kiss so I lean in and our embrace tightens. We kiss for a solid 2 minutes when we stop to get some air. She pulls away to my surprise and starts blushing.

"If this wasn't a date, then shouldn't we be kissing on our actual one?"

I'm puzzled and I don't get what she is talking about. I think for a minute as I realise what her words had meant.

"Then let's call this our first date and it's all good."

She looks into my eyes as she comes back closer to me. Once again she puts her arms around my neck and I take a hold of her waist.

"Well then that changes everything."

She says as she pulls me into another kiss. This one lasts longer and I never want it to end.

Sorry, I am discontinuing this story because it's rushed and I didn't like it. Though I am writing another story which will go slower and have a bit more swearing in it. It will be nalu again, if you're wondering (though I'd be surprised if anyone even read it this far).

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