Do you love me?

I didn't like how I rushed this story so I'm discontinuing it, though I will be writing a new one, nalu again.


2. I'll make an exception

The next couple of weeks pass by, all the same. I either sit next to Levy or Erza in everything except Chemistry and Art. I sit next to Natsu in those lessons. I'm practically best friends with Levy and Erza. They're really fun to hang out with. I made a couple of other friends too. There's a girl called Mirajane but everyone just calls her Mira, a girl called Cana, she's the heaviest drinker I've ever met and a girl called Juvia. Apparently, Juvia is obsessed with a guy called Gray. She can be so adorable sometimes. I hang out with them in my free time and I finally feel like a normal person. I even went shopping with them, and bought a whole closet full of trendy clothes. Some of them, Erza chose. They were a little too sexy for me but I guess she wants what's best for me.

Natsu's POV

"Yes! I have Chemistry and Art today. I can sit next to Lucy again!"

I say out loud while looking at my timetable.

"Who's Lucy?"

My little sister, Wendy asks.

"She's a, uhh, friend of mine."

I say as I get embarrassed. We're sitting in the car, driven by my dad, Igneel. Wendy is a couple of years younger than me. Five to be exact.

"Yeah, as if I'm going to believe that!"

She says to me with a smirk on her face.

"You little troll. Stop making accusations that aren't true!"

I say, a little louder than I should've.

"Nicely Natsu. Don't lose your temper."

My dad says as he looks me dead in the eyes from his mirror. I nod and take out my phone. I'm gonna ask for her phone number today. I hope she'll give it to me.

I enter the classroom and see her already sitting there. She looks at me and smiles and I give her one my trademark grins. I walk over to her and sit down.

"Hey Luce!"

I say accidentally. I was meant to say her name, but something in me panicked.

"Hey Natsu."

She says, completely disregarding the nickname I gave her. Is she ok with it? I should ask.

"Is it ok if I call you Luce from now on. It suits you better."

I say while smiling.

"Yeah, sure!"

She says and gives me a smile. I start feeling at ease when I remember that I was going to ask for her phone number. I start feeling sick, probably the butterflies in my stomach. I was about to ask her for her phone number when the teacher walks in and says with a surprised tone,

"Natsu Dragneel? On time? Well, miracles do happen."

I smirk at the teacher then relax my face. I hate it when he tries to make fun of me.

"How was your weekend?"

She suddenly asks me.

"G-good, I guess. Yours?"

I say stuttering. What is going on with me? I'm usually so smooth with girls. Why am I so nervous around her?

"Awesome! I went to see a movie at the cinema and..."

She says while starting to blush.

"... a guy asked me out."

Suddenly, it feels like someone just dropped a stone on my heart. I feel heavy and all I want to do right now is fall to the ground.

"O-oh. Rea-lly?"

I say, barely making any words.

"Yeah, but I declined. He wasn't my type."

She says as she looks down at her book. I analyse what she just said and the heaviness is gone. I take a deep-breath and before I realise, I'm asking her,

"So, what is your type?"

"I dunno. I want someone who is cute, and caring. Not afraid to show his feelings. You know? I want him to love me. The real me and not the rich me. But I guess it's all a fantasy, huh?"

She chuckles as she finishes. Why did I ask? Do I? Do I like her?

Lucy's POV

I finally found the courage to ask him for his number. I'm not gonna back down.

"Uh, Natsu? Could I? I mean, we're starting to be g-good friends so I-I wanted to ask f-for your n-n-number."

I finally blurt out. I can't look him in the eyes. I'm too embarrassed. He groans which makes me almost cry.

"Damn it."

He says. I can feel my chest getting heavy and it starts to hurt.

"I was gonna ask you for YOUR number. Looks like you beat me."

He says with a chuckle on the end. I look up at him and he's smiling at me.


I ask.

"Yeah, I'm not lying."

He answers. We exchange phone numbers and he accidentally gets a glance at my background picture and says something that completely shocks me.

"You watch American Horror Story too?"

"Yeah, I love it. Do you, too?"

I say.

"Oh my god, yeah. My favourite season is Murder House."

He says as he digs around his bag and takes out a hoodie.

"One of my most prized possessions."

He hands me the hoodie and I read what it says.

"Normal People Scare Me? I've wanted a hoodie like this for ages. My dad never allowed me to wear such 'vulgar' clothing. His words."

I say. He laughs at the remark and I laugh too.

"You can borrow it if you want. I'll make an exception with you."

He says just as I tried to give it back to him.

"You look a little cold anyway."

He adds with a grin. I process what he just said and I'm dumbfounded.

"Come on. Please? I'd feel bad if you got a cold."

He pressures me so I put on the hoodie and it's slightly bigger than me. I take a deep breath and I smell his scent on it. Not cologne but his real smell. It's the scent of lavender. It soothes me and I smile. He's watching me and I see his eyes are fixated on mine.

Natsu's POV

I look in her eyes as we stare at each other. I suddenly have the urge to pull her into a kiss and I almost do it except the teacher interrupts our moment.

"When you two love birds stop, could we continue the lesson?"

We both look forward and are unable to say a word.

"Thank you."

And he continues blabbing. He's a pretty shitty teacher. We both glance at each other and we blush. She buries herself into my hoodie more and I realise just how pretty she is. No makeup. No blemishes. Just perfect. I think I might like her. Does she like me? I sure hope so. She looks away and I see she is blushing madly. I can't help but chuckle.

The next lesson, we talk all throughout and I feel at bliss. I realise she isn't stuttering at all. She feels comfortable telling me anything and I feel comfortable telling her anything. It's as if we're soulmates. Tomorrow I have Chemistry again. I think I'm gonna ask her out on a date.

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