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I didn't like how I rushed this story so I'm discontinuing it, though I will be writing a new one, nalu again.


1. First conversation

Lucy's POV

Hi, my name is Lucy. Lucy Heartfilia. My father is Jude Heartfilia, president of the Heartfilia industries. He is a strict man, and we've never got along very well, but he's still my father. Our family is very rich. Though, I do not have that, rich snobby personality. I try everything I can to escape all the drama. You see, I'm very shy and I like to be alone, or only around friends, which I don't have many of. But that will change. Finally I will attend a public school tomorrow, and not be homeschooled. I'm 17, and it's time I live my life the way I want to.

I get dressed into the only normal modern day clothes I could find, which was a black skirt, a tank top, a leather jacket and some sneakers. I bought them months ago, just for this occasion. I want to look like a normal teenager, and not like someone who jumped out of 1845. I go downstairs to the kitchen, trying to avoid my father, so he may not scold me for my attire. He doesn't approve, although mother would. She died 6 years ago. I miss her. Terribly. It still hurts when I think of her, so I try not to. I grab a toast and take a hold of my bag. Then, I run out of our house, as quick as possible.

I jump into my car and turn on the ignition. I am ready to start the day, and it will be amazing. I drive through the roads, following my gps to school. I look in the mirror and realise that I forgot to do my hair, so I pull over, and take out a hair brush and a hair band and tie a part of my hair to the right. It looks cute and makes me look a little more happier, my brown eyes usually make me look sad. I get back on the road and drive for a little while longer when I finally find my school. It looks exactly as I imagined it. Big and majestic. I park my car and people stare at me, or much rather my car. It is a Lamborghini, the newest model. I see some guys going up to it and taking pictures, I get shy as I walk towards the school. People already think I'm weird. Great.

I walk into class and look for a seat. There is a desk that is completely empty so I assume it is free, but I stay in the front, in case people sit there already.

"And who might you be?"

I hear a deep voice talking to me.

"L-Lucy Heartfilia s-sir."

I reply, barely getting any words out.

"Ah, the new student. Yes. Please sit over there on the empty desk. Left side, thank you."

My new teacher says while digging through his desk. I walk over to the desk but I almost trip on a bag and everyone bursts into laughter. I bow my head down, trying to fight back the tears that come with this turn of events. I sit down and quickly wipe my face. Just then, a boy crashes through the door, almost breaking it. He quickly stands up and shouts,

"If it's a fight you want Gray, it's a fight you'll get!"

He tries to go back outside which I feel would be the best thing but instead, the teacher says,

"Ugh, you boys with your fighting. Go sit down and don't make a sound."

The boy comes toward me and throws himself down next to me. Am I supposed to sit next to such an aggressive person for the rest of the year? This is going to be hard.

"Who are you and why are you sitting at my desk?"

He asks while leaning back on his chair. He looks at me and I start to get nervous. If I say the wrong thing, I will be in hell forever.

"I'm Lucy, I uh, I'm new here. I was told to sit here."

I say as I start sweating on the palms of my hands.

"Oh, well! I'm going to sleep. Don't wake me up."

He says while putting a piece of gum in his mouth. I avert my attention from him and focus on the teacher. There's something about him. Just then, he puts his head down on the desk and falls asleep. I don't realise until he is softly snoring. Though, only I can hear it, it's pretty quiet. I look at him, studying his face. He has salmon pink hair which is weird but at the same time, it looks good on him. His facial features are all perfect and soft. He's handsome and rugged. I look at his clothes which consist of a plaid-looking scarf, a black hoodie with jeans and sneakers. He dresses like a typical boy. Why am I not surprised? I look at him even more and notice his extremely pointy teeth, they look like they belong to a wolf. In a moment, I realise, I'm staring at him so I look away and he immediately wakes up and grabs my wrist. I jump at the sudden shock and he starts laughing.

"I got you good. Even if I'm sleeping I can still play pranks on people."

He says while almost choking on his own laughter. I furrow my eyebrows and yank my wrist out of his hand . I pull my chair to the very end of the desk and try to avoid any physical contact. He then stops laughing and says to me,

"I was just playing around, don't get so mad at me."

I look at him and he gives me a flirty smile and a wink. I roll my eyes and continue listening to the teacher. I will ignore him, it will work. He'll leave me alone. That's bound to happen. Right? I look down and frown.

"Stop pouting. I'm sorry, ok? We got off on the wrong foot. I'll introduce myself. I'm Natsu. Natsu Dragneel."

He stares at me all lesson, as if he was trying to cut through me. It annoyed me deeply but I was also embarrassed. No boy has ever stared at me before. Or at least not this long. The bell rings and the teacher dismisses us. I quickly grab my bag and leave the classroom. I look behind me and see the he is catching up to me, though he doesn't stop. He rushes past me and enters a room I can't even see yet. I hurriedly decided that I must run to my next lesson, or I will be tardy.

I step into the room and a whiff of paint hits me. Art. I like drawing, but that doesn't mean I'm good. I walk up to the teacher, who is a short woman, not older than 25, and I approach her,

"Sorry, Miss. I'm new here."

She smiles at me and says,

"Oh yes, Lucy Heartfilia, am I right?"

I nod politely as she continues smiling.

"I believe there is only one seat left in the classroom. Why don't you go sit next to the boy with the pink hair. Natsu."

She says as my smile turns to a frown immediately the moment I heard 'pink hair'. I turn around and groan. Another lesson. Right next to him. I walk over to him and plop myself down onto the chair. He looks at me again and questions,

"Is it fate for us to keep meeting like this?"

I look over at him and decide to give him a fresh start. I smile as I say,


Natsu's POV

She smiles and I feel less guilty now. Scaring her was a dick move and starting off the year with her pissed at me, wasn't good. At all. At least I fixed it. Now I can feel at ease. She looks back forward and pays attention to the teacher, weird. Who does that?

"Where are you from?"

I ask, as I start getting really bored.

"I've lived here all my life, but I was homeschooled."

She says starting on some task I didn't pay attention to.

"Wow! Really? I haven't seen you before. Where do you live?"

I ask but I quickly regret it, because I'm prying too much.

"Uhh, you know Part Road. I live in the mansion."

She says with hesitation. My jaw drops as I realise who she is. Lucy Heartfilia. Daughter of my fathers boss.

"Wait. What? You have got to be kidding me. That must mean you're a millionaire. I just wonder, what could I do with so much money."

I say as my imagination gets the best of me. Imagine. Thousands of chefs, all begging to cook my every desire. Or Gray, the incessant perv, kneeling before me for I am his master. I laugh as I realise I look like a maniac and she is staring at me, one eyebrow raised.

"Do you do that a lot?"

She asks me while continuing her work.

"I guess. Does it matter though? It's what makes me, me! I'm a dreamer. Wait, that does mean I sleep a lot right?"

I babble as she laughs at me.


I say.

"You're weird. You fight people and you don't pay attention in class but make up for it with your spirit and colourful antics."

She smiles as she continues drawing.

"Sorry to disturb you two but you should be doing your work, Mr Dragneel."

The teacher says, popping out of nowhere, scaring both me and Lucy.

"I uhh, don't know what the task is!"

I say while rubbing the back of my neck.

"Miss Heartfilia, will you please explain to the gentleman what the task at hand is?"

The teacher says to Lucy as she gets really nervous. She looks uncomfortable and I start feeling sorry for her.

Lucy's POV

"Umm, you gotta, um, draw a creature that does not exist for example, a fairy or a troll."

I say as I look at my paper.

"Thank you Miss Heartfilia, Mr Dragneel? Did you understand?"

The teacher says to him and he quickly responds. The teacher walks away and I start to calm down a little. It's not helping that he's staring.

"You ok? You look really pale and sick."

He says while sharpening a pencil.

"Yeah, I'm just very shy and awkward. I don't like being put on the spot."

I explain while hiding behind my hair. I don't want him to look at me, it'll just make things worse. Natsu starts drawing, I hear the sound of the graphite scraping against the paper. A good 10 minutes pass and we don't say a word. I'm calm now and I continue drawing my unicorn. I know. Basic girly girl fantasies. But what's wrong with liking unicorns.

"Whatcha drawing?"

He suddenly asks out of the blue, still drawing.

"A uh, unicorn."


His reaction doesn't make me feel better about my creature selection.

"What are you drawing then?"

I ask, a little bitchier than I should.

"A fire-breathing dragon."

He says with enthusiasm in his voice. I'm not surprised though. He is a guy after all.

"Can I ask you a question?"

I ask, to be polite.

"Sure. Shoot."

He stops drawing and looks me in the eyes. He makes me uncomfortable again. Why does this keep happening?

"When is the uh, lunch period?"

I enquire.

"Oh it's at 12 o'clock. 20 minutes left. By the way, it's just lunch."

He answers me with a wink and goes back to doing his work. Maybe he's not so bad after all. He's certainly nicer than when we first talked. Which I just realise was an hour ago.

The bell rings and everyone rushes out of the room and I follow along with them. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this place. I feel like a normal person, not Lucy Heartfilia, daughter of a rich man, but simple Lucy, a 17 year old with extreme shyness. That doesn't sound like it's good but it is. I find the lunch hall and buy some food. I'm lost, looking around to see where to sit. I see an empty table and sit down. Just as I begin to take a bite of my sandwich, two girls, a blue haired short girl and a red haired tall girl walk up to me and sit down.

"Lucy right? How come you're sitting all alone?"

The shorter one asks.

"Oh, I don't really have any friends yet."

I say quietly, wishing they didn't hear me but they did.

"That's not true, we're gonna be your friends"

Says the red head and punches me softly in the arm.

"I'm Levy and this is Erza. I'm the president of the chess club and Erza here is the captain of every girls sports team. Even dancing."

The small blue haired one says.

"Nice to meet you two. I'm Lucy Heartfilia. I'm not really good at anything."

I say, meaning every word.

"Oh that's not true. You must awesome at something."

Levy says with a smile on her face. I realise that I have made friends. On my first day. And so, I smile back. We talk all lunch. They're surprised that they've never seen me before and apologise for it. I quickly dismiss the idea of being offended. No one knows me. It's not their fault. Suddenly, a fight breaks out across the hall and people start to surround it. Some teachers go over there and break it up, barely. All I see from the two boys, is their hair as they're being dragged away. One is black and the other is pink.

Levy asks if I will sit with her in our math class and I accept the offer. The rest of the school day goes by and I decide to ask Levy and Erza if they want me to drop them off at their house. They accept the offer for they usually have to walk and they're amazed by my car. I drop Erza off first and she gives me her number. I put it in my phone and we say goodbye. Levy lives further away so I drive her and she gives me her number too. I put that in my phone too and leave to go home. Best day ever if you ask me. Best day!

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