Daylight (Modified Version)

Half demon half vampire. A prophecy has been bestowed upon a helpless little girl like me. So I have to neither save the entire universe or destroy it. My choice my rules. I also can change the time and someone's fate. Well that sucks. A responsibility like this shouldn't be handed to a helpless little girl like me. Well you know LIFE SUCKS AND ITS ALWAYS UNFAIR


3. Chapter Two

Calum's POV

I just hate it when I'm around Nikki. My wolf instinct gets triggered. It's like she's somewhat related to someone I know. Someone so powerful. "So what now? Where are we going?" Nikki asked. "Why can't you just shut up!" I mumbled to myself. Seriously if she's going to ask why won't she ask Michael or Alesia? They're the one who planned all of this. "You'll see." Alesia said. Well god damnit why won't they just say it!? (They seriously want to make you wait) Ashton drove while we just talked Luke fell asleep while Alesia and Nikki was on their phones.

Nikki's POV

"Nando's? Are you serious?" I said raising an eyebrow. After a long drive from school this is what we get? Well that was unexpected. Life is life. "Isn't it obvious? Seriously Nikki you have to learn how to appreciate." Calum said coldly. "Sheesh grumpy pants." "You know I wonder how does Alesia keep up with your shit?" "Honestly I don't know. Will you mind telling me Alesia?" I asked sarcastically. My god, he just hates me! Like everything I do he is there to JUDGE it. Like fucking hell! When will you be NOT there? "Calum?" I asked "What is it!?" He said angrily. "Um... What is the reason why you keep on getting angry at me? Do you hate me?" I asked. "Well um... Can I not answer that question? Maybe one day I'll tell... It seems like you still have no idea about it." He said. You know that was the first time THE VERY FIRST time he said something in a kind way without that angry tone beneath his words. "Okay... Maybe one day I'll get it." I said. I smiled at him but he didn't smile back. You know honestly I NEVER was close with the boys until NOW.

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