Daylight (Modified Version)

Half demon half vampire. A prophecy has been bestowed upon a helpless little girl like me. So I have to neither save the entire universe or destroy it. My choice my rules. I also can change the time and someone's fate. Well that sucks. A responsibility like this shouldn't be handed to a helpless little girl like me. Well you know LIFE SUCKS AND ITS ALWAYS UNFAIR


2. Chapter One

Nikki's POV

Well school sucks! Well... Partly... I mean. Why does everything have to revolve around Jesse? She's just a 'bitch'. I can't believe she got an A in Debate. Like how!? 🤔 all what she talked about in front was her stupid boyfriend and parties. Like what? It makes me even question what is life? Like this 'bitch' doesn't I mean DOESNT know anything AT ALL! She gets her grades by seducing her teachers like what!? Ok enough of her. Her egos just going to get bigger if I continue talking about her. Ok... So I'm heading to the cafeteria to get Alesia. "Hello mr. Baxter how was your day?" I asked mr Baxter which I happen to run into. "Good thanks for asking Nikki." "No problem sir." I replied. And so I continued walking oh by the way Mr. Baxter is our Debate teacher. Ah... Finally I'm at the cafeteria. Now where is Alesia? Ugh... Like seriously WHERE IS SHE! "Boo." Alesia said coming out of nowhere. "Ok... Alesia? That's old." "I know I just want to relive the memories we had before." She said. "C'mon we're like 16 years old already it was like 8 years ago." I replied. "Ok... Ok... Let's go get Michael." Said Alesia. She has a boyfriend named Michael Clifford he isn't that type of 'heartthrob' kind of guy. He's more of a 'wacky' type, which suits Alesia. We headed to the hallway. "So... What you've been up too?" Alesia asked. "Well... That question I refuse to answer. I know it's strange but you know nothing really happens with my life. Same old same old." "Oh really? Well I'm sorry about your life..." She said sarcastically. "Well don't be..." I replied looking down at my feet. "Well... Ok... This is quite awkward." "I'm sorry. Things do get to me easily." I replied. "Oh well... Life's life. And you gotta love it." She said. "Oh hey babe." Michael said giving Alesia a big bear hug. "Hello. So how was the day?" "Great? I guess." He shrugged. "Where's Ashton and Luke?" Alesia asked. I just starred at the floor. "Are you okay Nikki?" Michael asked. "Oh... Um... Yeah." I said trying to sound assured. "Hey guys!" Ashton greeted. "Where's Luke?" Asked Ashton. "Honestly we have no idea." We were about to leave when all of a sudden. "Wait guys!" Luke said. He was running. "I- I'm h-here..." He stuttered. "Oh hey Luke." I said. I honestly I feel like I'm flying whenever I look at Luke or whenever he's around. It creates butterflies in my stomach which makes me blush in an awfully weird way. "Now please DONT go. I'm already here." "Yeah and it's about time." Calum said. He's been quiet the whole time me and Alesia were there which seems weird. It feels like he doesn't want me around him. "Let's go." Calum said. "Sheesh... What's seems to be the rush grumpy pants." I said. He just rolled his eyes and looked at Luke. There is something about Calum that isn't right.

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