Daylight (Modified Version)

Half demon half vampire. A prophecy has been bestowed upon a helpless little girl like me. So I have to neither save the entire universe or destroy it. My choice my rules. I also can change the time and someone's fate. Well that sucks. A responsibility like this shouldn't be handed to a helpless little girl like me. Well you know LIFE SUCKS AND ITS ALWAYS UNFAIR


1. Authors Note

Yeh! So this is an old book ok. I just have to reincarnate it due to my stupid mind. And yes my mind told me that it looked SHIT! I was reading over it AGAIN! And I found out that I made a lot of mistakes on my grammar, spelling, etc. So for all of you who had read my Daylight (old version) well I'm sorry I had to take it down due to weird plot making and I was like NOT thinking about it and NOW the story HAUNTS me in my sleep, in the bathroom, when I eat, and when I read and it basically made my life horrible! I TELL YOU HORRIBLE! H O R R I B L E! HORRIBLE! Ok I have to stop now. Just go on and read it and I also cringed at it.

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