Deceiving Looks ~Isaac Lahey Love Story~

Royal Wenchester is girl who's on the lacrosse team but nobody knows she's a girl besides a few people. All the boys think she's just one of the guys until Isaac gets close to her and begins to gain feelings for Royal but they hate each other. Will they really gain feelings for each other ? Find out.


3. The Hunt



I woke up in bed alone and it wasn't my bed. I stretched and quickly looked around. I laid back down and got on my phone. Danny walked out the bathroom in his boxers and they were slightly down so you could see his V line. He crawls in bed next to me and kisses my forehead.

"I swear if you weren't gay, you would be my boyfriend." I joked.
"How many times will you let that be know?" He chuckles.
"Until I get tired of it" I said, putting on my pants.
"Going home?" He asked.
"Yeah, Dad needs to talk to me and Matt about something." I said, putting on my hoodie. 
"Alright. You're coming to the party tonight?" He asked
"Of course." I said.
I kissed his head as I rushed into my car. I drove my car to my house and entered the door. I walked down to the basement and sat at the table with my dad and Matt.
"Roy, Matt tells me you have information for us." Dad says.
"Scott McCall and Isaac Lahey are bitten werewolves." I said.
"Who pack are they in?" Dad asked.
"Derek Hale's." Matt said.
"Do you know who bit them?" He asked.
"No." We both answered.
"Find out and report this to me soon as possible." He said.
We both nodded.
"Royal, have you found a date for winter formal?" Matt asked.
"Why would you bring that up?" I questioned, rolling my eyes
"Winter formal? You're going?" Dad asked shockingly.
"Kinda; I'm still thinking about it." I said.
"You don't have a date?" Dad asked.
"No because everyone thinks she's a boy." Matt laughed.
"That's not true, is it?" He asked.
"It's very true." I said.
"Well ask Danny to go with you." Dad said.
"Danny is going with Ethan. I don't even want to go." I said, walking upstairs.

Winter formal is not my type of event. I haven't worn a dress since 8th grade. I'm not about to start again now. Plus I don't want any of the guys at Beacon High to be my date. All of them are idiots except for Stlinski, Lahey, and McCall. He's the smartest boy in the school but he goes with Maila, Lahey is smart too but I hate his guts, and McCall goes with Kira. I guess I won't be going to winter formal. I wasn't even planning on going anyway. I walked upstairs to check on Raelyn and she was sleeping with Sky. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and dressed into a grey v-neck with black joggers and grey nike's. I called Danny and told him to meet me at the mall.

I finally get to the mall and see Royal walking towards me. I grab her hand and quickly kiss her lips. I'm gay; she's straight plus we're best friends. We walk to Forever 21 and she's starts looking at the skirts and I look at the purses. I can tell something is bothering her.

"You been thinking about winter formal huh?" I asked.
She exhaled sharply. "Pretty much."
"Roy, you don't have to go." I chuckled.
"Danny, me and you both know that if I don't go. You will never let me hear the end of it." She said.
"I'm glad you know." I chuckled. "You'll find a date."
"Sure. " She says rolling her eyes.

I already know she's gonna have a date. There's no doubt she won't. She just needs to bring the girl inside her out. We get her a couple of sorts and tank tops for the party tonight. We walk to the food court and get cheesesteaks. We were talking about life and things until I accidently bought up Winter Formal. She stopped talking and she had this frustrated look on her face. I kissed her and we both went our ways. She better not bring that attitude to the party

I got in my car and drove to Jo's job and picked her up. We talked about life and how's Matt treating her and things. We both walked into my house and into the kitchen. We sat at the table laughing at our inside jokes. My dad and Skylar walked in. They were holding hands.

"Eww!" Me and Jo exclaim.
"Jo I know you aren't talking." Skylar said.
"Uhmm. Next topic, Hi Mr. Wenchester. How are you?" Joslyn said.
"I'm fine, Jo. I told you to call me Spencer." He said.
"Sorry, Spencer. " Jo said.
"Are you going to Winter Formal with Matty?" Skylar asked.
I rolled my eyes.
"Uhm still debating." I said.
"Well, if you decide to go, you should take Royal with you." Skylar said.
"No she shouldn't! I don't wanna go to a stupid ball where I have to wear a dress and heels!" I exclaimed.

I rushed out the kitchen and into my room. I saw Rae in my bed sleeping. I smiled and laid next to her. She rolled over and laid on my chest. I watched TV and played in Rae's dark brown curly hair. I slowly drifted off to sleep for 2  hours before I woke up. I woke up at 7:30 and Rae was gone. I looked at my phone and got  a text from Danny "Picking you up at 8:15." I jumped in the shower, brushed my teeth, and dressed into a lace black spaghetti strapped crop top with black ripped shorts and a red and black flannel with red converse and my bulls snapback. I took my braids out and that made my hair super curly. I put on some lipstick and eyeliner but that's because Jo made me. I heard Danny's car and I hurried out the house.  After driving for 35 minutes, we arrived at the party.

Me, Scott, and Stiles are at Lydia's party. Scott is dancing with Kira and Stiles is talking to Malia. I stood against a column in the backyard and watched everyone dance. Then suddenly I see this girl walk in with Danny. She's amazing...she's beautiful. Danny kisses her on the cheek and walks away. As she walks to sit down guys try to talk to her, but she keeps walking. She finally gets to a seat and gets on her phone. I slowly find my way walking over to her. I stood in front of her and cleared my throat. Her head popped up and her face was so gorgeous but she looked so familiar.

"So what's pretty girl like you sitting down?" I asked.
"Oh, how many girls have you said that to tonight?" She asked.
I chuckled. "Didn't work, huh?"
"No, not at all but it's amusing. Try again." She said, chuckling.
I chuckled nervously as she stood up. 
"What's funny?" She asked.
"It's kinda hard for me to talk to you." I said.
"Why?" She asked.
"You're not like other girls." I say.
"So, what kind of girl am I?" She asked.
I motioned her to come closer and whispered her to come closer. "That's what I want to find out."
"Can you handle the test?" She whispered back.
"Yeah, I can." I said.
"You positive about that?" She questioned.
"Not a worry." I said softly.
"Good. First test: find me." She whispered.

I looked up and she disappeared. I looked around the backyard but she was completely gone. I looked  in the house and she was...gone. I walked out on the front porch and sat on steps. Where is she?

I sat in a tree looking at Lahey. This is going to be the greatest payback of all time. I smiled to myself and looked down at him. I saw Danny and Ethan kissing. I stared at them. It must be nice to have someone that claims you and being proud to be with you.I sighed and held my knees in the tree. I jumped out the tree and looked at the moon. I felt my eyes turn and hurried home. Let the treasure hunt begin, La

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