Deceiving Looks ~Isaac Lahey Love Story~

Royal Wenchester is girl who's on the lacrosse team but nobody knows she's a girl besides a few people. All the boys think she's just one of the guys until Isaac gets close to her and begins to gain feelings for Royal but they hate each other. Will they really gain feelings for each other ? Find out.


2. The Game




I woke up on the couch in my living room. I slowly sat as I fluttered my eyes open. I walked to the kitchen and looked at the calendar. Full moon is next Tuesday. I gotta remind myself that. I walked back to the living room and looked on my phone. I began texting Danny as he talks about his day with Ethan yesterday. I go to the bathroom, take a shower, brush my teeth, and dressed into a green v-neck with jeans and my grey,black, and green Jordan's with my grey beanie. I began cleaning my room. I packed my lacrosse bag for tonight and put it by the front door. I walked downstairs to see my 17 year old brother, Matthew, playing the video game. Then my 6 year old half-sister, Raelyn, playing with her dolls. I walk in the kitchen to see my step-mom, Skylar, washing dishes. I actually like Sky...I can tell her anything. I actually call her mom.I sit at the counter and continue to text Danny.

"Good morning, Royal." She greets.

"Hey, Sky." I said. "Where's Dad?"

"Store. I needed shrimp for dinner." She hints.

"Please tell me you're making your absolutely fabulous chicken shrimp Alfredo that makes my tummy flutter with happiness." I say with all seriousness.

"Yes, right after your game." She chuckled.

I playfully faint dramatically as she laughs at me.

"You're the best. My dad needs to hurry up and marry you before I do." I say playfully.

"I'm not trying to go to jail, Roy." She said.

My dad walks in from the back door. "Good morning."

"Hey, dad. Are you still going to my lacrosse game tonight?" I asked.

"I wouldn't miss it for anything." He said.

"Oh, the full moon is Tuesday." I warned raising my eyebrow at him.

"Okay, tell Matt." He said.

My dad and mom met in college in and they both were werewolves. They had me and Matt while they were together. We don't talk about my mom that much. She left when I was 3 years old. I don't even remember her. Matt, my dad, and I are born werewolves. Skylar and Raelyn know about everything and they are comfortable with it. My dad works at the hospital with Scott's mom. I walk in Matt's room and jump on top of him. He playfully groans and pushes me off. I sit in his couch as he lays in bed.

"Don't you have practice?" He asked.

"It's not until 3." I said.

"It's 10, what are we gonna do till then?" I asked.

"I was going to go to take Rae shopping. You wanna come?" I asked.

"Sure." He said. "I'm driving."

"Okay, and there's a full moon Tuesday." I said.

"Glad you said something. I was gonna plan a date with Joslyn." He said.

Matt and I are really close; we tell each other everything. Matthew is really protective of me and Rae. I'm protective of Rae mostly because she doesn't really know anything. All she knows that she needs to be careful of who's she's around and that the full moon makes us turn. We walked downstairs and I picked up Rae. We let our parents know where we was going. I took my lacrosse bag with me just in case. I made sure she was buckled in and safe. Matt got in and drove off. I began to think about Lahey's payback and chuckled deviously to myself. Matt looked at me.

"What did Lahey do this time?" He asked already knowing who the problem is.

"Tripped me in the hallway." I said. "I got something for his annoying ass."

"Don't make me kill him, Royal." He said seriously.

"You won't have to. I can take care of myself, Matthew." I said.

"Alright. Rae , you okay, princess?" He asked.

"I'm okay, Matty." She said softly.

We arrive at the mall and go into the Disney store. We bought her Olaf, Minnie Mouse, Nemo, Simba, and Dory. Then we take her to some stores and spoil her like crazy. We filled the car with bags. We got some stuff for ourselves too. We all got matching hoodies that say 56. After the mall, we went to Denny's to eat. Me and Matt talked about winter formal. I don't know if I really wanna go. I'm not the girly type. When got done eating, It was 2:30. Matt dropped me off and I got my bag from the back. I kissed both of them goodbye before I walked to the field. I walked to the locker and catch looks from Lahey, Stilinski, and McCall. I flash a smirk and chuckle to myself as I walk past them. I walked through the boys locker room and into the girl's locker room.


I watched Wenchester walked pass as he smirked at me. I walked to Stiles and Scott. They were already talking about Wenchester.

"Did you see that?" I exclaimed.

"See what? Wenchester?" Stiles questioned.

"He just smirked at me." I said.

"Yeah, I saw." Scott said.

"I told you there's something weird about him." I exclaimed.

"What if Wenchester's a werewolf?" Scott asked.

"I think we would've sensed that by now. He's been on the team for 3 years." I said.

"We're all on first line, right? Let's just find out." Scott said.

"Lahey! McCall! Get your asses on the field now!" Coach yelled.

We grabbed our things and hurried on the field. I saw everyone but Wenchester. I looked at the bleachers and saw him and Allison talking. I clenched my jaw as rage filled me. Then they hugged and he grabbed her waist.He held his head up and smirked at me. I began to put my head down as I stayed in my starting position. Everyone was moving into their positions.

"Payback's a bitch, huh, Lahey?" Wenchester growled.

I heard a coach blow the whistle and I instantly tackled him down. I looked in eyes and growled at him. My eyes changed to yellow as we stared each other down.

"Don't blow your secret there, wolfie." Wenchester growled.

I looked at him with confusion.

"Lahey! What the hell is wrong with you?" Coach yelled.

"How do you know?" I questioned him.

Before he could answer, Coach grabbed me and walked me over to the bench. How does Wenchester know about werewolves? I looked at him as he got up...he was limping. Coach was talking to him.

"Can you play tonight, Wenchester?" Coach asked.

"Yeah, Coach. I'll be fine for the game." Wenchester said.

"Just sit on the bench." Coach said.

"I'm fine." Wenchester said.

"Alright,then." Coach said.

He walked away from Coach and continued play the game. He was still limping as he ran so he can't be a werewolf. Coach called me in to play and I hurried to my starting position. Wenchester was next to me. I could feel there would be tension. Coach blew his whistle and we took off. Wenchester threw the ball to me and I ran it to Danny. Danny shot the ball and we looked at Wenchester but he was gone.


I walked into the locker room and wrapped my ankle. I gotta make it look real. I heard someone coming and stopped. Danny walked through the door and sat next me. He gently put my ankle on his lap. I faked a groan. He grabbed the tape.

"Are you okay, Royal?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said.

"Lahey hit you pretty hard, huh?" He asked wrapping my ankle.

"Yeah." I said, groaning. "Pass me my ankle brace."

"Coach benching you tonight?" He asked, going in my bag.

"No, I'm still playing." I said.

"Roy, you can't." He pleaded.

"Yes, I can. It's just sprained." I chuckled.

"But what if you get tackled like that again? " He questioned.

"I'll walk it off." I said.

Then the door opened and Matt walked in.

"Matthew, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"I didn't see you on the field. Hey, Danny." He said.

"Hey, Matt. I'll just leave." He said, walking out the door.

"What are you wrapping it for?" He asked.

"I have to fake it, Matt. People are going to be suspicious if I don't." I informed him. "There are two bitten werewolves on the team."

"Who? Who bit them?" He asked.

"Scott McCall and Isaac Lahey. I don't know who bit them- I don't talk to them." I expressed.

"Start. Dad said we have to protect them from the Argents." He said.

"I know, Matt." I said.

We continued talking as I put my ankle brace on. Matt left and I followed behind him. I walked on the field and glared at Lahey. I walked to my starting position next to Stilinski but Coach told me to take my gear and sit in the bleachers until the game started. I went in the locker, took my gear off, dressed into my grey 56 hoodie, black joggers, and grey shoes, and sat next to Matt, Joslyn, and Raelyn.

"Roy!" Rae exclaims.

I pick her up and sit her on my lap.

"Oh my gosh, what happened?" Jo asked.

"Got tackled." I said.

"Aren't you healing?" Rae whispered.

"Yeah, but I have to fake it so people won't know." I whispered.

"Don't they know you're a girl?" Jo asked.

Matt and I laughed at what she said.

"No actually, they don't." I chuckled.

"You're kidding me, right?" She questioned.

"I'm serious. The people that I know I'm a girl are Matt, you, Danny, and the girls in the school." I explained.

I watched the others play especially Lahey and McCall. They played with speed and intensity. Matt's eyes were glued on them. I grabbed Rae and we walked to the cafeteria. We sat as we ate our apples and drunk our juice. The door opened and Rae jumped behind me. McCall and Lahey entered. They walked towards me and Rae held on to me tighter.

"What do you want?" I asked.

McCall looked at Lahey.

"Sorry..that you were in my way." He chuckled.

I stood."Hmp. I'm not worried about you."

I motioned for him to lean in closer. "I worried about Allison and that tight..little..waist."

His breathing began to become rapid.

"Isaac, calm down." McCall said.

I sat back down and acted clueless. "Oh, that makes you angry? Which part? The fact that I could slide my hands all over her with no problem or the fact I've seen her naked?"

He grabbed me by my collar and growled at me. "Say another word! I dare you, Wenchester."

"Roy!" Raelyn screamed.

Matt bust through the door and examined the situation. I pushed Isaac off me and picked up Raelyn. Matt walked towards them but I grabbed him and pushed him out the door. I calmed down Raelyn who was crying

"It's okay, Rae. Nothing happened. I'm okay." I said soothingly.

She rested her head on my shoulder.

"Matt, would you please calm down?" I demanded.

"I swear if puts his hands on you again, I'll kill him, Royal!" Matt yelled.

"No, you won't." I said, motioning to Raelyn.

He sighed. "Come here, princess."

I gave Raelyn to Matthew as he gave me a concerning look.

"Matthew, I'm fine. Go! I have to get ready." I exhaled.

He kissed my forehead. "See you on the field."

I exhaled sharply and cursed loudly. I punch a hole into the wall and walked to the locker to get my head ready for the game. Lahey...doesn't know what's coming for him.


Everyone is in the locker room getting ready for the game. I see everyone except for Danny and Roy. Probably fucking somewhere. How does Wenchester think that he just talk to Allison? She's mine! Not technically but yeah. I stared at him as he wrapped his hands in medical tape.I got angrier as I stared at him. Someone taped my shoulder.

"Dude, take a picture it last longer." Stiles said.

"I'm gonna kill him." I said.

"No,you're not." Scott said.

"Why not?" I questioned.

"Guess who's Wenchester's father?" Stiles asked.

"Who?" I questioned.

"Spencer A. Wenchester." Scott said.

"No way. He's like the ultimate alpha." I exclaimed.

"Correction; He IS the ultimate alpha." Stiles explained.

"So that's a no for murdering Wenchester." I said.

I exhaled as I looked at Wenchester. I put on the rest of my gear as the team huddles around coach's office. I look at Wenchester and he smirks as he turns around. We all listen to coach as he begins to rant about the game. Then we are rushed on to the field. Everyone takes their starting positions. The whistle is blown and the game start. I pass it to McCall; McCall passes it to Danny,and Danny pasees it to Wenchester. Wenchester ran full speed and shot the ball. The crowd cheered


We won 56 to 45. My dad has his arm around my shoulder. Skylar is carrying Rae and Matt is walking beside me. My dad smiles and kisses my head.

"You were amazing, Royal." He exclaimed.

"Thanks, Daddy." I said.

"You play just like one of the guys." Matt laughed.

"That's how you have to play!" I exclaimed jumping on his back.

"Roy, why did you wrap up your ankle?" Daddy asked.

"I have to make it look like I was really hurt." I said.

Matt throws me on he ground and I continue to jump on him playfully.

"Guys! Stop! I made chicken shrimp Alfredo!" Skylar yells.

Matt and I stopped fighting immediately. We looked at each other and ran to the car

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