A new form of love.

Blaze Hunkins is a school rebel, always getting into trouble. Blaze, however is bullied for her personality by Layla defrost. Layla is dating the school quarter back, Zane. who hates Blaze's gut and bullies her to.
But, a new friend comes along, his name is Axel Monfreash and he is the world sweetheart. Axel walks in on Blaze getting bullied and tries to stop it. How will this end up? Read to find out.


1. Main Character Info

                                                     Name- Axel Monfreash

                                                      Character Role- School/World sweetheart/ nerd

                                                    Likes- Anything school related.

                                                    Dislikes- Bullies, Cars, Show-offs, Jokes, prissy girls, populars, sports.


                                                      ^ Blaze's hair ^

                                                        ^ Blaze's Clothes ^

                                                          Name- Blaze Hunkins

                                                         Character Role- Bullied Punk

                                                          Likes- Rebeling, Not doing homework, Pranking, being Lazy.

                                                        Dislikes- School, School work, Parents, Family, Friends, People.

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