A new form of love.

Blaze Hunkins is a school rebel, always getting into trouble. Blaze, however is bullied for her personality by Layla defrost. Layla is dating the school quarter back, Zane. who hates Blaze's gut and bullies her to.
But, a new friend comes along, his name is Axel Monfreash and he is the world sweetheart. Axel walks in on Blaze getting bullied and tries to stop it. How will this end up? Read to find out.


6. Chapter six: I Love You!

Today, sadly was a rainy day. The one day i hate the most, well, whenever it's raining I hate it, and it rains often so I hate almost every day. But I hate thunderstorms the most, the bright flashing yellow light and the loud gun-less shot. It's so loud, it hurts to bad.

"Axel?" I ask gently knocking on his door with one of his blankets around my shoulders, tonight Axel wanted me to stay the night cause really, he just felt like it, can you not read?


"A-Axel?" I ask again and cover my mouth when a booming sound went off, I jumped.

"A-Axel!" I Said louder and started knocking on his door more quickly and harder.

"A-A-Axel! Please O-Open the door!" I almost yelled, tears coming to my eyes, Axel wasn't answering, i didn't even hear any movement showing a living being was in there.

"Axel....Please open..." I whispered sliding down the door with my forehead on it. Please open the door Axel......I'm Scared...

Tears were now slowly coming out of my eyes. I didn't mind them anymore, I was to scared to mind. This was a feeling of being alone, Isolated, scared and just....Forgotten....I want Axel..

I suddenly heard from inside the door a movement, as if somebody was getting up from bed for water for something i leaned back a bit, off the door so i wouldn't fall if it opened.

"Blaze?" I heard a deep, sleepy voice ask and hands move my face up.

"Hey, your alright okay? Come on." Axel's voice was calm and caring, he picked me up bridal style and into the bedroom, i was clutching his nightshirt in my hands tightly as if i let go he would leave along with my grip. Axel gently dropped me on the Navy blue bed sheet and crawled over to my small shaking form, and laid beside me, gripping my waist and pulling me towards him so my back was flush on his covered chest and his arm around my waist and head resting on his arm behind my head. Axel was warm, it calmed me down until i heard the loud crash sound of the thunder and i cowered into his arm, holding it tightly in my hands hoping the sound would stop.

Axel chuckled and pulled me closer if that was possible.

"Imagine that. The school prankster scared and cowering on me like a new born pup, ironic huh?" he teased hugging me from his spot behind me. nuzzling his head into my neck giving a small sign and closing his eyes and fell asleep.

His face was so peaceful. It made me wonder how he rarely had anything bad happen to him. I smiled and moved a piece of blonde hair from his face and tucked it behind his ear and leaned my head on his chest. I must have turned around at some point when he was hugging me or i never noticed i was turned, it didn't matter, as long as Axel's here I'm okay.

---------------------------------------------------------------------NEXT MORNING--------------------------------------------------------------

I woke to the smell of bacon, who couldn't love bacon?

I jumped out of the bed, almost falling out of it and to the kitchen at light speed, where I saw Axel wearing a pink apron saying 'Kiss The Cook' with in white letters on the front.

"Don't mind if I do." I said and turned Axel around and gave him a quick peck on the lips and sitting at the table, leaving Axel a blushing mess of Red and yellow.

"I-I Uh I..." He stuttered "You know? I'll shut up now." And turned to cook breakfast with me silently giggling at the Apron. It kinda reminded me of Zane from Ninjago when it was his turn to cook and he got picked on a bit by Kai, Cole, and Jay. Even a bit from the old guy! Wu! You old fart!

"Good, your smart mouth needs a break from mine." I teased again making his face flush pink and red a strange mix but it looked cute on him. A perfect color going with his tan skin.

"H-Hey! I-It's not smart! I-It just likes talking....What am I doing?" Axel muttered more to himself then me. I laughed and he once again, blushed. I need to rise his confidence. By a lot.

"H-Hey.....Blaze?" Axel said quietly



"No. tell me." I sat at the edge of my seat.

"R-Really it's nothing."

"Tell me." I begged

"Fine....." He trailed off.

"I Love you...." He muttered, his face a bright red and pink, maybe a bit of orange if you looked close enough. That was super natural.

This even made a pain brush streak of pink across my pale cheeks.

"I Love you to...."

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