A new form of love.

Blaze Hunkins is a school rebel, always getting into trouble. Blaze, however is bullied for her personality by Layla defrost. Layla is dating the school quarter back, Zane. who hates Blaze's gut and bullies her to.
But, a new friend comes along, his name is Axel Monfreash and he is the world sweetheart. Axel walks in on Blaze getting bullied and tries to stop it. How will this end up? Read to find out.


4. Chapter 3: Can I trust you?

Soon after Axel and my hugging session he asked me a question I wasn't sure about.

"Blaze?" Axel asked staring at a wall

"Yeah?" I responded making shadow figures on the wall

"Why is your name 'Blaze'?" He asked now looking at me with a raised eyebrow with his hands folded together

"How am i suppose to know?" I said with a 'Are you an idiot' face and he shrugged,

"Just wondering." 

Geez this guy was strange, suddenly asking a girl why she's name what she's named.

"Oh yeah...Blaze?" Axel pipped up

"What?" I asked hoping he wouldn't ask anymore dumb questions.

"What's your story?" He asked

"What do you mean?" I ask, I'm now wondering what he means. 'Whats my story?' What dose that mean?

"I mean what happened with your parents?" He said, Axel was getting serious.

"Can I trust you?" I ask looking at my folded hands on my lap.

"Always." He said right after, showing me i can trust the blonde.

"Alright... here i go" I sign and lay back onto the nurse bed with my arms behind my head and closed my eyes.

"It all started when i was 6.." I started...


"Why are you so worthless?!" Daddy yelled at me, his face was red, kinda like a cherry!

"hahaha! D-Daddy! Your face is a C-Cherry!" i laughed. That was my worst mistake i ever made. That laugh changed everything in my life...

"Y-you.....How dare you!" Daddy screamed at me. Daddy was mad and i was in trouble once again for getting a bad grade on math i didn't understand quite yet.

"Daddy? Are yo-" i was cut off by a loud slap echoing through out the room and a stinging pain in my left cheek. Tears welled in my big blue-green eyes.

"D-Daddy?" I ask looking back at him "A-Are you okay?" I ask again standing strait up with a emotionless look in my 6 year old eyes.

"Runt! I haven't been 'Okay' since you were born! You ruined everything!" He yelled and kicked me in the belly and into the kitchen table. It hurt so bad. A chair fell on me and broke, wood pieces getting stabbed into my weak young skin, digging itself into my flesh.

"Ah!!" I screamed as a large piece buried itself into my back, almost to my spine.

"Daddy! Please stop it!" I yelled, tears pored out of my eyes, which were turning emerald green when i cry.. It still dose.

"No! I will Never stop! You ruined my LIFE!" He yelled, smashing a glass beer bottle on my head making me cry out. Why didn't the neighbors come to help me? Why didn't anyone help me.... Mommy? Why are you watching me from the couch? Why wont you help me? It hurts so much Mommy......

Blood pored out on my head and onto the floor, my vision got blurred and i passed out.

The next night when Mommy and Daddy were asleep i was tired of being beaten half to death, Sick of bleeding, Sick of Them.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife that was long, sharp, and thick. It was perfect. I ran my 6 year old finger over the blade and giggled at the sharp tip, imagining it buried into Mommy and Daddy's belly's.

I slowly walked up the stairs with the knife hung low and walking to their room door and opened it. Mommy and Daddy were cuddling under the blankets, clean.

I walked up to Daddy's side of the bed and sat on Daddy's belly and covered his mouth with my small hand, his eyes slowly opened to see my insane smile and i whispered in his ear a sentence that scared him to death.

"I loved you Daddy, But, It's time to die." I smirked and stabbed the knife into stomach and twisted it around in circles and daddy screamed into my hand. 

"Shhhh daddy...You don't want to wake Mommy do you?" I ask Innocently and cut his neck making blood go everywhere. I then crawled over to Mommy and covered her mouth, her eyes opened and I whispered into her ear.

"London bridge is falling down...Mommy is falling into death.." I did the same to her as i did to Daddy and got off the bed.

"Hm? Goodnight Mommy, Daddy!" I said and skipped out the room, licking the blood from the knife clean and cleaned off the knife in the sink.

From then on, I never got caught, nobody knew until now.


Axel stared at me in shock, sadness, and.....Fear....

I looked down at my hands that once held that kitchen knife 10 years ago.

"Your the first person who knows this. Tell a soul and i will not hold back on your.....Punishment.." I grinned and stood up to stretch my arms and legs out.

"I-I...Blaze...." Axel said sadly and grabbed my hand in his larger one, He's a brave one if he's still hanging around me after my story.

"It's okay. I wont tell anyone. Not even an animal or plant." Axel said smiling softly at me. I stared into his eyes, his eyes were a golden color, it was beautiful.

Without even noticing we slowly started inching our faces closer together, i tilted my head to the left and slowly closed my eyes, Axel doing the same. Soon enough our lips met in a sweet, short kiss before we both pulled back as fast as we could, blushing like a Sakura pedal.

"Um I-I uh I'm so sorry!!" Axel said covering his face with his hands.

I chuckled and pulled his hands away and pecked his cheek, making his face turn into a shade of red that was not yet discovered by man.

"It's okay." I told him softly, which he returned and I pecked his lips once more before hugging him tightly and he returned, his arms around my waist and my head on his shoulder. 

For the first time in 10 years....

I was happy.

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