A new form of love.

Blaze Hunkins is a school rebel, always getting into trouble. Blaze, however is bullied for her personality by Layla defrost. Layla is dating the school quarter back, Zane. who hates Blaze's gut and bullies her to.
But, a new friend comes along, his name is Axel Monfreash and he is the world sweetheart. Axel walks in on Blaze getting bullied and tries to stop it. How will this end up? Read to find out.


2. Chapter 1: The Bullied Punk

I narrowed my Blue green eyes at the door. In 3 seconds the teacher will come in. In that five minuet period he was in the bathroom i set up at trap for the mouse. When Mr. Ward opens the door bright, glittery goo with fall out of a bag, which will open cause the door would open and drop onto the chubby man.





Mission was a Success! 

But, Mr. Ward was looking right at me with his eyebrows pulled together as if he was mad. Oh, he was mad, my bad. The more i stared at him, the more funny it got for me until i couldn't hold in all my laughter.

"Bwhahahahahahahaha! What did you do in the bathroom?! Hahahahaha!" I laughed falling out from under his desk, holding my stomach while the other kids put their head in their hands to cover their ears.

"BLAZE!" Mr. Ward screamed and pointed to the door with his hand.

"Haha alright i know--" I cleared my throat"-- "' Go to the Office Blaze!'" I did a deep voice with my hand over my heart looking at stern as i could.

"Bye guys!" I yelled after slapping Mr. Wards big Stomach, which he gave an 'Oof' and ran out the door with my book bag and to the office across the hall and slammed the door open.

"Honey! I'm Home!" and closed the door with my foot slowly. Mrs. Robin gave me a look that read 'Again?' and i nodded and laid across the chair while silently giggling.

"Why can't you be normal, Blaze?" Mrs. Robin asked giving and sign and slowly shook her head with closed eyes.

"That's for me to know, and for you to find out Mrs. R." I grin while she signed once again. It was normal i came to the office, but sadly she never got use to it. It's been like this since 3rd grade.

"I'll never know." She said looking up with a glint in her eyes. "Just go on a walk around the halls again, Blaze." 

"okaaaaay~" I sung and popped outside and started walking down the halls of white and blue.

Farther down the hall i could hear talking, So being the risk taker i am, i walked to the talking and peeked but before i could get half way down the hall, hands grabbed my arms and jerked me back into a chest behind me. I froze, i knew that chest feeling, that all to familiar chest. That was Dom, Lilly, Zack, and Layla. The all to familiar group of bullies.

"Ha, the cats caught the mouse, Bravo, now what do you want?" I turned around with a cocky smirk even though i was gonna die.

"Oh ya know snowflake, Fun." Dom  said and punched me in the chest, making me fly back into the wall.

"That hurt ya know?" I said slowly sitting up, my hair covering half my face and wide blue green eyes.

"Ya, that's the Point!" Dom said and kicked me in the stomach into the wall again.

"Gonna fight back, Doll?" Zack teased and punched me in the face, leaving a good sized bruise on my cheek.

"Yeah, i think i will..." I said glaring up at the group and stood up, with the walls help and watched them smirk and smile.

"I don't think you can, Princess." Dom smirked and round house kicked me in the face I flew to the tilted floor then another kick to my stomach, then chest, then legs.

"Gonna fight?!" Lilly yelled and kicked me in the face, the nose to be exact. I could feel my blood running through my vains and out my nose.

"Sorry Love, Not this time..." I managed to say and give a weak smirk, only to a boot in the face again, my head hit the wall, blood stained the wall now.

"Watch that mouth." Layla spat and took off a high heel and smacked you across the head, more blood leaked out.

For the final hit Layla slapped me across the face, her ring making a line of blood, most likely leaving a scar.




"Wast of space."

"Parent-less Runt!!" 

The last one got to me.



Despite the pain i stood up, my arms swinging like the didn't have purpose. Suddenly..

"Hahahaha...Hahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHA!" I laughed out loud into the sky. Truth be told, I'm Insane when a certain thing got said. In this case, Parent-less.

"Your annoying Runt." Dom said and almost kicked me in the stomach before we heard a loud yell.

"HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" A voice rang throughout the hall. I looked to the voice to see a boy running down the hall and the bullies ran away and black dots clouded my vision before my knees buckled and i fell to the floor, this time passed out.

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