This Isn't You: R.S.L

Ross Lynch is having a troubled time at home. He gets bullied at school, by his family, and feels worthless. One day, he walks out the house and storms out to do something terrible. But, he doesn't do it on purpose. After he does that, he runs away and changes his identity. Becomes an Rock Star by night. Sneaking on tour buses and running away. While running away, he finds this girl, Courtney Eaton. He falls in love with her instantly. Tricks and lies bring them together. What happens when they finally catches Ross? Will this be the end of Ross?

Caution: This is an very Fictional story. I have nothing Against R5. I love them very much and to the deepest of my heart. If you read this story, you would think I have something against them. I dont. This book is an dream i had an week Ago so enjoy!


1. Prologue




I never knew all this could happen. I mean...Wow. Now that I think about it, I have been through quite a lot, back when I was younger. I say that I was an good child. An amazing and smart brother, to my other siblings. An awesome beginner in Music. An great boyfriend and all of the above. I can´t even imagine what I had to go through in my younger days that made my life so.....adventurous! So breath taking! So...exciting and pleasant. It was filled with love, romance and adventure. Now, that I´m an adult, I always look back and say,


But come to think of it, everything in my life happened for an reason. It wasn't just me, running away with an 4 month year old pup. It wasn't just the officers and police K-9 groups, chasing me and trying to bring me to justice. It wasn't the beautiful people and my hatred family, or the jerks at school. It wasn't the people who wanted to bring me down. It was me. I made that decision to run away. I made the decision to get myself into the things that I chose to get into. To fall in love. I made the decision to make my life great! Fun! And you know what, I am glad that I made the decisions I´ve made. I regret nothing. Well, only one thing. 


Youŕe probably wondering what on earth am I talking about. You want to know what all this talk is about. Well, I´ll tell you. The story I´m about to tell you happened a long, long time ago. I was 15 at the time. I say my life back then was rough. Hard, maybe. I was an fugitive and running away made my life fun! I´m 20 now, living my life with my beautiful girlfriend. And this is how it all started.......

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