Bad Girl's wrath

At a young age I understood that people liked me, a lot. It must have been my family's wealthy lifestyle, or the fact that my dad was a celebrity. As any child would, I took advantage of it. Picking the coolest friends, and of course, boyfriends. I used my power to reign the school, showing them who their Queen B was.

I used to love my life, but it came to an sudden end as I got bored. Bored of the same old people, with the same old dream to one day become me. Yes, I could have any guy I wanted, and all the things I craved, but It felt like something was missing. Until I met Noel


4. Chapter 3

Ah, what a delicious time to be alive I thought as I stretched myself in the unusually comfortable bed. I felt a stitch of sadness as I realised that I was alone. As a way of comforting myself I grabbed the duvet, and spooned it. Well, better luck next weekend I guess. I let out a sigh of relief as I opened my eyes expecting to take in the sight of my all-white, décor-goals room. My relaxed breath quickly turned into panicked, short inhales. Shocked, I realised that the sight that met me was a big, but primitive room. The floor was made of dark wood, which was a great contrast to the white walls. It’s only furniture were a bedside table, desk and closet, all in different shades of grey. The bed was the only white thing that were white.


“Good morning,” I heard a rusty, dark voice say from the other side of the room. He stood there examining me, with clear, blue eyes. The only piece of clothing he wore were sweatpants. Fuck. That’s not good. “Eeh did we do anything last night?” I asked him, with an aching feeling of confusion. I didn’t remember anything from the night before. A laugh escaped his mouth before he said, “You’re asking me if I took an unconscious girl home, and screwed her?”. Relieved, I understood that he had to of the proper kind. “Isn’t that what most guys would do?” I answered – I had a reputation to uphold, “You’re one of the good boys aren’t you? Naw, that’s cute.” Surprisingly, he seemed unaffected by the seemingly comment. “Why did you bring me home at all?” I asked with true curiosity. A grin formed his mouth as he said, “You told me too. Something about your parents and that you wouldn’t want to stress them” Shiit, I guess the drugs weren’t that strong. And lets face it – He was kind of hot, so I guess I were the one with the dirty mind. “I made breakfast, do you want some?” he asked. I nodded as I felt the empty feeling of starving.


As I followed him through the apartment I got a closer look at him. His defined back suggested that he was more than fit. To be a good guy he had a hell of a confident I realized as I noticed his fearless way of walking. The smell of food became more intense for every step. Suddenly, I found myself in the enormous kitchen. I gasped, a kind of “wow”. He laughed and put a plate of pancakes on the table and suggested me to sit.




“So if I get you right, you found me by that container half unconscious, and I convinced you to bring me here?” I asked as a summary of what he had just told me. He laughed and nodded, as if it brought back some good memories. To my surprise he had been quite nice. Of course the good looks mattered, but he was fun to talk with – No awkward silences, and he seemed to be extremely open about his life, just like me I guess.


“I’m still surprised by the fact that you didn’t take advantage of me,” I said as I blinked at him. “In my opinion it’s better when both people are willingly doing it. A lot more can happen” his sudden straightforward answer struck me. I felt his intense gaze as I continued my teasing act, “You seem to have a lot of experience for a good boy.” I felt my heart skip a beat as he stood up and walked towards me with a sudden certainness, “Maybe I’m not all good.”

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