Bad Girl's wrath

At a young age I understood that people liked me, a lot. It must have been my family's wealthy lifestyle, or the fact that my dad was a celebrity. As any child would, I took advantage of it. Picking the coolest friends, and of course, boyfriends. I used my power to reign the school, showing them who their Queen B was.

I used to love my life, but it came to an sudden end as I got bored. Bored of the same old people, with the same old dream to one day become me. Yes, I could have any guy I wanted, and all the things I craved, but It felt like something was missing. Until I met Noel


3. Chapter 2

“OUCH!” I exclaimed as I felt the hot iron swipe my ear, “I would appreciate it if you at least tried”. “You won’t complain when you get the hottest guy at the party,” London said mockingly. I laughed as I answered, “I could do that all natural”. “Yeah, if you mean like Adam and Eve. That would be easy,” her eyes scanned me and a “mhm-hm,” escaped her throat. She removed the iron from my hair to show that her work here was finished. “Well damn, I’m one good hairdresser,” she blurted as a smirk formed her mouth. I laughed gratefully as I stood up and put a finishing layer of lip gloss on. “Time to go baby,” I said as we both headed to the door.




“Drink, drink, drink,” ah, it used to sound like music to my ears. Or maybe more to my soul, knowing that I would soon get a tongue down my throat. I know, I know – I sound like the biggest whore ever, but I guess I were. Or at least that was what I was aiming for. “I’ll get ut something to drink, just wait here,” London screamed through the music. I nodded as she started her journey to cross the endless sea of drunk teenagers.


I felt someone turn me around as the person, seemingly a guy, said, “You seem a little misplaced, beauty.” Wow, what a pickup line…” Just waiting for a friend,” I answered as casual as possible. A smirk teased his lips, whom was detached to an unbelievably handsome face. His hand went down my thigh as he took a step toward me. “That’s not nice of your friend. Leaving you all vulnerable and alone.” I gasped at this point, partly because his actions surprised me, but also because I felt hot. “I know you want it,” was the last thing I heard before he locked his lips with mine. I have to admit, the typical teenage girl I was, I did want it. At first he started with some lip-on-lip action, you know the teasing kind, and then he carefully pushed my mouth wide open and slipped his tongue in. His steady rhythm, with both his hands and tongue, pleased my inner senses. “You want to get a room?” he asked with a full on sneaky grin. Oook, not ready. I took a hesitating step backward as I shook my head as a no. “I haven’t had a drink yet,” I said, desperately trying to escape the situation. He took my hand as he said, “That wont be a problem for long.” I gave him a confused look as he started to lead me towards the stairs. At this point I was freaked out. I ripped my hand free of his grip and ran towards the backdoor. What had he meant by that? Why would my bloods lack of alcohol not be a problem? The first warning sign I noticed was when I tried to open the door. My hands were powerless. I felt the panic raise as I lashed my body towards the door, resulting in a nearly unconscious me laying on the ground right outside. After a few failed attempts, I got to my feet, stumbling as far away as I could. I managed to wobble my way over to a container, followed by me graciously sliding down into a sitting position. My vision starts to fail. Fuck. He drugged me. Obviously the whole kissing session was the foreplay to him raping my unconscious self. As I started to see an increasing number of black dots covering my sight I heard hasty steps moving towards me. Can this night be any worse? Hopefully not.

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