The little things in life

What if one little detail could change your hole life. Just think... Well it just happened. And Pretty Little Liars as you know it is not going to be the same. Everything you know you don't know. What you think is going to happen was never even in the plan. Hope you guys like it!!!! -Gen (pronounced Jen)


1. Alison DiLaurentis

Pictures of a young girl with blond locks and a yellow ruffled shirt hung everywhere. From every bulletin board in the small town, to every bathroom stale in a supermarket washroom.

The girls eyes could pierce threw your soul and find your deepest darkest secrets and read them as if you were an open book. Her smile was even whiter than the paper she was printed on.

I don't even know how that possible, but anything and everything is possible for Alison DiLaurentes.

To be honest it's not even surprising she's gone, she had so many enemies it was just a matter of time before one of them acted on their thoughts. Alison DiLaurentis was not someone to mess with so no one really missed her well other than her little friends. Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, and Spencer Hastings were her only friends. But that was no reason to pity her.

She was a clever and mischievous girl. She recruited girls from all different corners of the school to be her friend. Sound pathetic, I know, but it wasn't. Everybody was dying at the chance to befriend her. To be friends with Alison DiLaurentis could guarantee you a safe path threw high school, without any body bothering you. She was like a get out of jail free card in monopoly, it hard to come across someone like that in the small deck of cards that Rosewood has to offers.

Her poor mother had finally given up hope at finding her lost daughter. The police hadn't found Ali's body so her mother just hoped for the best. But after 1 year of someone being gone there is a good chance they are not coming back. Ms. DiLaurentis had sold their house after Jason Ali's older brother moved out.

Jessica Ali's mom and Kenneth Ali's dad had not been on speaking terms. Some say that that's the reason she left, but no one officially knows.

First chapter!!!! Thanks for reading. Hope you guys like it I don't really know where this story is going, but this is going to be like a different version of what happened to the liars. And... if you guys have any suggestions at all let me know and who knows... maybe I will feature one of your ideas! And yes I know this chapter is short, I intended on making the chapters a little bit bigger but not really because of each chapter is smaller I can publish more quicker whenever I have the time. The next update will probably be soon but I do go to high school and have a lot of work to. But since the chapters are smaller I think I will be able to at least publish 1 a week. (maybe more) all negative and positive feed back is welcome (don't abuse) oh and if you see any errors in the text please do tell that would help me out a lot. So once again thank you some much for taking your time out of your day to read my FanFiction. Thank you!.... (Again)


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