My Stolen Ring

A ring makes you ageless. A ring makes you royal. A ring will give you the possibility of love. Constance wasn't supposed to get any of those things, when a ring wearer falls in love with Constance's goofy uncle, the woman's ring is given to her.

Constance Audren is a middle class girl, who is helpless in love with the prince. Ever since a young age when Prince Bellamy helped her poor village recover from a fire, she had developed a admiration for him.

Now prince Bellamy is of age and in need of a wife to run his kingdom with him. Constance,

Constance as a habit steals things for her family, one day she takes a ring which seems not important. But it is one of the 20 rings being secretary sold as tickets to witness Bellamys completion of picking his wife and one of the ring holder will be raffled into the competition


1. Chapter 1

The first time I ever saw the Prince I was eight years old. He was on a parade float traveling  through the town. Thanking our soldiers for fighting the war so bravely.

Mother had us walk for three hours just to get there to see a glimpse of the royal family who she admired so much. At the time I didn't understand what the fuss was about, and I especially didn't think any person was worth walking three hours for. But when I saw them I soon realized it was worth it. My king stood powerfully, no one dare look him in the eye, his queen was beautiful, someone I wanted to be when I got older. But the prince he was only a little bit only than me my mother told me. I looked up at him he was a prince in every aspect, handsome, tall or at least for our age, and he seemed to have some sort of feeling surrounding him sorta like saftey which our kingdom needed.

I remember that day for the briefest of seconds we locked gazes intil his float was out of sight. From that moment on  I wished to meet the prince at sometime during my life since I knew it would change it forever.

The second time I met the prince was under much less fortunate  circumstances.
Smoke was all I could see as I woke up that day, my neibohrs house was burning down taking my town with it.
I remember barley being able to breath gasping for fresh air.  Reaching for the door but it was blocked by something on the other side. I truly thought I was going to die. I went over to my window knocking on it as hard as I could to catch someone's attention, my vision. started going blurry but I saw a figure of a boy around my age in his early teens yelling then looking over to my window. I banged on it one last time using up all of my energy before lying on the floor.The boy from outside crashed through my door, and he dragged me out just in time before the flames consumed my house. The boy who saved me was Prince Bellamy, but I would never tell a soul. From that day on I decided I wanted to marry the prince, he was the only reason I was alive.

Now at age 19 my dreams of the prince have nearly faded out completely. The world is a cruel place.

"Good moring Uncle Jeff" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.Then sitting down at our small breakfast table.

"You want any bread there is some leftovers from last night?" He asked pointing toward the half piece left.

"You can have it I'll eat tomorrow" I said getting up going to my room to get changed.

Food lastly has been a bit on the low side for us, I turned 19 last monetj so uncle Jeff stopped receiving checks from the kingdom to help raise a child

I got changed into a olive green faded t-shirt and a pair of my least ripped jeans, I then threw my wavy brown hair in a ponytail. This was the same process I went through everyday. See if there was any food, which there never was. Then get changed, and lastly my favorite part steal what is needed. Never once have I been caught, I may be the best the if in all of Scarcten.

"I'm going out I'll be back in a couple of hours" I yelled to my uncle, not receiving any response as usual

Town Square is the best place to get a bit of change enough to get us through the week so I went there first. I saw a man with a wallet sticking out of his back pocket.

"Oh this is too easy " I muttered, he's basically asking for someone to take it. I took my position on the other side of the walkway from the man. As he crossed the intersection I bumped into him sending the papers he was holding flying everywhere.

"Ugh you stupid girl, those are for my boss" he yelled

But his response barley even reached my ears I was all ready running with his wallet in my hands.

Inside his wallet was 15 dollars a major score,so I wouldn't have to steal anymore money today, I could get something for myself instead

I scouted around looking for something that caught my eye and there it was. In the market was a small jewellery stand. There were lockets, dream catchers, and all by itself one small ring. Overlooked by many, but I could tell that it was beautiful.

I walked up to the stand. "How much is the dre catcher" I asked her

"29 cents to much for you" she replied loo ki no at me with disgust

"Here" I said giving her the exact change.

She looked back astonished that a filthy girl like me would have any money at all.

During her confusion I took the change to bump over her table making it look lie a accident. Then I pocketed the ring acting like nothing happened. Even if she did discover the ring was gone, after I left she could of just of thought it was lost in the fall.

I ran all the way home, happy with my gatherings.

"Constance is that you?" Asked my uncle

"Yes it's me" I responded taking off my shoes.

"Come look at this" he called me over

He help a newspaper dated from a couple of days ago.

"20 hidden rings holders will be able to come to the Prince's wife picking, and may have a chance to compete."

"Wait uncle I have that ring" I said looking astonished at the picture, it was the one I had stolen earlier at the town hall.

"Well they you have a chance to marry the Prince"

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