*Smutty stuff in here* This is just about me and my most recent dating and sexual experiences. Honestly, it's a lot of failed relationships and a lot of sadness but it's my life so idk.


6. Video Chatting with Stan

Okay people, now this date basically started the same night as my last one.

His name is Stan.

We started messaging on Meetme about an hour after I got home from class. Within an hour, we were Snapchatting. Within two hours, we were video chatting on Snapchat.

We talked for five hours on Snapchat video and the conversation flowed beautifully.

Stan is 20, he lives two hours away from me, but is currently in my town watching his mom’s animals, and is planning on moving to my town when he sells his truck.

A few more things about him:

He’s short, but that’s okay because when people are a lot taller than me, I get pissed off. Like, my friend is probably five inches taller than me and it pissed me off.

He smokes, but it’s only cigarettes. He doesn’t do drugs, and neither does his family, which is a really good thing because I’ve never done drugs and I don’t plan to.

He used to be engaged. I don’t know what the girl looked like, but I know that she’s probably skinnier and prettier than me, so that makes me worried that he won’t like me as much.

And he’s a slight alcoholic. When I asked him why he drinks so much, he said, “Because beer won’t cheat on me and leave me,” which was so very sad to hear, but then he was like, “God damn, that was supposed to be a joke. It wasn’t meant to sound that depressing.”

When we were talking, he was going through his Netflix list and talking about movies, and, it turns out, I haven’t seen a lot of really good movies that I should’ve seen, so he asked me if I was doing anything tomorrow, and when I said I was free, he asked me if I wanted to hang out. I, of course, said yes, but I made things very clear to him.

“I moved way too fast in my last relationship, like, handjob and other stuff on the first date, fast, and I want to make things much much slower this time.”

To which Stan responded, “I’m mature enough to have more than that on my mind.” And then later in the conversation, he said, “I’ve gone over a year without sex, I can go a few years longer if I have too.”

It started getting late, and when the conversation started to end, I asked him a very important question. “Is tomorrow just hanging out, or is tomorrow a date?”

“What do you want it to be?” he asked.

I wanted it to be a date. Like, I really wanted it to be a date, but I didn’t want to sound desperate, so I just kept asking him.

Eventually, we hung up and a few minutes later, I got a snap message (I still didn’t have his number) and it said ‘Wanna make tomorrow a date?’

And I responded, ‘Of course’.

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