*Smutty stuff in here* This is just about me and my most recent dating and sexual experiences. Honestly, it's a lot of failed relationships and a lot of sadness but it's my life so idk.


16. The Next Three Times I Saw Stan


So I have seen Stan three times since my last update and thankfully we got together before he got his paycheck because I didn’t want to wait that long to see him.


The first time we got together, he picked me up from my college and we went to a Mexican restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner.

Now, this was our first official date, and it was really nice. We talked a lot and it was good to do more than just make out.

Then we got back to my place and we started making out while not even attempting to watch the Parks and Rec episode that was playing. Things progress as things seem to do and eventually I told him to go and get a condom, you know, because I was really wanting to have sex again.

It was a bad decision.

I was really turned on at the start, but the thought of my sister being upstairs and possibly walking in on us scared me, and not to mention the awkwardness of what happened next.

He had me lay on my side and then he spooned me and tried to line up, but it just wasn’t working out, so I eventually got onto my knee’s and we did it, for a lack of a better term, doggie style.

Now, when I get myself off, I do that position, but I didn’t really enjoy it at all with Stan.

I don’t know if it was the awkwardness of him dick not being able to reach around my ass in the previous position or if I just wasn’t as turned on as I thought I was, but I learned one thing.

Not all sex is good sex.

He lasted maybe a minute, and then proceeded to try to get me off, but it just wasn’t working. His fingers felt better than his dick had, and I was just really frustrated by that. Eventually I had him stop trying to get me to finish (because that totally was not going to happen) and he went and cleaned himself up.

I don’t know if it was bad for him, but he did finish quickly so I don’t think that it was.

We cuddled afterwards, which was nice.

And things weren’t as awkward as I seem to be making it out to be.

We didn’t talk about the sex like we had done last time which basically consisted of ‘was it good for you?’ which is actually a very odd thing to have to say.





(So it is currently March 24th and as I go back to finish typing this out, I can't for the life of me remember what the second date was. I think it was a day or two before the last one but I legit can’t remember what we did)

All I recall from the second date is this (and that’s only because I had typed this out previously):


“I hate you,” I muttered and turned away from Stan, joking after he had tickled my sides.

“No you don’t, you like me.” He said and I smiled. “And I like you. A lot.” My smile grew.


That’s literally all I fucking remember about that date, but there was no sex on that one because I wasn’t up for it quite yet because of the last time.





Now, this was probably the cutest date that Stan and I had had yet. It was a day before I left for my five-day trip (so on March 16th, which would be the day I started typing this all out) and all we did was cuddle and watch a movie.

We watched Jungle Book as we laid in my bed and there was no making out, only the occasional kiss shared between us.

It was perfect.



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